“No reason to seal off German cities at the moment”

Robert Koch Institute sees no reason to cordon off cities in Germany

The head of the Robert Koch Institute Prof. Dr. Lothar Wieler sees currently no reason to cordon off cities in Germany . “The measures in Bavaria have been very successful ,” said Wieler at a press conference of the institute on Thursday morning. It is assumed that the isolation of the infected and the domestic isolation of the personal environment will also be successful for the new cases in Germany.

An attempt will be made to prevent the virus from spreading as well as possible. “This is a very dynamic event,” said Wieler. It cannot be ruled out that the virus will spread further. The risk is reassessed every day .

Präsident des Robert-Koch-Institus Lothar Wieler (Archivbild)
President of the Robert Koch Institute Lothar Wieler (archive picture) Image: dpa / Soeren Stache

We have a crisis ahead of us

French President Emmanuel Macron on the coronavirus outbreak

New cases in Austria and Switzerland

In Austria there is a confirmed corona virus for the first time Case in the capital Vienna . This is announced by a spokesman for the city councilor Peter Hacker. The person concerned is therefore an older man who was on vacation in Italy . Overall, there are three confirmed infections in Austria after two cases in Tyrol .

Also in Switzerland the number is Contagions increased. Shortly after the canton of Geneva reported a case, the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) confirmed two further infections in Canton of Grisons. The number of known coronavirus cases in Switzerland thus increases to a total of four . (Reuters)

Pediatrician fears further contagion from hysteria

The Munich Pediatrician Philipp Schoof experiences a growing rush due to the spread of the coronavirus on his practice. He fears that the visit to medical practices only increases the risk of infection : “The worst thing that could happen would be that excited parents are uncontrolled Flush into the surgeries and children's clinics with their coughing children. That would be a fire accelerator “, pediatrician Philipp Schoof said in an interview with” South German newspaper “. Then exactly what would be avoided would happen – infected people would infect other people.

The Berlin fire brigade asks questions about the corona virus only the number of the Senate Health Administration to contact:

Coronavirus more deadly than flu

According to the numbers known so far, the Robert Koch Institute the coronavirus more deadly than the group . However, it was only after the end of the epidemic that it was foreseeable how much higher the death rate would be, the head of the institute Lothar Wieler said at a press conference on Thursday.

are currently 12 People in Germany contracted the coronavirus. Of which 11 cases confirmed in the past two days.

Die Coronavirusfälle in Deutschland
The corona virus cases in Germany Image: AFP / Matthias Bollmeyer

Robert Koch Institute: No vaccine this year

The Robert Koch The institute assumes that it will not be possible for a vaccine to be approved this year. Development and approval would take more time.

Two new cases in Great Britain

Great Britain confirmed two more coronavirus – cases. This increases the total number to 15 , as the authorities say. The Patients would have been infected in Italy or Tenerife where it was Priority areas of the epidemic in Europe. You would be in specialty clinics Liverpool and London treated.

We are not exposed to the virus without protection

Lothar Wieler, Head of the Robert Koch Institute

Robert Koch Institute appeals to doctors and citizens

The Robert Koch Institute Appeals to doctors and citizens due to the spread of coronavirus in Europe. “ We expect doctors and citizens to deal with the topic “, said the head of the institute Prof. Dr. Lothar Wieler on Thursday. For example, it is important not to sneeze into the hand but into the crook of the arm. The virus is viable in the hand for a while and can therefore be easily transmitted. The hands should therefore be washed at regular intervals. Sick people should stay at home and avoid large events and public transportation. A doctor should first be contacted by phone if you have flu symptoms. Doctors are also encouraged to take appropriate measures for the practice. Flu patients should be ordered separately for consultation hours.

We are not exposed to the virus without protection “, said Wieler. There are also “ very concrete efforts “to make more masks available through a” European mechanism “.

The Robert Koch Institute gives a press conference on the spread of the coronavirus . Follow them here in the livestream:

NRW Minister of Health is against the closure of localities

The North Rhine-Westphalian Health Minister Karl-Josef Laumann currently sees no need to seal off towns due to the outbreak in the federal state . He currently does not think this is the right measure, says Laumann on ZDF. It is now a matter of deciding “step by step” about suitable measures every day. These depended in each case on the Robert Koch Institute's assessment of the situation. (Reuters)

Geneva watch fair canceled due to corona virus

The Swiss Foundation for Watchmaking has one planned for April watch fair in Geneva canceled due to the corona virus crisis. In order to protect the well-being of visitors , they see themselves forced to take this step, the foundation announced on Thursday in Geneva.

The 90. Geneva Motor Show (5 .- 15. March) should, however, take place as planned

. There has been no coronavirus case in the Geneva region. (AP)

Wird abgesagt: die Uhrenmesse in Genf
Is canceled: the watch fair in Geneva Image: dpa / Salvatore Di Nolfi

Further coronavirus cases expected in Germany – authorities are looking for infected people

At least ten new coronavirus reports in Germany experts expect further cases of Sars-CoV-2. In several federal states, is intensively searched for possible infected people .

In North Rhine-Westphalia, where by Thursday morning five cases were known, the authorities are now looking for possible further infections with larger campaigns. In Gangelt in the Heinsberg district, the round 300 Visitors to a carnival event called to report to the authorities.

With so many serious reports a little loosening up:

Japanese woman again infected with coronavirus

In Japan a woman tested positive for the corona virus for the second time . The Ministry of Health confirms that the case is the first case in Japan in which a patient is discharged from the Hospital tested positive for coronavirus a second time, reports the newspaper “Nikkei”. So far, cases of second positive tests have only occurred in China. (Reuters)

President Trump reacts to the growing fear of the spread of the coronavirus in the USA:

Trump on coronavirus: 'we are well prepared'

German companies in China suffer severely from coronavirus

German and other European companies in China get the consequences of the epidemic with the Coronavirus clearly felt. “The overall impact is bad,” said the German and European Chamber of Commerce in China after a survey among its member companies in Beijing on Thursday. Fast 90 percent reported “moderately severe to strong effects ”from the lung disease . Half of them now have to adjust their business targets for the year.

Because of the crisis, almost every second company expects a double-digit percentage drop in earnings in the first half of the year – a quarter even expect more than 20 percent decrease , A good third therefore already has problems with its financial flows. The biggest challenges are unpredictable regulations, strictly restrictive requirements for quarantine and extensive requirements to be able to restart operations, it said. (AP)

Mecca and Medina temporarily closed to foreigners

Saudi Arabia has closed its borders for pilgrimage by foreigners to the two cities of Mecca and Medina out of concern about the spread of the coronavirus . This is a temporary preventive measure , said the Foreign Ministry in Riyadh, as reported by the Saudi state news agency SPA late Wednesday evening .

For the time being, would also be suspended with tourist visas from countries where the spread of the virus is a danger . For which countries exactly this regulation applies, was initially not disclosed. This is to prevent the corona virus from reaching Saudi Arabia, it said. The Sunni kingdom has not yet reported a case of the Sars-CoV-2 virus . (AP)

Vorübergehend für Ausländer geschlossen: die Stadt Mekka in Saudi-Arabien
Temporarily closed to foreigners: the city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia Image: AP / dpa / Amr Nabil

DIHK: German companies must prepare for epidemic

The German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) calls on domestic companies to prepare for a epidemic in Germany . In China, companies should already have resorted to measures such as home work and video conferencing , says DIHK foreign trade chief Volker Treier on ZDF. “That will probably also happen to us in Germany,” he adds. “Companies will have to arm themselves.” (Reuters)