Study places are the best medicine

From time to time it becomes clear that there are too few rural doctors who might need care in rural areas and that something needs to be done about it. Among many, mostly unsuitable, suggestions is repeatedly made to grant the candidates a bonus upon admission to study who undertake to later work as a country doctor for a certain number of years.

It is possible to interpret whether such an obligation is enforceable, what it looks like with a “free purchase” and what criteria the term “country doctor” (population density, undersupplied area) presupposes. It would be better to use a proven affinity for the desired professional field as a yardstick. For example, anyone who has already completed a practical job in nursing or with the rescue service “in the country” before studying will know what to expect.

The children of country doctors know this even better. While it was often observed in medicine at times without numerus clausus that children of country doctors followed father or mother (usually it was the fathers) in their own practice, this type of inheritance is overridden by the system of admission restrictions. It also cannot be reactivated; that would be described as a scandal.

Unconstitutional approval process

But one can also call the hesitant process that has been in for some time the thing can be observed. The Federal Constitutional Court had decided at the end 2017 that the admission procedure is partly unconstitutional and must be re-regulated by the end 2019, so that by Summer semester 2020 the new regulations apply, which the Conference of Ministers of Education has agreed on.

The waiting time quota, as it was previously, is to be abolished. How those who have endured such lists are treated is open. In future, universities will be legally obliged to take two other criteria (such as tests or selection interviews) to be determined by the universities in addition to the Abitur grade; 60 Percentage of places should be allocated in this way.

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What happens if, as before, you don't? At the same time, the high school graduation rate is to be expanded. Instead of 20 30 percent of the places should be allocated accordingly. The suitability quota of ten percent is to be introduced. Only criteria independent of school grades should be considered for the selection. Who regulates the details?

The treaty must be finally approved by the Prime Ministers Conference earlier this year and then ratified by all country parliaments. A sufficient number of legal pitfalls can already be identified. Instead of creating employment for lawyers and recruiting doctors from abroad, it would be appropriate to increase the number of study places for doctors.

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