Number of new infections in China declining

Decline in new infections in China – WHO warns against hasty optimism

In China, the number of new infections with the new coronavirus continues to increase – however less strong than before. In the worst affected province of Hubei, the authorities recorded a decline in new infections for the third day in a row on Sunday . Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned against hasty optimism. It is “impossible” to predict the further course of the epidemic, emphasized WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus , In France, the first death from the novel pathogen was reported in Europe.

In China, the number of deaths from the virus rose 1665 , as announced by the Health Commission. Approximately 68. 500 According to official information in mainland China, people are now infected with the pathogen.

The health commission also reported nationwide 2009 new cases of infection, most of them in Hubei. At the same time, there was a decline in new infections for the third day as a result. In other parts of China, the number of new infections has been falling for twelve days. (AFP)

Altmaier sees no burden on the global economy

Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier does not see any threatening effects from the corona virus for the global economy . “At the moment, I believe that this will not put a lot of strain on the global economy,” said the CDU politician on Deutschlandfunk.

The spread of lung disease from China is a serious challenge. “However, we have seen in the past that economic effects can be limited and controlled.” He was in discussion with the German business associations on this topic.

Altmaier pointed out that the Chinese economy had already grown less rapidly in the past year. In view of the trade conflicts between the United States and China and the EU, many are currently cautious about investing in the export-oriented German economy. Therefore, all the more work must be done to resolve conflicts.

“There are also signs on the horizon in has not deteriorated so dramatically in recent months that we have to call the path of a recession likely. ”(dpa)

“At some point you knew every blade of grass”

As one of the round 120 China returnees did that Student Ann-Sophie Muxfeldt described the end of the two-week quarantine in Germersheim in Palatinate as a relief.

The feeling was difficult, round 14 For days “to be a little locked up,” said the 22 – year-old. “When you went out, you could only walk around the barrack block, at some point you knew every blade of grass. It feels a little strange after a while. “The carers of the German Red Cross would have put a lot of effort into it, said Muxfeldt, who was picked up by her parents.

“We had table tennis tables, billiards and badminton. You could get busy. A lot was also done for the children. ”After a while, she might be a little sad that she had to stop her stay in China. “I hope that it will go back sometime.” (Dpa)

Ann-Sophie Muxfeldt war rund 14 Tage lang in der Kaserne.
Ann-Sophie Muxfeldt was round 14 days in the barracks. Image: Ann-Sophie Muxfeldt / dpa

Further patients in Bavaria may go home

In Bavaria, more coronavirus patients were discharged from the hospital at the weekend. The Ministry of Health announced on Sunday in Munich. The Robert Koch Institute's (RKI) discharge criteria had been met , said a ministry spokeswoman. The authority did not want to provide any further information on the affected parties.

The first of the total 14 patients registered in Bavaria were discharged from a Munich clinic last Wednesday Service. The hospital had informed that the person was completely healthy and no longer contagious.

All 14 Infections with the Sars-CoV-2 virus in Bavaria are related to the Stockdorf auto supplier Webasto. A Chinese colleague had the pathogen in January brought in on a business trip. (AP)

Taiwan also reports the first dead

The first is in Taiwan Human died of coronavirus. An about Health Minister Chen Shih Chung said that year old man had succumbed to the consequences of the infection. The man Have not traveled abroad recently and also had diabetes and hepatitis B as a pre-existing condition.

So far in Taiwan 20 Infection cases registered. Previously, deaths outside of China had only occurred in France, Japan, the Hong Kong SAR and the Philippines. (Reuters)

All Chinese returnees in Germersheim released from quarantine

after about two weeks the quarantine for the more than 100 China returnees in a Bundeswehr barracks in Germersheim, Palatinate, ended. The results of further tests for the coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 were negative , said a spokesman for the Air Force in the morning. The departure took place in camera.

122 German citizens and family members had flown from the Chinese city of Wuhan, which was particularly affected by the Sars CoV-2 virus, to Frankfurt am Main and were taken to the barracks in Germersheim on February 1. The quarantine time of 14 days was due to the fact that the maximum incubation period, i.e. the period from the possible infection to the onset of the disease, probably lasts that long. In addition to the returnees also had 22 Helpers of the German Red Cross spent the past few days in the barracks. (dpa)

Altmaier does not expect major global economic problems

Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier does not initially see any coronavirus as having a threatening impact on the global economy. “At the moment, I believe that this will not put a lot of strain on the global economy,” said the CDU politician on Deutschlandfunk. The spread of China's lung disease is a serious challenge. “But we have seen in the past that economic effects can be limited and controlled.” He is in discussion with the German business associations on this topic , (AP)

Face mask as a fashion accessory at London Fashion Week

Stylish face masks are hip at London Fashion Week – on the catwalk and with the audience. According to the British media, they are on display this year like a fashion accessory that ends on Tuesday in the British capital. However, like all mouth masks, they do not offer 100% protection against pathogens such as the coronavirus.

Due to the novel lung disease, the number of participants in the Fashion Week this year is according to the organizer declined. Fashion designers complained about delivery bottlenecks because many factories in China are closed. Influential investors and buyers from East Asia also failed to appear, according to Sky News.

Today the Beckham family visited Fashion Week. Ex-soccer star David Beckham watched a show of his wife Victoria with his mother, mother-in-law and the children. (AP)

Ein Besucher der Modeschau mit Maske.
A visitor to the fashion show with a mask. Image: Henry Nicholls / Reuters

China tightened measures in Hubei Province

To prevent the spread of the To stem the virus, the government in the particularly affected Chinese province of Hubei has issued a driving ban . This does not apply to police cars, ambulances, vehicles with essential goods or those that are needed for public service, the regional government has announced.

In addition, health checks would be carried out regularly for all residents of the province. Also companies would not be able to resume work until they received government approval. Hubei is the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic. (Reuters)

Eine Straße in Wuhan in der Provinz Hubei (Archivbild).
A street in Wuhan in Hubei Province (archive picture). Image: Reuters

RKI boss names risk for Germany still low

After the first coronavirus death in Europe, the President of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), Lothar Wieler, warned of scaremongering. “We continue to rate the risk to the population in Germany as low,” said Wieler in an interview with Reuters-TV. The deceased in Paris is a 80 – Chinese, who was infected and then had a complicated pneumonia. Wieler spoke of a tragic case. You know that some older and sick people could die from the virus.

“But if you count the number of cases outside of China see, (…) it becomes clear that the containment measures are quite successful, “he said, referring to the number of sufferers in China themselves, who have now 68. 000 lies. Abroad, about 600 cases registered. The Robert Koch Institute analyzes the situation every day.

There is currently no country outside China in which a further transmission of the virus by sick people has been determined. Wieler also reminded the fact that there is a distorted perception of the dangers in public. As a comparison he named that in Germany since the beginning of the year 40. 000 have registered influenza cases, 60 Diseased se ien died.

Nevertheless, Wieler also warned against downplaying the coronavirus (Covid – 19) and especially asked increased efforts in poorer countries in case the virus should also appear there. “This is a very dynamic situation. The possibility of spreading is great, “he said. (Reuters)

Der Präsident des Robert-Koch-Instituts: Lother Wieler.
The President of the Robert Koch Institute: Lother Wieler. Image: Photo: Soeren Stache / dpa

China's President Xi goes on the offensive

A previously unpublished speech by China's President Xi Jinping, that he was obviously involved in fighting the outbreak earlier than previously known. In the speech dated to the beginning of February, which the state media now distributed, the President spoke of the fact that he had already given the first instructions on January 7 to fight the virus.

“I called during a meeting of the Politburo Standing Committee on January 7th to contain the outbreak, ”the president was quoted as saying. The speech also made it clear that Xi Jinping personally initiated the strict travel controls in the particularly hard-hit province of Hubei, where numerous cities have been cordoned off for weeks. On Sunday, the country's health authority also announced that China had taken action to curb the spread of the virus and was beginning to attack.

With the publication the state propaganda apparently wants to demonstrate that the central government and the party leader were involved in the fight against the corona virus right from the start. However, it is also clear that the strongly criticized local government did not make the decisions alone. In the past few days, a number of high-ranking politicians have had to resign in Hubei and the provincial capital Wuhan, where the virus originally broke out.

Recently there was more and more criticism of the inaction or slow reaction of the authorities to the Outbreak became loud . Nationwide dismay and sympathy caused the death of doctor Li Wenliang last week , who had warned early of the outbreak of the new coronavirus, but according to reports was forced to stop spreading these “rumors”. The 34 – year old died because he was dealing with the Virus was infected. On Thursday, Hubei had surprised with a drastic increase in new deaths and newly proven infections, since the counting of the diagnoses was changed. (AP)

Alles unter Kontrolle? Chinas Präsident Xi Jinping (Mitte).
Everything under control? China's President Xi Jinping (center). Image: Imago Images / Ju Peng

Further 142 dead in China

The number of infections and deaths from the novel corona virus is in China rose again. Like the Beijing Health Commission on Sunday announced, died of meanwhile Covid – 19 called lung disease again 142 patients, bringing the total number of victims in China to 1665 lies. In addition, were 2009 new infections with the pathogen Sars-CoV-2 detected. Since Outbreak of the disease are 68. 500 cases in China have been confirmed. However, experts suspect a high number of unreported cases. (AP)

But infection on the cruise ship “Westerdam”

Among the passengers who landed in Cambodia on the cruise ship “Westerdam” there is now a corona virus Case has been found. A 83) year-old American had been tested positive when she continued her journey through Malaysia , the Malaysian health authority said on Sunday. The shipping company first wanted to wait for further tests before commenting.

The American was one of 145 Passengers who wanted to fly home via Malaysia, said the health authority. On arrival, the woman and her husband had been diagnosed with symptoms of the new virus, which is why they were hospitalized. The 83) year-olds are now being treated in the isolation ward. The 85 -year-old husband, with whom the tests were negative, are monitored in the hospital.

The “Westerdam” had an odyssey through Asian waters, as several countries had banned the ship from fearing the corona virus. Only Cambodia finally agreed to this. On Friday the first of just under 2300 People in Sihanoukville leave the cruise ship , (AP)

Further 70 confirmed infections on Diamond Princess

In Japan on board the quarantined cruise ship “Diamond Princess” 70 new coronavirus cases have been identified. This increases the number of infected people on board to 355, said the Japanese Health Minister Katsunobu Kato on Sunday at the NHK station. So far, 1219 passengers have been tested, including 355 positive. 73 of those who tested positive showed no symptoms, said Kato.

The USA today want to bring their citizens to safety from the giant cruise ship , which has been quarantined in the port of Yokohama since early February. According to the US Embassy, ​​US citizens are to be taken to the United States by plane, where they will be quarantined for two weeks. Hong Kong also wants his 330 Citizens fly out on board the ship. (AFP)

Das Kreuzfahrtschiff liegt im Hafen von Yokohama in Japan.
The cruise ship is in the port of Yokohama in Japan. Image: imago images / Kyodo News

China's Foreign Minister rejects allegations of the spread of the corona virus.

Daily mirror | Georg Ismar

WHO: Too little investment in preparation

The World Health Organization (WHO) has criticized the international community's handling of the coronavirus . “Billions” would be spent on fighting terrorism, but too little would be invested to be prepared for the risk of a virus outbreak, WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Saturday at the Munich Security Conference. “This is dangerously short-sighted,” said Tedros.

He criticized the fact that the financing of countermeasures by the international community is only starting “slowly”. He called for international preparations for the epidemic to be stepped up. (AFP)

China returnees in Germersheim before the end of the quarantine

After about two weeks, the quarantine for the over 100 China returnee in a Bundeswehr barracks in Palatinate Germersheim .

First of all, the results of further tests for the coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 are expected for Sunday. If these are as expected and, as in the previous three tests, are negative, a final medical examination is planned.

Then it is decided whether the quarantine is lifted. In the event a bus transport is organized that the accommodated can use.

122 German citizens and family members had flown from Wuhan to Frankfurt am Main and taken to the barracks in Germersheim on February 1st Service.

In addition to the returnees also 22 Helper of the German Red Cross spent the past few days in the barracks. (AP)

Die Kaserne Südpfalz der Bundeswehr
The Bundespfalz barracks in the southern Palatinate Image: Frank Rumpenhorst / dpa

Quarantine in Köpenick: Every family now with its own toilet

The German Red Cross (DRK ) has the supply of 20 Returnees from China in Berlin's quarantine improved according to their own statements.

Every family, individual and couple now have their own toilet, said DRK spokesman Dieter Schütz on Saturday.

For this purpose, nine additional toilets were set up in the courtyard on Friday evening. “The mood is much more relaxed than in the first few days.”

The 16 adults and Since last Sunday, four children have been isolated in a converted administration building in Berlin-Köpenick. There are also containers with showers and toilets in the yard.

Previously, the people had been in Wuhan. The results of two tests on the virus to date have been negative. (AP)

“How bad is it really?” Corona virus is also the subject of the world's largest science conference

“First of all, I wanted to talk a little bit about a very special topic, and this is this new corona virus,” said Bill Gates speaking to participants at the conference of the world's largest scientific association AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science). “It presents us with a huge challenge.” Actually, the Microsoft founder had one for the conference, which is taking place this time in his hometown Seattle Lecture about the conference motto “Envisioning Tomorrow's Earth” (in German, for example: Imagine what the earth will look like tomorrow) is prepared – but the corona virus also lets him reschedule.

The novel lung disease could possibly put the world in a “very bad situation”, Gates fears – especially if it turns out to countries with weaker health systems. “There is a lot we do not know about this epidemic, but there is also a lot we know that shows that it could become very dramatic – especially if it spreads in areas like southern Africa or southern Asia. ”With his foundation, Gates has around 100 million dollars (about 92 million euros) to fight the epidemic and develop a vaccine .

To the 186. The AAAS conference will take place this year, round 10 000 participants arrived – But above all there is uncertainty and concern about the new corona virus. “A very large delegation from China had registered t,” says Margaret Hamburg, who chairs the board of the scientific association. “ But they had to cancel again”.

In the short term, experts were invited and new discussions started. “ This is one of the most threatening outbreaks of illness that I have observed in my entire career”, says Scott Dowell, who works at the Gates Foundation and has been dealing with infectious diseases for decades, and the most important question that needs to be clarified now is how violent is is this thing really? “. The extent and number of cases is still not known in sufficient detail to make precise statements about the mortality rate.” From what we are doing now see, the mortality rate would be very high, but we hope that a large number of mild cases are still missing in the statistics. ”

Trevor Bedford, researcher at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, employs ch with decoding the genome of the virus. Bedford rejects rumors of human effects on the virus. “We see no evidence of genetic engineering here.”

But at least a positive aspect brought the spread of the virus with it , says Bedford: Researchers all over the world support each other via the Internet and published their findings extremely quickly. “It has completely changed the way scientists communicate with each other. Researchers all over the world have come together in this way and have allied themselves virtually – and I observe that with a lot of humility and thanks. ”(Dpa)

Bill Gates bei der weltgrößten Wissenschaftskonferenz.
Bill Gates at the world's largest science conference. Image: Mark Schiefelbein / AP / dpa

WHO chief hopes for solidarity instead of stigmatization in the fight against the coronavirus

Stephan-Andreas Casdorff listened to Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the head of the WHO:

Yesterday in Kinshasa, where it was about Ebola, today in Munich at the security conference, where the Coronavirus is an issue. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus , since the middle 2017 WHO General Secretary is in the right place in any case.

Ebola, these are 18 months, almost 2249 victim, up to 120 cases per week – and the numbers show: insecurity does not help against illness.

What does that say when applied to the corona virus:

505 cases worldwide, (). Cases in China not seeing an end?

Tedros exhorts to apply the lessons from epidemics, past pandemics. Urgent. Teaching like that: Without peace, there is no health – just as vice versa, illness creates strife. Keeping peace is therefore a requirement, peace in the sense of solidarity. Especially now with China.

What is being done there is encouraging, says the WHO boss. But what worries him: a pandemic can be politically and economically fatal. Therefore, the world should be prepared, should take precautions, should prevent fake news, rumors. The WHO tries to do this together with the social networks everywhere.

Tedros' terms are catchy. Alarm without panic, solidarity instead of stigmatization, a holistic approach. China has given the world time, the Secretary General knows. Only who knows how much? It's a worrying question when it comes to security. It spreads here in Munich. Not epidemic, but not insidious either.

How WHO chief Tedros fights the coronavirus

Daily mirror | Kai Kupferschmidt

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