Trump believes spread is avoidable

crisis team in NRW is looking around 300 Carnival visitors

The Coronavirus crisis team in NRW has all visitors asked to register at a carnival event. They are said to be in quarantine remain, as the district of Heinsberg announced on Wednesday evening. The reason: on the Carnival session is also said to have been attended by a couple at which the novel Corona virus has been detected. It was the first two confirmed cases in NRW. The couple has turned Wednesday since the night treated in the University Hospital Düsseldorf.

The district of Heinsberg assumes this from that at the carnival session in a hall on 15. February around 300 Visitors have participated. These and their partners and, if applicable, children and other roommates would have to 14 days in home quarantine was called it. Visitors to the cap session would be asked to report immediately. It I am urged not to block the emergency numbers or to visit medical practices or hospitals independently. (AP)

USA suspend military exercise

Because of the spread of the The United States and South Korea are suspending joint military exercises planned for new types of corona virus. The joint training of command centers was suspended, said the armed forces of both countries on Thursday. Previously, the alarm level had been raised to the highest level in South Korea due to the corona virus, in the country there have now become scarce Contagion cases confirmed. (AFP)

Trump warns of panic

According to US warnings – CDC health agency warned of a spread of the new corona virus in the United States, President Donald Trump warned of panic. The risk for Americans is still “very low,” Trump said at a press conference in the White House. He doesn't think spread in the US is inevitable. At the same time, the president emphasized: “Whatever happens, we are fully prepared.” Trump announced that Vice President Mike Pence would lead the fight against the virus in the US government.

Trump closed further travel restrictions because of of the virus does not run out. At present, foreign persons who have been in the past 14 days were in China, do not enter the USA. Trump said such restrictions could also be imposed on travelers who come from other countries. Instead, they hope to be able to lift the restrictions on China as soon as possible. Health Minister Alex Azar said there have been 15 Cases in the USA in which the pathogen Sars-CoV-2 had been detected. In addition there would be 45 cases of Americans who were flown out of China or Japan. (AP)

Microsoft issues sales warning for PC division

Because of the consequences of the new corona virus, the computer giant Microsoft has its previous sales target for the PC division painted. Due to burdens on the supply chain, this is likely forecast issued cannot be achieved in the current business quarter, warned Microsoft on Wednesday after the US stock market closed.

The stock reacted after-hours with losses and turned negative. Microsoft had in late January sales between 10, 75 Billions and 11 15 billion dollars for the Division promised. Because of increased uncertainties due to the virus At that time, the group already had an exceptionally wide range specified. (AP)

Three new coronavirus cases in North Rhine-Westphalia

In North Rhine-Westphalia there are further infections with the new corona virus. In the course of checking contact persons of the sick couple from the community of Gangelt, three new confirmed Covid – 19 – cases as well as another suspected case, the State Chancellery with. All showed flu symptoms and are currently at home. According to the current status, inpatient treatment in the hospital is not necessary. (Reuters)

Living in Italy's Red Zone

In Codogno at Milan was the first Corona patient to be discovered in Italy. The city has been a restricted area since then. A citizen speaks about life under quarantine.

Daily mirror | Andrea Dernbach

How Austria cares for its citizens

Our colleague Melanie Berger received a text message from the Foreign Ministry on Wednesday. Not German, but Austrian. Because she is listed as an “Austrian abroad”. The government in Vienna informed our colleague in Berlin about information pages on dealing with the corona virus.

Briefly called Merkel

83 People in the state of New York under observation

Health authorities in the Nassau district of New York have 83 people under observation who have visited China and may have come into contact with the corona virus. Governor Andrew Cuomo says the state has not yet had a confirmed case. (Reuters)

Norway confirms first case

In Norway is the first Coronavirus case has been confirmed. This is announced by the health authority of the Scandinavian country. The person returned from China last week and tested positive for the virus. (Reuters)

raid on fraud with face mask and disinfectant spray in Italy

The fear of infection with the new corona virus has also brought criminals to the scene in Italy: in markets and on the Internet, some are trying to sell disinfectant sprays at exorbitant prices and face masks without any seal of quality. The financial police in Milan therefore raided criminal traders on Wednesday. As the authorities said in the evening, they confiscated hundreds of protective masks. Many would not have had the so-called CE mark for tested safety in Europe.

In regional markets and around train stations, the officials checked the prices of sprays with which hands and surfaces are disinfected can. In a market, a street vendor offered hundreds of spray bottles significantly overpriced. (AP)

Consequences for flight readiness “not yet foreseeable”

It is currently unclear what the consequences will be if a soldier who is ready to fly is infected with the corona virus. The government aviators transport the heads of state, including Federal President Steinmeier and Chancellor Merkel, to appointments. Foreign Minister Maas only started flying to New York on Wednesday. The Ministry of Defense had informed the Tagesspiegel in the afternoon that there were flights every day, but did not want to comment on details. “The operational flights will continue unchanged on Thursday according to the current planning status” , a spokesman for the Air Force told the Tagesspiegel on Wednesday evening after the positive result of the soldier was certain.

Previously, the Air Force had already declared that the soldier had not been deployed on the government aircraft , However, she had temporarily closed the barracks area of ​​the flight readiness at the Cologne-Wahn base, comrades had to stay in their offices. Against 14. 15 The clock was released. What will happen to the soldiers will only be clarified in the course of Thursday, the spokesman for the Air Force told the Tagesspiegel on Wednesday evening. The consequences of the positive Corona case for flight readiness are “not yet foreseeable”.

More about the infected soldier ready to fly

Like that Medical service of the Bundeswehr announced that the soldier was admitted to the emergency room of the Bundeswehr hospital in Koblenz on Wednesday morning. The positive test result was then available in the late afternoon, explained senior physician Rainer Volb.

The statement came surprisingly to the Press conference that the soldier has had slight signs of a flu infection since Thursday, of which there was currently a scratch in the neck area. At midday, the Air Force had announced that the man had “currently no symptoms”.

Regional train stopped

Due to suspected coronavirus disease, a regional train from Frankfurt to Saarbrücken is on Wednesday 70 travelers have been stopped. A spokeswoman for the Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry of Health said that a passenger had noticed symptoms in himself and reported to the train staff. The federal police then stopped the train at Idar-Oberstein station in southern Hunsrück.

After an examination by the head of the health department in Birkenfeld district, the passenger was brought with the symptoms to a regional hospital for further clarification, as the spokeswoman for the ministry said. Personal data and contact details were recorded by the fellow travelers “in order to be able to notify them if necessary”. After that the train was released again, the travelers could continue their journey. (AP)

Bundeswehr soldier of flight readiness infected

A soldier of the Bundeswehr's readiness to fly has been infected with the corona virus. The 41 – The year-old was admitted to the Bundeswehr Central Hospital in Koblenz on Wednesday, the Bundeswehr medical service announced in the evening via Twitter. There the man had been tested positive for the virus.

The treating doctor said in a press conference that the soldier apparently had died on 15. February had personal contact with an infected person. On Tuesday evening, the soldier found out that his friend had been infected and therefore contacted his employer.

The 41 -Year-old had had symptoms of a flu-like infection since Thursday last week – apparently elevated temperature and “a little coughing”. In the meantime, the man only suffers from a scratch in the throat area and is doing “well”. Where the man came from, was not disclosed.

Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) was ready to fly on Wednesday flown to New York. The delegation said that they had been informed of the suspected virus case. (AFP)

Another case in Baden- Württemberg

After two positive corona virus test results this Wednesday in Tübingen, the state health office has one in the evening, according to the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Social Affairs another case in Rottweil confirmed. This means that the number of infected people in Baden-Württemberg has risen to four. The latest case is a 32 – yearlings from the district of Rottweil, who on 23. February with his family from the risk area in Italy. The patient was cared for in a hospital and treated in isolation. His accompanying wife and child had been tested negatively and remained at home. (Reuters)

Health Minister advises vigilance

Jens Spahn called on citizens to be particularly vigilant. “We recommend the population not to suspect a corona infection behind every cough,” he said. However, he expressly urged the citizens “to call your family doctor and clarify the treatment if within 14 days after travel in areas where infections have occurred, fever, cough or shortness of breath develop – or if you have had contact with people who have been in these areas “. No pandemic has yet broken out – “but I think it's important that we prepare for this situation”. He discussed this on Wednesday at a crisis meeting with representatives of the medical profession, hospitals, health insurance companies, pharmacies and nursing associations, Spahn said.

“We have agreed that if there are symptoms or if It is now better to suspect that the virus is being tested once more than once little.”

Health Minister Jens Spahn

Federal government forms Corona crisis team

Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer (CSU) and Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) wanted to inform in Berlin on Thursday about the establishment of the joint crisis team of their ministries, it said in an invitation on Wednesday. Government spokesman Steffen Seibert had previously said that the corona virus had moved significantly closer. Several cases had become known in Germany since Tuesday evening. (AP)

First cases in North Macedonia and Pakistan

North Macedonia confirmed the first case of coronavirus. The Ministry of Health announced that it was a woman who had recently entered Italy. The corona virus has also arrived in Pakistan. The Ministry of Health reports the first two confirmed infections. (Reuters)

Minister of Health: Germany “at the beginning of an epidemic”

Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) sees Germany “at the beginning of a coronavirus epidemic”. In a conference call, he asked the health ministers of the federal states to “activate their pandemic plans and prepare for their possible entry into force,” Spahn said in Berlin on Wednesday. “Unfortunately, the situation has changed in the past few hours, you have to say that,” added the Minister.

For such cases, the Robert Koch Institute had prepared pandemic plans for hospitals, emergency services, nursing facilities and companies. These were originally not intended for the coronavirus, but rather for pandemic influenza. Since the symptoms are similar, they can now be used.

The plans regulate responsibilities and procedures in the event of a pandemic. The first phase is primarily about breaking the chain of infection. So in the first cases ensure that no more people get infected.

According to Spahn, travel restrictions are not currently planned. (Tsp, AFP)