Self-reinforcement in polar regions

The polar regions, and especially the Arctic, are considered early warning systems for climate change. This is described under the term “ Arctic Amplification ” or “Polar Amplification”.

It is assumed that the region warms up twice as quickly as the rest of the climate zones: The main reason for this is the β€œ albedo β€œ, a measure of the reflectance of surfaces.

Normally, the frozen sea of ​​ice with around 13 million square kilometers is a single white area. When this ice melts, it becomes open water and “darkens” the surface.

While white areas largely reflect the radiation – the albedo effect – open water areas absorb much more heat. This causes the ice cap to melt faster over land.

The ice-free country stores more dan heat and accelerates climate change. Due to this phenomenon, the Arctic is particularly sensitive to climate change and thus becomes an early warning system for global warming. ( rsch)