Skepticism about whether the countries are doing their part

What does the new university pact bring from the federal and state governments? The unions are skeptical and are calling for a protest day tomorrow against “precarious employment at universities”. The German University Association, representing the professorship, has also criticized the share of the federal states.

The reason for the protests is the deadline 15 , January, on which the federal states have to state their use of funds according to the administrative agreement concluded with the federal government.

Through the “Zukunftsvertrag Studium und. Signed in May 2019 Strengthen teaching ”, the federal government 2021 is permanently involved in the basic funding of universities for the first time. With the money – up to 2023 annually 1, 88 billion euros and from 2024 annually 2, 05 billion euros – the university capacity should be kept at a high level nationwide, study conditions should be improved and more permanent staff positions in study and teaching should be created.

How the federal states counter-finance the future contract with “additional funds of the same amount” and how they want to use the money, they now have to explain to the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

Warning that countries are undermining their co-financing

The permanent participation of the federal government must “be used verifiably to finally create more permanent positions,” said spokesman by Verdi and the GEW. In the alliance “Deadline is Frustration”, together with initiatives by academic staff, they are calling for the day of action at the Free University in Berlin. In the cafeteria of the rust and silver arbor, the alliance wants from 11 to 14 Protest and inform.

The State of Berlin is expected to implement a strategy to improve the employment and childcare situation that goes beyond the university contracts applicable until 2022. After that, by the end 2020 a quota of at least 35 percent of permanent employees in the middle class should be reached.

The University Association has asked the federal states to actually fulfill their obligations under the future contract to supplement the federal funds in the same amount. DHV President Bernhard Kempen warned that individual countries could undermine the co-financing by declaring already flowing state money “as having been set in anticipation of the future contract”, that is to say counterbalancing.