Woman in Russia faces trial for escaping quarantine

Russian woman has to go to court for escape from quarantine

Because she escaped from her coronavirus quarantine station, a woman has to face Russia Responsible for the court. The head of a hospital in St. Petersburg has filed a lawsuit against Alla Iljina, announced the competent court on Friday.

The woman had previously complained on online networks that she was locked up and that “inedible” food was served. “I will lose weight here because there is no food here” , said Iljina in an Instagram video and pointed to a plate of mashed potatoes and canned peas. In addition, there is no ventilation in their room.

Iljina also described her escape exactly: “There is an electromagnetic security lock on the door. I cracked the lock box and the cables are shorted. Then I took my things and went to the elevator. “

Iljina had returned by plane from the Chinese holiday island of Hainan on February 1. She was examined several times and finally on February 6 Quarantined with the diagnosis “viral disease”, where she should stay for two weeks.

The diagnosis did not rule out that it The health agency said the reason for this could be the novel coronavirus. Iljina again stated that the doctors had told her that her tests had shown no signs of the coronavirus.

A first court hearing in the case should take place next Monday. The woman is fined under Russian law. (AFP)

Hong Kong pledges aid of almost three billion euros

The government in Hong Kong is providing aid to hospitals and companies suffering from the epidemic almost three billion euros in prospect. In the Chinese special administrative zone there are 56 cases of infection known , a person has died of the lung disease caused by the coronavirus. The criticized Hong Kong head of government Carrie Lam has called on all residents to leave the apartments as little as possible. Schools are closed, restaurants and shopping centers are orphaned. (Reuters)

Aviation industry threatens billions of euros in losses

Because of the corona crisis, airlines have to adjust to billions of euros in revenue losses. The International Civil Aviation Authority (ICAO) estimates the first quarter to be four to five billion dollars (3.7 to 4.6 billion euros). The economic effects of the novel corona virus are likely to be stronger than in the Sars epidemic in the year 2003.

According to the organization, foreign airlines have now extended their offer to mainland China to 80 percent reduced, while the domestic carrier 40 percent less inte Offer national connections. Round 70 companies would have interrupted their offer completely, further 50 the connections thinned out.

The ICAO originally planned to expand its offering by nine percent in the first quarter. Now be for this period with a decrease by up to 41 percent compared to the planning to calculate what up to 19, 6 Millions of passengers correspond.

The sales estimates do not include the freight business, domestic flights or connections to Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan. Sales losses due to a lack of Chinese tourists would also i n Expect billions in Japan and Thailand. (AP)

China's President Xi announces better health care

President Xi Jinping wants to improve health care in China. It is necessary to close the gaps that i opened up in the course of the outbreak of the coronavirus , Xi says according to state television. The main task of the Communist Party and the country is to ensure the safety and health of the population. To do this, health insurance and treatment in the event of serious illnesses would have to be improved. (Reuters)

Xi Jinping (links) lässt sich die Hände desinfizieren.
Xi Jinping (left) has his hands disinfected. Image: Ju Peng / AFP

Indonesian city bans the sale of bats and rats

Out of concern for the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus, an Indonesian city has sold rats , Snakes, bats and monkeys stopped. The market in Tomohon on Sulawesi is known for offering such animals there for consumption. A team was sent out to publicize the ban, as the head of the local health authority, Isye Liuw, told the German press agency on Friday.

According to the current status, the first people on a wild animal market in Wuhan, China, were infected with the new virus. Which animal caused the pathogen leapt onto humans is unclear. Bats are probably the original reservoir. Many human infectious diseases, including rabies, Mers and Ebola, come from the animal kingdom. Mammals in particular carry pathogens that can spread to humans. Possible carriers of new corona viruses include bats and fruit bats. (dpa)

Environmentalists complain about illegal pangolin trade

The environmental organization WWF has committed the massive illegal trade of pangolins and possible carrier of the novel coronavirus criticized. Pangolins are still considered the most smuggled animals in the world, the WWF warned on Friday. The spread of the corona virus shows “that the consequences of the illegal business go far beyond the loss of our biodiversity.”

In the past two years alone, despite international trade bans, the authorities have had more than 130. 000 tons of dandruff sheds confiscated, explained Katharina Trump, WWF expert for illegal species trade, on the occasion of the World Shingles Day on Saturday. Meat from animals is also smuggled and traded. Mammals are considered threatened, commercial trade is prohibited.

According to a study, the pangolin could be a carrier of the new coronavirus. The examination of more than a thousand samples of wild animals had shown that the gene sequence of viruses in the pangolins to 99 percent agrees with that of the novel corona virus , the official news agency Xinhua quoted from the study by the South China Agricultural University.

Details of the research results were not disclosed. It will assumed that the novel virus, the sometimes fatal Respiratory diseases caused themselves from a market in China Metropolis Wuhan spread from. On the market were also exotic Wildlife offered. (AFP)

Schuppentiere könnten Überträger des Coronavirussein.
Pangolins could be carriers of the coronavirus. Image: Jekesai Njikizana / AFP

Big Data and Big Brother: China fights virus with surveillance data

A mobile phone app as a virus contact detector, automatic fever measurement and face mask detection as well as 30 – Daily movement data from the mobile operator. In the fight against the spread of the new coronavirus Sars-CoV-2, China is using all its surveillance technology. For example, the government, health commission and China Electronics Technology (CETC) are promoting a cell phone program that users can use to determine whether they have been in close contact with anyone who is infected with the virus or is considered a suspected case .

People who are suspected of such a suspicion via the app should stay at home and contact government agencies , says the official Xinhua news agency. So it is unclear what should motivate citizens to install this app on their cell phones. The report of the news agency does not say, whether it for this one Force give should.

After entering the personal data and identification number, the program accesses the collected Authorities back to match the movement track of the person with the location of infected people. For example, it shows whether both were in a room, in the same house, or whether they used the same plane. As the official news agency Xinhua reported, it can even be determined whether a passenger on the plane was in the same row with an infected person or three rows in front or behind .

While automatic fever measurement and face detection takes place at subway stations and airports, the internet giant Baidu also developed a Recognition software with artificial intelligence, which can identify people in large crowds who do not wear a face mask . In addition, employers could use this to track whether their employees are wearing protective masks.

According to media reports, the mobile operator China Mobile also offers that Users can send a text message via SMS to their movement data of the past 30 days. There are reports that local authorities use it to check where the travelers have been. “We are now advocating the use of big data technology to track the relationship between the flow of people and contagion,” , said epidemiologist Li Lanjuan China Daily.

The experts tracked links to Sars-CoV-2 infections in various provinces with the market with wild animals in the metropolis of Wuhan, where the outbreak probably started. “Big data helps find those who have had contact with infected people,” said Li Lanjuan. “That is why we are now promoting the use of big data methods with all means.” (Dpa)

WHO sees no reason to cancel the Olympic Games

According to the IOC, the World Health Organization (WHO) sees no reason to cancel the Olympic Games in the Summer in Tokyo. The WHO also did not recommend staging the sporting event elsewhere, says John Coates, chief of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) coordinating committee. There was no need for an emergency plan due to the coronavirus epidemic, the WHO said in its recommendation. The Summer Olympics are said to be from 24. July to August 9 in Tokyo. (RTR)

More than 1700 Infections among doctors and nurses in China

According to the authorities, six hospital employees in the People's Republic of China have already died from the novel corona virus. In addition, nationwide 1716 Medical personnel infected , said the vice-chief of the Chinese health commission Zeng Yixin on Friday with. The total number of coronavirus infections in the People's Republic is now more than 64. 000.

More than 1100 the infections among doctors and nurses were found, according to Zeng, in the metropolis of Wuhan in the central Chinese province of Hubei, where the virus first appeared in December. Round 400 more have been confirmed in other cities in Hubei. Zeng highlighted the major risks that physicians and nurses face due to bottlenecks in protective suits and respirators when treating coronavirus patients.

Especially in Wuhan the bottlenecks recently led to doctors having to wear the same protective clothing several times. A doctor from Wuhan told the AFP news agency , he and 16 of his colleagues would have symptoms that are related to indicated a possible coronavirus infection. This includes coughing and shortness of breath. Nevertheless, they would have to continue treating patients.

The Chinese health authorities released the numbers after the young ophthalmologist Li Wenliang on the pathogen had died. Li was one of the first to warn of the virus. However, according to his account, the police tried to silence him. His death caused great consternation in Chinese online services, and the call for freedom of expression was raised many times. (AFP)

Ein Mitarbeiter einer Klinik in China macht eine Pause.
An employee of a clinic in China takes a break. Image: Reuters

Lufthansa will suspend all flights to China until the end of March

Because of the new type of corona virus, Lufthansa now has all flights to mainland China until the end of the winter flight schedule on 28. Suspended in March. Until then, the flights of Lufthansa and the Lufthansa companies Swiss and Austrian Airlines from and to Beijing and Shanghai will be canceled, as the company announced on Friday. These flights were initially until 29. February was canceled.

Your flights to Nanjing, Shenyang and Qingdao had the Lufthansa was previously suspended until the end of the winter flight schedule. The flight program to and from Hong Kong will therefore be slightly reduced: At Lufthansa, the core company, individual flights will be canceled, and Swiss will continue to fly to and from March Hong Kong smaller planes.

Passengers whose flight has been canceled can rebook free of charge or receive a refund of their ticket price, as Lufthansa further announced. This applies to passengers with a ticket issued by Lufthansa, Swiss or Austrian Airlines and to flights with an LH, LX or OS flight number. (AFP)

Die Lufthansa reagiert auf das Coronavirus.
Lufthansa is responding to the corona virus. Image: imago stock & people / imago images

Spanish newspaper “El Pais” criticizes cancellation of the world's most important mobile phone trade fair in Barcelona:

“The cancellation of the Mobile World Congress, the between the 24. and the 27. February should take place, makes Barcelona one of the biggest victims of the epidemic of the coronavirus outside of China. The reason was not the direct threat from the disease, but the hysterical reaction that triggered it. The fear was more contagious than the virus itself. And this fear has gripped Barcelona, ​​where there is no reason to alarm. (…) The rejection creates an ominous precedent that causes serious economic and ethical damage, including a loss of trust in the health authorities. “(Dpa)

Six hospital employees died

According to the authorities, there are six hospital employees in China died of the novel corona virus. Vice-head of the Chinese health commission Zeng Yixin said on Friday. Zeng highlighted the major risks that physicians and nurses faced with the shortages of protective suits and respirators when treating coronavirus patients.

Especially in Wuhan, the bottlenecks recently led to doctors wearing the same protective clothing several times had . A doctor from Wuhan told AFP he and 16 of his colleagues have symptoms that indicate a possible coronavirus infection. This includes coughing and shortness of breath. (AFP)

The “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” comments on the social consequences of the spread of the corona virus:

“Because of the spread of the corona virus, public transport is always still severely restricted, some regions are still cordoned off, many people are in quarantine. The consequence of the restrictions is that the economy can only get off to a slow start after the end of the forcedly extended New Year holidays. Numerous companies, including multinational corporations, are ceasing to operate due to caution. (…)

Unpaid wages in connection with illness and quarantine could result in an explosive mixture, which at most leads to the citizens take their discontent to the streets at some point . This is the horror scenario of the Chinese leadership under its all-powerful head of state and party leader Xi Jinping. There is hardly anything that the Chinese leadership fears more than social unrest, because they could seriously pressure the regime put. “(dpa)

Quarantine life – a stressful situation

For the 20 China returnee is life in the Berlin quarantine so far a challenge. Basically, it is a very stressful situation , both for the guests and for the helpers, the German Red Cross (DRK) said Request from the German Press Agency with. So there are only a few toilets and showers. Complaints were taken very seriously, the DRK said. But there are still initial difficulties.

The Germans and their relatives were on Sunday arrived in Berlin and have since been isolated in the Köpenick district. You had previously been in the Chinese city of Wuhan, which was severely affected by the Sars-CoV-2 virus. So far, all results have also been negative in a second test for the new type of corona virus in Berlin. The returnees must remain in quarantine for two weeks. (AP)

Ein Gebäude der DRK-Klinik in Berlin-Köpenick.
A building of the DRK clinic in Berlin-Köpenick. Image: Gregor Fischer / dpa

USA complain of “lack of transparency” Beijing

The US Government has lamented China's “lack of transparency” in dealing with the novel corona virus. Washington was “a little disappointed” that no US experts had been let in , US economic adviser Larry Kudlow said in Washington. The question is whether “the Politburo is really honest with us.”

Contrary to Kudlow’s statements, US President Donald Trump in a radio interview, the United States worked with Beijing on the virus: “We are sending a lot of people” to China. “ The Chinese government has certified that the Chinese government is dealing with the epidemic” professionally. “He considers China's President Xi Jinping” extremely capable “.

Trump repeated in the interview his unproven claim that the virus problem was going to be resolved Do it by yourself for two months with rising temperatures: “The April date is very, very important, because if that is the case, when heat actually kills – it starts to get hot at the time and this virus reacts very badly to heat and dies, “said the US President.

The World Health Organization The WHO, on the other hand, had warned against any hasty prognoses that the epidemic might end. It is currently not yet possible to predict when this will peak. (AFP)

Air China stops flights to Düsseldorf

The corona crisis hits, according to a media report also air traffic after Dusseldorf. The airline Air China operates twice a week flights taking place in the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia from next week, like the “Rheinische Post” reported citing information from the airport. (Rtr)

More than 5000 New infections in China –

The number of dead rises to almost 1400 People

All over China are said to be the National Health Authority until Thursday 1380 people died from the virus. To the previous day this is an increase of 121 deaths. According to the NHC, the number of new infections was 5090. The total number of infected thus rose to 64. 000 (rtr / mis)

Honda will put the rack into operation later

Due to the corona virus, the Japanese carmaker Honda Motor will only start operating in the Chinese city of Wuhan on 21. February again in operation. The car manufacturer announced that this was a week later than originally planned. (RTR)

Number of deaths increases

The number of deaths in the Chinese province of Hubei, which was particularly badly affected, was released on Thursday at 116 gone up. Also be 4823 new cases have been registered, reports the health commission. The total number of known diseases in the province around the city of Wuhan is 51. 986. On Wednesday were in the province of Hubei 242 People died. Never before have there been higher numbers for a single day. (RTR)

No significant change in the course of the epidemic

Despite the sharp rise in coronavirus – Cases in China see the World Health Organization (WHO) no “significant change” in the course of the epidemic. The increase is due to “a change in the way the cases are reported,” said WHO expert Michael Ryan on Thursday in Geneva, explaining the reason.

The number of people infected in China on Thursday was drastically over (). on almost 60. 000 increased , moreover 242 further deaths reported. In mainland China, a total of 1355 deaths counted.

According to the authorities, the latest particularly significant increase in the number of deaths and infections is related to the fact that the virus in China no longer necessarily has to be detected by a nucleic acid test, but that the diagnosis can also be made on the basis of X-ray images of the lungs. This should give infected people quicker access to treatment. (AFP)

Cruise ship “Westerdam” may dock in Cambodia

After days of odyssey through Asian waters came for 2300 people on board the “Westerdam” literally land in sight: the cruise ship, which due to concerns about the introduction of the Coronavirus was not allowed to call several Asian ports, has arrived in Cambodia.

On Thursday evening (local time) the ship coming from Hong Kong docked in Sihanoukville, as the port director Lou Kimchhun confirmed. According to the Holland America Line shipping company, the passengers on board the ship included 57 German.

The total round 1500 guests and 800 Crew members of the “Westerdam” could not disembark immediately on Thursday. The port director explained that they would only be examined medically. Anyone who has symptoms such as fever will be checked for Sars-CoV-2. 20 tested suspected cases were not confirmed, however, the Khmer Times reported Appeal to the Ministry of Health. “The sick passengers had acute flu, sore throat and diarrhea, but all tests for Covid – 19 or the new Coronavirus were negative, “said Ministry spokesman Or Vandin accordingly.

Meanwhile, the next odyssey of a cruise ship could already begin: The “Aidavita” The Rostock shipping company Aida Cruises was unable to call the Vietnamese port city of Cai Lan in Halong Bay. The local tourism authority has prohibited passengers and crew from going ashore, said an employee of the authority. According to the shipping company, there are around on the “Aidavita” mostly passengers coming from Germany and 400 crew members. (AP)

Das Kreuzfahrtschiff „Westerdam“ auf See.
The cruise ship “Westerdam” at sea. Image: Heng Sinith / AP / dpa

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