Video. New Zealand glaciers turn brown due to Australian fires

The smoke from the fires ravaging Australia has traveled more than 2 000 kilometers.

The smoke from the violent fires ravaging Australia has reached New Zealand, located thousands of kilometers away, giving the usually white glaciers a caramel undertone.

This smoke, which smells acrid, first appeared in the area on Wednesday morning. In some regions, the sun appeared as a red or golden globe, depending on the thickness of the toxic cloud. “ We can clearly see this smoke, which has traveled approximately 2 000 km across the Tasman Sea, “said the New Zealand weather forecast service in a tweet. “In the most affected regions, visibility is low, 10 km”

“We can really smell the burnt smell here in Christchurch, a town on the east coast of the south island of Australia, “wrote a Twitter user, who calls herself Miss Roho.

This the view from the top of the Tasman Glacier NZ today – whole South island experiencing bushfire clouds. We can actually smell the burning here in Christchurch. Thinking of you guys. ud 83 d ude 22 # nswbushfire #AustralianFires # AustraliaBurning

— Miss Roho (@MissRoho) January 1, 2020

Another woman, Rachel, published the photo of the Franz Josef glacier, located more than 2. 000 kilometers, whose immaculate white has taken on a brown tint.

“Next to the Franz Josef glacier. “Caramelized” snow is caused by dust from forest fires, she writes.


– Fabulousmonster (@Rachelhatesit) December 31, 2019

pic.twitter. com / F 27 bhS8Cho

– Fabulousmonster (@Rachelhatesit) January 2, 2020

New Zealand actor Jemaine Clement published the photo of a golden globe. “Throughout New Zealand, the smoke from Australian fires in the atmosphere gives us this strange sun,” he comments.

All the way over in NZ the Australian bushfire smoke in the atmosphere giving us this strange sun.

— Jemaine Clement (@AJemaineClement) January 1, 2020

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