Over 10,000 confirmed deaths in France

Over 10 . 00 0 deaths in France

In France there are more than 10 00 0 people in a row the Covid – 19 – Pandemic died. Since the beginning of March there have been 7091 Deaths in hospitals and 3237 given in social facilities like old people's homes, said health director Jerome Salomon on Tuesday. Within 24 France has hours 607 Hospital deaths recorded.

“We are not yet at the peak,” said Salomon facing the pandemic. There is currently no sense in relaxing the initial restrictions. French President Emmanuel Macron visited a medical facility in Pantin near Paris in the afternoon – he wore a protective mask. (dpa)

Sicherheit geht vor: Frankreichs Staatspräsident Emmanuel Macron beim Besuch einer Klinik in der Nähe von Paris.
Safety comes first: French President Emmanuel Macron visits a clinic near Paris. Image: Gonzalo Fuentes / dpa

Number of confirmed deaths in New York increases more rapidly

The number of new casualties in the coronavirus crisis increased from Monday to Tuesday in the state of New York reached another high. In the time be 731 infected people died, Governor Andrew Cuomo said at his daily press conference. Overall, the number of deaths in the particularly hard hit state was about 5500. In the previous days there were around 600 Patients died. Overall, the number of New Yorkers who tested positive was over 138 00 0.

Cuomo reaffirmed that the peak of the crisis in New York had apparently been reached. The number of Covid treated in the hospital – 19 – Patients did not increase much more recently. He pointed out that the epidemic in the city has only “37 days “was rampant. The influenza pandemic of 1918 raged in New York for six months. (Reuters / dpa)

The morgues are still sufficient, explains Mayor de Blasio. But the city plans for an emergency. A city council even considered funerals in parks.

Daily mirror | Oliver Bilger

Parental allowance rules are relaxed during the crisis

Parents should not have any disadvantages with parental allowance due to the coronavirus crisis . Federal Minister of Family Affairs Franziska Giffey agrees with the parliamentary groups of the Union and the SPD to temporarily change the calculation basis, as her ministry announced on Tuesday. The amount of parental allowance is usually based on the average net income over the twelve months before the birth. If someone is earning less because of the crisis, the affected months should not be counted now.

“Short-time work allowance and unemployment benefit I due to Corona do not reduce the parental allowance and are not included in the later calculation of the parental allowance for another child,” it said from the Ministry. Those who work in so-called systemically relevant professions and therefore cannot take parental leave, may postpone it. The rules for the partnership bonus – an additional benefit that mothers and fathers receive, who both work part-time to share child rearing – are relaxed, if part-time is currently not is to be observed.

Im Plenum: Das Parlament muss den Elterngeld-Plänen von Familienministerin Franziska Giffey noch zustimmen.
In the plenary session: Parliament still has to approve the plans for parental allowance from Family Minister Franziska Giffey. Image: Gregor Fischer / dpa

“Germany's best known and most popular family performance is crisis-proof even in Corona times,” said Giffey. “We want to take care of parents and those who are about to do so that they may have disadvantages with parental allowance due to the Corona epidemic.” The adjustments should now “as quickly as possible possible through the cabinet and the parliamentary procedure “.

Parents receive mothers and fathers if they do not or only for the time being after the birth of the child want to work little. The state supports this with at least 300 Euro and maximum 1800 euros per month – depending on net earnings before the birth of the child. The full amount of the parental allowance is 14 paid for months if both take part in the care. (dpa)

EU wants Africa and others with 15 Support billions of euros

The EU wants Africa and other regions in the world to fight the corona virus with 15 support billions of euros. “Africa and our neighborhood could face the same enormous challenges in a few weeks as we do in Europe today”, said EU- Commission boss Ursula von der Leyen on Tuesday in a video on Twitter. “You need our help to effectively limit the spread of the virus, just as we needed help in this crisis.”

The EU directs grants of more than € 15 billion to support our partner countries worldwide in the fight against the #Coronavirus. It is in our interest that the fight is successful. If we work closely together & act together, we can defeat the virus.

– Ursula von der Leyen on Twitter (@vonderleyen)

It is in the EU's interest that the fight against the corona virus is successful worldwide, said the CDU politician. “For this reason, the European Union is now securing grants of more than 15 billion euros to worldwide To support partner countries in the fight against the corona virus. “ It was about grants that would be redirected, the tweet said. Further support comes from the individual EU countries, said von der Leyen. The aid will help to strengthen health systems, keep people at work and support economies. (dpa)

Three-quarters of the US population is experiencing the economic consequences of the crisis

A recent Financial Times survey shows the extent to which the US population is affected by the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Almost three quarters of the respondents stated that the crisis had a negative impact on their family's income. Sickness can no longer work, almost half of them would even be without any income at all.

Families with a higher income above 100. 00 0 US dollars a year are, according to the data, just as affected as families with an income of less than 50. 00 $ 0. In March alone, ten million Americans applied for unemployment benefits.

Nearly three-quarters of Americans say the coronavirus pandemic has reduced their family's income, with nearly half saying they would be without any income at all if they were unable to work because of illness, according to a new poll for the Financial Times.


Eight million protective masks landed in Bavaria

A large cargo plane brought eight million protective masks for the federal government to Bavaria. The jet had started in Shanghai, China on Tuesday morning and landed in Munich after a stopover in Seoul (South Korea). The much anticipated freight was received by prominent guests: Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder, Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (both CSU) and Lufthansa boss Carsten Spohr. Protective masks are in short supply in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. (dpa)

Heiße Ware: Am Münchner Flughafen sind neue Schutzmasken eingetroffen.
Hot goods: New protective masks have arrived at Munich Airport. Image: Matthias Balk / dpa

Italy: Lowest number of new deaths since 25 days

In Italy, the rise in the coronavirus infection curve continues to slow. However the number of fatalities within a day remains with 604 high. Among other things, in the case of new infections, civil defense in Rome was able to send a signal on Tuesday Report hope. The number of people currently infected with the Sars-CoV-2 pathogen rose by less than one percent in one day. That was a comparatively low increase. Overall, the experts spoke of a success of the strict measures in the fight against the virus.

In Italy since the outbreak in February 135 586 cases of infection have been registered. The number of official coronavirus deaths increased 17 127. Meanwhile there are more than 24 00 0 people also recovered from the lung disease. The number of patients in intensive care units continued to decrease slightly.

In Not: Die Lage in Italien bleibt weiterhin angespannt.
In need: The situation in Italy remains tense. Image: Claudio Furlan / dpa

Before the figures were released, government commissioner Domenico Arcuri, who was responsible for the coronavirus crisis, had warned of the “illusion” that the emergency measures in Italy could quickly come to an end. Nobody should expect to go back to the old habits from one day to the next. Especially over Easter people should remember this how many people died as a result of the virus wave.

We are not close to the end of the emergency.

Italian government commissioner Domenico Arcuri

In Italy since 10. March particularly strict exit bans. They currently run until Easter Monday. In addition, numerous shops and factories are closed. Other European countries such as Austria recently announced the first easing of the so-called lockdown. (dpa)

Johnson continues to receive oxygen

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson continues to receive oxygen in the hospital, as Foreign Minister Dominic Raab said. Johnson's condition is stable. Of the 55 – year-old politicians are not connected to a ventilator. He will continue to be monitored in the intensive care unit. Who after an infection with the virus on the lung disease Covid – 19 suffering Johnson is a fighter and will survive the plague. Raab wants to inform the public when there are new developments. Raab took over his duties because of Johnson's serious illness.

The number of people infected in the UK is according to the Department of Health at 55. 242 increased. On Monday there were still 51. 608 known cases. As of Monday afternoon, the number of deaths increased 786 on 6159 compared to Sunday too. (Reuters)

Lammert criticizes the Federal Government's stance on corona bonds

In the coronavirus crisis, former Bundestag president Norbert Lammert (CDU) denounced the German government's resistance to corona bonds. The fact that Germany “categorically refuses a common European bond, has long since caused more political damage than can be expected from economic relief”, Lammert told the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” (Wednesday). With a view to “the extreme exceptional situation and growing despair in important partner countries”, “the impression of limited solidarity is just as economically risky as it is difficult to bear in humanitarian terms”.

Meinungsstark: Norbert Lammert wünscht sich von der Bundesregierung mehr Solidarität.
Strong opinion: Norbert Lammert wants the German government to show more solidarity. Image: Kay Nietfeld / dpa

The EU finance ministers tried on Tuesday to put together a joint rescue package against the coronavirus economic crisis. Federal Minister of Finance Olaf Scholz hoped for an agreement on three “instruments of solidarity” – the ESM euro rescue fund, the European Investment Bank and short-time help. Disputable announcements from Italy, France and the Netherlands dampened expectations. The heads of state and government had quarreled at the end of March over the question of joint borrowing and entrusted the finance ministers with the search for a compromise. A package with the three instruments named by Scholz has been negotiated in the past few days. However, the dispute over community bonds – known as Eurobonds, Corona Bonds or Recovery Bonds – overshadowed the negotiations to the end. (dpa)

Those who fear losing their super form must understand that they can lose their health and even their lives.

Vitali Klitschko, Mayor of Kiev and former boxing world champion, warns recreational athletes to comply with the coronavirus measures (via dpa)

Trump accuses WHO of failure

US President Donald Trump has accused the World Health Organization (WHO) of failing to deal with the coronavirus and of being overly obedient to China. The organization “really screwed it up,” Trump wrote on Twitter on Tuesday. Although the US has a large part of the WHO The organization paid too much attention to budgets, said China. “We will take a good look at this,” he continued. The WHO recommendation that the borders not be closed to travelers from China was “wrong”. “Why did you give us such a wrong recommendation?”, asked Trump.

The W.H.O. really blew it. For some reason, funded largely by the United States, yet very China centric. We will be giving that a good look. Fortunately I rejected their advice on keeping our borders open to China early on. Why did they give us such a faulty recommendation?

– Donald J. Trump on Twitter (@realdonaldtrump)

In Trump's conservative news channel Fox News, several experts recently criticized that the Geneva-based WHO was under the spell of China. The organization should have warned the world earlier and more drastically, they argued. In addition, they resented the fact that the WHO had repeatedly praised China for dealing with its own epidemic of the novel coronavirus. (dpa)

Norway eases first measures

After a number of other countries in Europe, Norway is also risking a first relaxation of its coronavirus measures. Kindergartens are in the Scandinavian country on 20. Open again in April, seven days later the first to fourth grades of schools are to follow , as Prime Minister Erna Solberg said on Tuesday at a press conference in Oslo. The aim is to bring all students back to schools before summer, added Education Minister Guri Melby.

Also in their beloved huts, the Norwegians are said to be 20. April again. It is important to the government that their country pursue a uniform, controlled and gradual strategy , said Solberg.

Mehr als eine Geste: Norwegens Ministerpräsidentin Erna Solberg hat angekündigt, erste Einschränkungen im Rahmen der Coronavirus-Pandemie rückgängig zu machen.
More than a gesture: Norway's Prime Minister Erna Solberg has announced that the first restrictions in the context of the coronavirus pandemic will be reversed. Image: Terje Bendiksby / dpa

New numbers at the start of the week had shown that the average person infected with the virus in Norway is currently only 0.7 other people. Minister of Health Bent Høie had therefore said on Monday that the coronavirus epidemic had been brought under control. On Tuesday, however, he said: “The fight against the virus has not been won.” Until the afternoon in Norway 5863 infections with Sars-CoV-2 detected. 69 People with Covid – 19 – disease died.

The Norwegian government had introduced strict measures against the spread of coronavirus in mid-March. Among other things, the borders are closed to foreigners. Norwegians returning to their homeland must 14 Quarantined for days. Schools and kindergartens have been 12. Closed in March. (dpa)

Lufthansa shrinks fleet and closes Germanwings

In response to the coronavirus crisis , Lufthansa is closing the flight operations of its Cologne subsidiary Germanwings. In addition, several planes of other sub-companies are to be decommissioned, as the company announced on Tuesday in Frankfurt.

As part of this restructuring, capacity and administration should be reduced at almost all of the Group's flight operations be made smaller. Lufthansa expects a significant drop in demand for air travel even after the coronavirus crisis. As many employees as possible should continue to work within offered to the group. The company wants to negotiate with the social partners about this. (dpa / Reuters)

Aircraft from other sub-companies are also to be decommissioned. Trade unions are throwing the company rabid corporate restructuring public funds.

Daily mirror | Rolf Obertreis

If hairdressers are closed longer, at least I will soon hairstyle again as in the 1980 years.

CDU boss Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer opposite the “Saarbrücker Zeitung” (via dpa)

Laschet calls for country consensus when schools reopen

The North Rhine-Westphalian Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) calls for a consensus of all 16 federal states in the nationwide reopening of schools and day care centers after 19. April. This is what North Rhine-Westphalia will press for after the Easter deliberations of the federal states with Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), said Laschet in Düsseldorf on Tuesday. “I can hardly imagine that we on the question of schools and day care centers in Germany have completely different regulations. “ The country heads and Merkel also had to talk about when the trade and other areas could start again.

The current restrictions on public life due to the spread of the coronavirus apply until 19. April. Laschet prepared the population in the coronavirus crisis for a gradual return to normality after the Easter holidays. “If we return to public life, it will not be as before”, he said after a meeting of the state cabinet. There will be “gradations” and other protective measures. (dpa)

The way back into life is more difficult than getting out.

North Rhine-Westphalia's Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU)

The pandemic and the jobs

80 According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), percent of the 3.3 billion workers worldwide are experiencing the consequences of the coronavirus crisis. Read more here:

Many people in Germany are worried about their jobs because of the Corona crisis. The ILO now speaks of the “worst crisis since the Second World War” for the global situation in front of workers.

Daily mirror

Severely ill people may not test approved drugs

Particularly seriously ill coronavirus patients may in future be treated with the not yet approved active ingredient remdesivir if all other means have failed. This was approved by the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices in Bonn, as a spokesman confirmed on Tuesday. The active ingredient was originally developed by a US pharmaceutical company against Ebola infections. There are first signs of effectiveness against the coronavirus, the European Medicines Agency EMA had determined last Friday and the use of the drug recommended for critically ill patients without alternative treatment (“Compassionate use”). The German authority followed.

The results of ongoing clinical trials remain to be seen.

German Medicines Agency for the active ingredient Remdesivir

Currently, no efficacy could be said, a spokesman for the German Medicines Agency emphasized. There are only signs. Nationwide, in March three clinical testing procedures for the active ingredient were approved as an agent against the coronavirus infection, the spokesman said. How long they would take cannot be predicted. The immediate use as an unapproved active ingredient in patients is strictly regulated. Only patient groups would be considered for whom there is no other alternative therapy. The manufacturer bears the costs of such so-called hardship programs. In such cases, the treating doctors or clinics contact the manufacturer directly. (dpa)

Israel imposes mask requirement

Israel requires the wearing of masks in public in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Children under the age of six, people with intellectual disabilities and people who are alone in the car or at work are exempt from the mask requirement. The masks can be self-made. The government also announced Tuesday details of the travel restrictions during the Passover festival . The festival begins on Wednesday with the traditional Seder meal, which brings together Jewish families to commemorate the biblical excerpt from slavery in Egypt. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had already asked his compatriots to celebrate this year only in a small group and in his own household, for another Prevent the epidemic from spreading.

Unnecessary cross-country trips are prohibited from Tuesday evening to Friday morning. From 15. 00 on Wednesday, a few hours before the traditional meal, until 07. 00 o'clock on Thursday are too Grocery shopping is prohibited within the city. This tightens the existing exit restrictions, according to which Israelis are only within a radius of 100 meters around your apartment. Exceptions exist for shopping for groceries, visiting the pharmacy and getting to work. Israel has so far reported via 9000 Infections with the coronavirus. 60 People have died in connection with the infection so far. (Reuters)

Court wants to end Loveparade trial

The regional court in Duisburg has proposed to end the Loveparade criminal trial because of the coronavirus crisis. With this the process would be ended without judgment . The parties to the proceedings should be 20. April comment. Due to the dynamic development of the coronavirus pandemic, it is not foreseeable when and how the currently interrupted negotiation can be continued, the court announced on Tuesday.

In the event of a suspension, the chamber wants its findings on the events around the Love Parade 2010 summarized in a written decision and its content within a time limit Present the main hearing. The next appointment is on the 21. April 2020 certainly. Whether it can take place is still unclear due to the pandemic.

Hier geschah das Unglück bei der Loveparade in Duisburg 2010.
Here the accident happened at the Love Parade in Duisburg 2010. Image: Picture: Martin Gerten / dpa

At the Love Parade on 24. July 2010 in Duisburg there was so much crowding at the only entrance and exit to the event site that 21 People crushed and at least 652 were injured. Three employees of the organizer Lopavent are charged with negligent killing and negligent bodily harm. The main hearing had in December 2017 began. (dpa)

Eight million protective masks for Bavaria

On Tuesday evening a large cargo plane will have eight million protective masks and an operating room – Bring masks from China to Bavaria . The jet had started in Shanghai, China, on Tuesday morning and is on its way to Munich after a stopover in Seoul, South Korea.

will be welcomed by prominent guests : Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder, Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer, Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr and Airport Director Jost have announced themselves Lammers.

The masks are only intended for Bavaria . In addition, several million masks for various customers are expected to arrive with Deutsche Bahn in the next few days. Part of this is for DB itself, which placed several orders six to eight weeks ago. This would equip everyone at the Deutsche Bahn who has a lot of customer contact.

Paris forbids outdoor sports during the day

The city Paris further tightened the already strict exit restrictions and banned outdoor sports between 10 and 19 Clock. The new regulation will apply from Wednesday, Mayor Anne Hidalgo and the police prefecture announced on Tuesday. Sport continues to be between 19 clock and 10 clock allowed, when the traffic on the streets is least. Paris closed all parks and green spaces three weeks ago, pushing athletes onto the pedestrian paths. In addition, walks and sports throughout the country are only allowed within a radius of one kilometer to the apartment and one hour a day.

Wie Tag und Nacht: Wer in Paris draußen Sport treiben möchte, muss das künftig in den Abendstunden tun.
Like day and night: If you want to do sports outside in Paris, you will have to do it in the evenings. Image: Christophe Ena / dpa

Jean-François Delfraissy, the head of the scientific council, complained that many people in the capital had not complied with the exit restrictions on weekends when the weather was fine. He described this in the interview with the broadcaster BFMTV as “ a form of collective suicide “. In his opinion, the exit restrictions should be maintained until at least the beginning of May. The regulations have been in effect in France for a good three weeks. Leaving the house is only allowed if absolutely necessary. (dpa)

More bike paths and speed 30 for cars?

ADFC and BUND are committed to restrictions on car traffic , so that cyclists and pedestrians can comply with the distance rules.

Daily mirror | Claus Vetter

Increased NRW border surveillance over Easter

To avoid possible dangers to the public To ward off health, the federal police want to strengthen their border surveillance in North Rhine-Westphalia on the upcoming Easter weekend. According to a letter sent on Tuesday by the Federal Police Directorate Sankt Augustin to the offices in Aachen and Kleve, on the borders with Belgium and the Netherlands An increased amount of travel is expected during this time.

The aim of the additional measures is among others the Identification of people who are infected with the coronavirus , it says in the letter. For this, a “permanent and location-oriented control and monitoring pressure” should be guaranteed. The Robert Koch Institute now classifies the Netherlands as a Covid – 19 – risk area.

“You are not wanted”: Clear appeal from NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet. Image: Federico Gambarini / dpa

Prime Minister Armin Laschet made a clear statement on the subject on Tuesday. He had spoken to the Dutch colleagues, consensus, which Laschet appealed directly to the citizens of North Rhine-Westphalia, was: “ You are currently undesirable . This is a statement that you should take to heart. ” On the other hand, NRW would also ask the Dutch not to come to the Sauerland for vacation, for example. (with dpa)