Over 160,000 German vacationers back in the country

Meuse: So far more than 160. 000 German vacationers brought back

According to Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) are more because of the coronavirus pandemic so far as 160. 000 Germans were brought back from abroad. On Saturday evening he thanked everyone involved in the short message service Twitter who would have worked “incredibly hard” on it. Maas appealed to those who remained abroad: “Please be patient if we have not been able to help you yet.”

The Federal Government appreciates the number of those willing to return, mostly holidaymakers, to about 200. 000. “We will continue,” tweeted Maas. It is the largest return campaign in the history of the Federal Republic. (AFP, Tsp)

We already have about 160. 000 Germans brought back from abroad. Thank you all, especially at @AA_SicherReisen and in the foreign agencies who work incredibly hard for it. We continue. Please be patient if we have not been able to help you. #COVID 19

– Heiko Maas 🇪🇺 on Twitter (@heikomaas)

The test capacities in Berlin are poor. You hear horror stories. Harald Martenstein recommends following a specific example. A gloss.

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France also reports increased deaths

In France within a day 319 other people died as a result of an infection with the coronavirus. So the total number is 2314, share the Health authorities with. The number of infected is within 24 hours on 37. 575 from 32. 964 gone up. (Reuters)

A 16 – year-old schoolgirl died in Paris from the consequences of a corona infection. The French daily newspaper “Le Parisien” reported.

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All “non-vital” companies in Spain closed

The Spanish government has in the fight against the corona pandemic the Closure of all “non-vital” companies ordered for two weeks. Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said in Madrid on Saturday evening. A similar rule also applies in Italy.

From Monday, all employees who do not perform any essential work should stay at home for two weeks , Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said on Saturday evening in a television speech. He did not say which sectors are meant exactly. The salary will continue to be paid to those affected during this time, and the hours they have not worked can be made up later in stages. (dpa)

Over a hundred deaths in Turkey

The number of deaths caused by the corona virus in Turkey is on via 100 increased. Inland 24 hours are 16 more people died, Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca said on Saturday in the short messenger service Twitter with. This increased the total number of deaths to 108. 1704 New infections were registered. So far in Turkey 7402 People infected with the novel virus. (AFP)

Romanians will stay home with the national anthem

Thank you for the fact that most Romanians adhere to the Corona curfew , you will hear your national anthem from the police cars twice a day on weekends. This was ordered by Interior Minister Marcel Vela on Saturday, as the Romanian media reported. On Saturdays and Sundays, each at 17 and around 21 local time, the hymn “Desteapta-te, Romane” (“Awakening, Romanian”) should sound from the loudspeakers of the police cars that patrol the streets across the country. These performances are expected to continue for the entire duration of the state of emergency in Romania due to the corona pandemic. (dpa)

Federal government requests top managers to waive salary

According to the will of the federal government Directors of companies who receive state aid for the Corona crisis waive part of their salary. “It is important to me that board members and executives also make a contribution in emergency situations, especially with the bonus payments “, said Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier (CDU) of the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung”. The specific structure will be discussed in individual cases.

The CDU politician referred to a first precedent. “We have just taken out a loan for a large travel company and did the same.” This is the travel group TUI, as the company announced on Friday. Accordingly, TUI boss Friedrich Joussen and his fellow board members have to accept financial losses. (AFP)

More than 10. 000 Corona dead in Italy

In Italy since the beginning of the pandemic more than 10. 000 people infected with the coronavirus died . The civil defense reported on Saturday 889 new deaths. This increased the total number of deaths to 10 023.

The number of infections increased 5974 cases in total 92. 472. At the same time, the increase in new infections slowed further: the increase of 6.9 percent on Saturday was the weakest since the beginning of the pandemic in Italy more than a month ago. In the days before the infection rate was 7.4 or 8.3 percent.


Trump: Consider Quarantining New York

The U.S. government is considering, according to President Donald Trump, in the Coronavirus – crisis, New York and other particularly affected Isolate parts of the country. “Some people would like to quarantine New York see because it's a hotspot, “Trump said outside of Saturday White House to reporters. He specified that it should be considered Travel restrictions go to residents of regions that are special many people with the Coronavirus infected

N New York will also go to New Jersey and certain parts of Connecticut thought, Trump said. Many New Yorkers are currently following Florida travel. “We don't want that,” Trump said. Looking at possible Restrictions on freedom of movement Trump said: “I would rather not do, but maybe we need it. ”In the event that such measures would have to be taken, these would apply for a short time. Trump spoke of two weeks and held out the prospect of making a decision on Saturday could be hit about it. (dpa)

British Health Service: If it ends up being less than 20. 000 dead are would that be good

Should Great Britain less than 20. 000 Coronavirus According to Stephen Powis, chief of the NHS health service, the country would do well in the crisis. “If there is less than 20. 000 dead, it would be a good result “, Powis says when asked by journalists whether Britain could take the same development as Italy or Spain. The NHS is in the process of rearranging operating rooms and recovery rooms so that critical patients can be treated there. He was confident that there was enough capacity. It has not yet been reached. (Reuters)

Hospital ship arrives in Los Angeles

To relieve the hospitals in the Coronavirus -Crisis is a US military hospital ship in Arrived in Los Angeles. The “Mercy” will with her 1000 beds as serve additional clinic, California's governor Gavin Newsom explained Twitter. The ship had reached the city's port on Friday. U.S. media reported that it should be ready for use this Saturday. On The ship should only treat patients who are not on the new lung disease Covid – 19 suffer.

US President Donald Trump wanted on Saturday in Virginia in the leakage of another Hospital ships will be there. The “Comfort” will go to New York to get there to provide more hospital beds. The metropolis is the city that is in the USA the worst of Coronavirus affected is. According to Johns Hopkins University there are more than 26 690 infections detected with the Sars-CoV-2 pathogen. In the United States, the total is around more than 104 800. More than 1700 People have already died. (AFP)

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The hospital ship “Mercy” Image: Photo: AFP

Russia completely closes its borders – also to Belarus

in the fight against The spread of the new type of corona virus Russia completely closes its borders. From midnight on Monday night, traffic at all border crossings will be on roads, Railway connections, ports and pedestrian crossings “temporarily limited”, it said in a decree published on Saturday. The only exceptions are Russian diplomats and truck drivers.

The aim of the border closure is to prevent “new cases of infection from entering the country”. Accordingly, the border with Belarus is also affected, where there are normally no controls.

Bundeswehr flies to Covid – 19 sick Italians to Germany

Due to the dramatic emergency of northern Italian hospitals in the Corona crisis, the Bundeswehr is bringing patients to Germany for treatment. The Airbus A 310 MedEvac, the flying intensive care unit of the Air Force , flew from Cologne to Bergamo on Saturday to bring patients to North Rhine-Westphalia for intensive care. The aircraft returned to Cologne at noon with six seriously ill Italians, as a spokesman for the Air Force told the German Press Agency.

“In times of greatest need, it goes without saying that we stand by our friends,” said Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (CDU) on the mission. “That is why we are now bringing seriously ill patients from Italy to Germany for treatment with our flying intensive care unit of the Air Force. It is an important sign of solidarity. Europe must stick together . “(Dpa)

Any help across borders is now important. That is why the Bundeswehr is helping with our flying Luftwaffe intensive care unit to transport seriously ill people from Italy to Germany for treatment. Europe sticks together. #BundeswehrHilft

– A. Kramp-Karrenbauer on Twitter (@akk)

Coronavirus survives on steel and plastic

Plastic and steel in particular are generally considered to be particularly sterile. However, the new type of corona virus survives on these surfaces for a particularly long time – up to 3 days, as the New England Journal of Medicine reports. Regular hand washing is therefore essential. (Tsp)

The new #Corona virus has a surprisingly long survival on various surfaces such as steel and plastic. So: wash your hands regularly and #home at home #together_distance #COVID 19

– Senate Department of Health Care Equal Opportunities on Twitter (@sengpg )

Great Britain also reports via 1000 dead by Covid – 19

The number of deaths from the lung disease Covid – 19 is in the UK on Saturday on 1019 has risen. As the Ministry of Health in London announced, has died since Friday 260 people from the consequences of an infection with the novel corona virus. The number of confirmed infections rose to around 17 000.

Europe-wide died according to official figures from Saturday meanwhile more than 20. 000 people from the consequences of the coronavirus.

Great Britain had long hesitated to take tough measures against the spread of the virus. On Friday it became known that Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Minister of Health Matt Hancock are now dealing with the pathogen have been infected. Prince Charles, the heir to the throne, was also infected with Sars-CoV-2. (dpa)

In Sweden now more than 100 dead

The consequences of a coronavirus infection in Sweden are now, according to the health authority 102 people died. Among the fatalities were therefore 40 Women and 62 Men. Confirmed infections exist 3447, these are 400 more than the previous day . 239 patients have been or will be still treated in intensive care.

Portugal wants to recognize migrants as residents

Portugal wants to consider migrants as residents during the crisis. The prerequisites are applications for residence permits such as asylum applications, the authorities say. This is to ensure that migrants can also be guaranteed access to the health system, social benefits, bank accounts and rental contracts . The provisions are to apply from Monday to July 1st. Last year, according to government data received from 580. 000 Immigrants living in the country 135. 000 a residence permit. In Portugal are 5170 Infections with the coronavirus known. 100 People died of it.

Cat in Belgium suffers from Corona

A cat has become in Belgium in a person infected with the corona virus. The Belgian Food Safety Authority (AFSCA) reports of the case on its website.

The cat in Belgium and two dogs in Hong Kong are the only known cases , where pets would have been infected by infected people. The dogs had shown no symptoms, but the cat had temporary difficulty breathing and digestion . On Friday, the health authorities cited the veterinary faculty at the University of Liège as informing them of the case follow. This includes avoiding too much close contact with the animal , especially if you are sick yourself. After each stroke you should wash your hands and not let your pet lick your face , writes the AFSCA. (dpa)

No “Ground Day” in the Gaza Strip

Palestinians want to be in the Gaza Strip do not hold mass protests on the border with Israel on this year's “Ground Day” to prevent the spread of the corona virus. This was announced by the organizers of previous protest marches on Saturday. Instead, on the protest day on Monday, the Palestinians were called upon to wave Palestinian flags and to burn Israeli flags. Traffic should stop for an hour at noon. Sirens should howl to celebrate “Floor Day”. A press conference with few participants is also planned.

In the Gaza Strip, the virus Sars-CoV-2 is so far proven in nine people . A widespread spread in the densely populated coastline, in which two million people live under precarious circumstances, is considered a horror scenario . (dpa)

Israeli media reporting on the nightmare for israeli security forces who will have to shoot COVID patients from Gaza if they run to the fence for treatment. “No way to spin that footage”. #gaza

– Tareq Baconi طارق بقعوني on Twitter (@tareqbaconi)

German tourists in Bali are flown out

hundreds because of the corona pandemic Tourists from Europe stranded on Bali were flown out of the holiday paradise on Saturday. “I'm happy to be coming home,” said Marco Zeltner, one of an estimated several thousand German tourists who were on Indonesian Stuck vacation island. Two flights had been canceled beforehand, which is why he had been waiting for two weeks. “But it's okay, Bali is beautiful , so it could have been worse.” (AFP)