Seehofer for cancellation of the tourism fair ITB in Berlin

Seehofer for cancellation of the ITB tourism fair

Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer (CSU) has spread due to the spread of the Novel corona virus for cancellation of the International Tourism Fair (ITB) pronounced in Berlin. “I personally believe that you can not should perform “, said Seehofer of the” Wirtschaftswoche “. That Risk at such a large tourism fair with representatives from those affected Regions and with expected 150. 00 0 visitors Not calculable .

However, a firm recommendation will be the new one on Friday The German government's crisis team on the Corona virus is working out, Seehofer announced on. The cancellation of such a large event is due “due to force majeure. It is like a hurricane or an illness, “said Seehofer to the newspaper. The final decision rests with the State of Berlin.

The ITB should come Week starts on Wednesday and lasts until Sunday. Numerous exhibitors would have their participation was canceled, the portal “BizTravel” reported. (AFP)

Findet die Tourismus-Messe wie geplant statt?
Is the tourism fair taking place as planned? Image: obs / Messe Berlin GmbH / Tom Maelsa

are currently 12 people in Germany contracted the coronavirus. Of which 11 cases in the past confirmed two days ago.

Die Coronavirusfälle in Deutschland
The corona virus cases in Germany Image: AFP / Matthias Bollmeyer

Prices on Wall Street continue to slide

The virus crisis still has a firm grip on the US stock exchanges. After a slight stabilization on the previous day, things went down sharply again today. In early trading, the Dow Jones Industrial 2, 24 percent on 26 355, 20 points. Since its record high about two weeks ago, the US leading index has now dropped by almost eleven percent. It's been nine percent since the beginning of the week alone.

Oil prices also fell sharply in the face of growing concerns about the global economy. The first observers already referred to signs of panic. The US dollar also fell, while US government bonds were again in high demand. They are considered relatively safe havens in uncertain times. The gold price also continued to rise. (AP)

Ein Händler an der Wall Street verfolgt die Kurse.
A dealer on Wall Street is following the prices. Image: Johannes Eisele / AFP

WHO: Coronavirus has the potential for a pandemic

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the development of coronavirus spread is at a crucial point. “This virus has the potential for a pandemic,” said WHO Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. No country should assume that there are no cases. “This would literally be a fatal mistake.” (Reuters)

This would literally be a fatal mistake

WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

Already 230 Measurement canceled or postponed

The fear of the new Coronavirus increasingly paralyzes the worldwide trade fair business. According to data collected by the Frankfurt m + a trade fair media, there are already 230 Exhibition events canceled or at least postponed. These include 50 Events in Europe with a focus on Italy.

In Germany, three trade fairs in Berlin, Frankfurt and Cologne have been moved to later dates. The economic effects are unpredictable, said the editor-in-chief of the journal “m + a report”, Christiane Appel, in Frankfurt on Thursday. The list should be updated continuously. (AP)

Economics Minister Altmaier: Prepare us for economic problems

Federal Economics Minister Peter Altmaier has made it clear that the government fears the coronavirus epidemic will have a significant economic impact. “We have to make sure that the economic impact is kept to a minimum.”

A hotline has been set up for companies. There companies could get information that have problems due to the corona virus crisis. This included Altmaier production downtimes because, for example, primary products do not come from China, stagnating or declining exports or supply bottlenecks.

In addition, the government is preparing to react to possible economic downturns. If this happens, then government investments that are already planned could be brought forward, and tax breaks for partnerships would also be considered.

There would be for the next year actually good economic forecasts. These prospects should not be worsened by the virus if possible.

For example, exports are secured with guarantees and guarantees. In addition, there should be additional working capital loans from the state development bank KfW, said Altmaier.

Iran denies entry to Chinese citizens

Iran denies entry to Chinese citizens Entry. The state-run news agency Irna reports.

In addition, the state television reports that the Friday prayers in the capital Tehran are being canceled for the time being. (Reuters)

Number of cases in Spain skyrocketed

Spain has a number of others Infections with the new type of corona virus have been reported, so that the number of cases has increased by leaps and bounds since 15 has increased . Among the new cases from Thursday two were registered in the Madrid region , as the regional government of the capital region announced. Below that is a 77 years old man who Had previous illnesses and will now be treated “seriously ill in the intensive care unit”.

The number of infections in Spain increased to all in all 17 . Twelve of the cases registered since Monday are related to Italy, the largest source of infection in Europe , (AFP)

Two suspected cases in Rostock

Two women are standing in Rostock suspected of being infected with the coronavirus . That reports the “Hamburger Morgenpost”. According to this, the State Office for Health and Social Affairs Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania confirmed a “differential diagnosis clarification”. The two women were admitted to the Rostock University Clinic . One of the two women recently returned from a holiday in Italy .

In the meantime, tests are being carried out. So far, there have been suspected cases in several other cities that have not been confirmed.

Yes, we have pandemic plans, yes, we have procedures, but we don't practice them often enough in this country.

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn on Thursday in Berlin Weaknesses in the implementation of the pandemic plans in the face of the Corona outbreak

Federal government prepares economic program for coronavirus

The federal government is examining a economic program for companies that suffer from corona spreading . The “Handelsblatt” reports citing government circles. In a few days a plan with possible measures are available. In addition to the Federal Ministry of Economics, the Federal Ministry of Finance is also working on this. Above all, the aim is to examine how individual companies can be supported.

The situation has worsened significantly

Interior Minister Horst Seehofer on the spread of corona in Europe

Can the corona virus be transferred by cash ? In China you don't want to take any risk. Banknotes are collected and for 14 days sealed.

Whether that will soon be in Germany and the EU happens, and My colleague Thorsten Mumme researched how dangerous the cash is.

In the fight against the corona virus, China not only sends people into quarantine, but also money. In mid-February, the central bank's vice-chief, Fan Yifei, announced that banks would disinfect and seal used banknotes and then use them for seven to 14 store days.

Daily mirror | Thorsten Mumme

Federal government sets up crisis team

In Berlin Health Minister Jens Spahn and Interior Minister Horst Seehofer in front of the press. Both departments have set up a joint crisis management team . Spahn says that the corona epidemic must also be expected in Germany spreading . Air travelers returning to Germany from China, South Korea, Japan, Iran and Italy should report their whereabouts to the authorities.

Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer said that after the virus appeared in Europe and Germany “the situation is significantly aggravated” . Seehofer emphasized that the government would do everything “humanly possible” to protect the population. There is no guarantee for this but not . The main thing is to break the infection chains in and to Germany.

The treatment of people who are infected with the coronavirus requires, according to Spahn No high security insulation devices . According to current knowledge, the regular intensive care unit and the regular isolation are sufficient to treat the virus, and there are a few thousand beds here, Spahn said , In addition, it is possible at any time to set up additional provisional insulation units . He thus countered reports that there were only a few treatment facilities for infected people. (Dpa / Reuters)

Gesundheitsminister Jens Spahn (l) und Innenminister Horst Seehofer bei der gemeinsamen Pressekonferenz
Health Minister Jens Spahn (l) and Interior Minister Horst Seehofer at the joint press conference Image: AFP / Tobias Schwarz

Italy: number of infected people increases 528

The number of people infected with the new corona virus in Italy continues to increase despite all containment measures. Meanwhile, be 528 People have been tested positive , said civil protection chief Angelo Borrelli on Thursday in Rome. The day before there were around 400 Infected. The good news is that dozens have recovered. According to his information, the number of dead is 14 (Eve 12) – this number is but not yet definitely confirmed. Most cases remain in northern Lombardy, followed by Veneto and Emilia-Romagna.

Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio warned against exaggerating the risks of the virus outbreak. Only about 0.1 percent of the well 7900 Municipalities in Italy are blocked because of the virus quarantine. Based on the area of ​​the Mediterranean country, 0, 05 percent of the area affected – in the regions of Lombardy and Veneto. He emphasized that tourism is already suffering considerably from the fear of infection .

According to the current status, there are only two foci of infection in Italy, from which the other cases were probably assumed. It is also possible that these two herds have a connection in northern Italy. “ There are no new herds, that's the important thing ,” said Di Maio. (AP)

In Iran 26 dead

In Iran, the death toll from the coronavirus epidemic is officially at 26 gone up. As the Ministry of Health in Tehran announced on Thursday, in the past 24 hours seven more deaths reported. In addition, be 106 new cases of infection has been found, said the Ministry spokesman Kianusch Jahanpur. So now 245 People with the causative agent of the lung disease Covid – 19 infected.

The starting point for the spread of the disease was the central Iranian city of Kom. In the meantime, the virus spread to all parts of the country . In addition to the Deputy Minister of Health Iradsch Harirtschi, the MP Modschtaba Solnur was also infected . The conservative politician and Shia cleric who heads the National Security and Foreign Affairs Committee has his constituency in Com.

Iran's neighboring country Iraq meanwhile announced the first confirmed coronavirus case in the capital Baghdad . The Ministry of Health said that it was a young man who had recently returned from Iran. There are now six confirmed infections in Iraq. The young man is reportedly quarantined in a hospital in Baghdad and is in good health. (AFP)

Expert: Multiple infection is conceivable

The report that a Japanese woman contracted the corona virus again does not surprise the experts . This is possible simply because infected and sick people can infect themselves again. Because apparently the immune system fights the viruses during the acute infection, does not develop an immune memory , since the initial immune response is probably rather “flat “expires, as Coronavirus specialist Christian Drosten of the Charité said at an information event for doctors in Berlin on Wednesday evening.

How the body's defense produces comparatively few neutralizing antibodies – a sign that no long-term immune memory “Immunity to coronaviruses is volatile,” said Drosten.

But definitive statements as to whether repeated infections are possible or only rare are not yet possible with the current data situation. The Japanese newspaper “Nikkei” reports that the first coronavirus case in Japan was a woman, n ah d he discharge from the hospital was tested positive again for coronaviruses . And secondary infections have also been reported from China. However, in all of these cases it is still questionable whether there are undoubtedly new infections or test errors or whether the viruses are from a reservoir spread again in the body. Drosten's fear is that “we can get multiple coronavirus infections.”

This means that there is still too little information about how likely a second infection is. For those recovering from the coronavirus, this means that they should behave just as carefully as non-sick people for the time being. They should also keep in touch with infected people avoid. (Sascha Karberg)

Immunity to coronavirus is volatile

Christian Drosten, coronavirus specialist

Number of deaths in Italy increases 14

Two other people died in Italy from the virus. This increases the number of fatalities in the most affected country in Europe 14, as the civil defense announces. (Reuters)

Protective measures in Iraq :

Ein Mitglied des irakischen Zivilschutzes sprüht Desinfektionsmittel auf und um die Große Moschee von Kufa, 10 Kilometer nordöstlich der Schreinstadt Nadschaf im Zentralirak.
A member of Iraqi civil defense sprayed disinfectants on and around the Great Mosque of Kufa, 10 kilometers northeast of the shrine town of Najaf in central Iraq. Image: AFP / Haidar Hamdani

Christian Drosten , director of the Institute of Virology a plausible guess, like that new corona virus could become as infectious .

Researchers are beginning to understand why Covid – 19 is so much more infectious than the Sars virus from 2003. This has consequences for the fight.

Daily mirror | Sascha Karberg

EU expert: climax difficult to predict

The spread of the coronavirus in Europe is progressing. In view of the current development, according to EU experts it is difficult to predict when the wave of infections will reach its maximum . “When will be the highlight – I have no idea,” said an EU expert in Brussels on Thursday.

The specialists of the EU Agency for Disease Control (ECDC) still have “a lot to learn” about the new virus. Sars-CoV-2 is now approximately 15 EU countries occurred. Until Thursday EU-wide 480 infections and 11 deaths counted. (AP)

Number of cases in Iran increases sharply

In Iran, the number increases According to the Ministry of Health, the number of coronavirus cases has risen sharply. It increased within 24 hours around 106 on 245 , as a ministry spokesman says on state television. The number of dead increased by two to 26 elevated. (Reuters)

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