“Make a lot of traffic in front of Mathias Niederberger”

Exciting topic

And hopefully one that in the future will not only be taken more seriously in ice hockey becomes.

If you break your leg or arm, you can see that. It's different with concussion. Sure, as an athlete you always want to play. Today, however, awareness is higher and this is also specified by the clubs.

Polar Bear Captain André Rankel

Just three minutes

Then you already have a result. Certain parameters are used as a basis.

The test app for concussions

“The app is not a diagnostic app. Aim is that a doctor at least knows that there could be something, “says Dr. Axel Gänsslen, the campaign “Protect your head!” initiated. As a team doctor at Grizzlys Wolfsburg, he naturally knows what is important in ice hockey. And now the app is presented live. Natalie Kühn is the test object.

What does the insurance company say?

Natalie Kühn from the statutory accident insurance (VBG) names interesting ones Numbers. On average, every player from the four major leagues (football, ice hockey, handball, basketball) is injured two and a half times per season. The risk is significantly higher for athletes with previous illnesses.

Possible treatment

In the past, students were simply taken out of the class and athletes from training , Today, people are trying to reintegrate those affected more quickly, says Vajkoczy. Jörg von Ameln, DEL game manager, talks about his experiences. A few years ago, you would not have known exactly how to deal with it. Much more is being done today, and neurological testing is carried out in advance of a season. The disciplinary system has also changed. “The penalties have been significantly tightened. We also talked to the players about this and the new generation has also increased mutual respect. But: There will still be injuries of this kind.”

Concussion: “Not a nice thing”

Now André Rankel speaks. “I also had a concussion. It is important that you have people afterwards who tell you to take three steps less.” Officially, however, only cases are reported after which there have been neurological findings. The number of unreported cases is therefore much higher. Prof. Dr. Peter Vajkoczy speaks of the fact that in ice hockey “after 1000 athletes' lessons give an average of two concussions . That's an astonishingly high number. “

Protect your head!

An increasingly important topic in sport and that's what it's about here , Sven Felski starts and tells that before 20 Years was completely different: “You took a tablet and after three days you had to go again.” Today there is much greater awareness of concussions. “The smallest symptoms have to be recognized and medical treatment is necessary immediately after a critical situation.”

Welli goes on today

Concussions are a big topic, especially in ice hockey , There is something new today, more precisely a new app that should make it easier to diagnose head injuries. And that will be presented in the old Vip room of the Corrugated Iron Palace.

What the polar bear trainer says before the DEG game

Serge Aubin doesn't want to talk about a final for fourth place, there is simply too much movement in the table. But it was an important inventory before the play-offs. “It is difficult to get to the gate of Düsseldorf, so it is important to have a lot of traffic in front of Mathias Niederberger to take his view off,” said the Berlin coach on Thursday after the training. There will probably be no changes in terms of personnel, even if Leonhard Pföderl cannot train today because of a slight cold. But that was more of a precaution.

Small, big fans

Great support today for the polar bear training in the Corrugated Iron Palace.

DEG in top form

After victories in Mannheim and Munich, the chest is wide with the coming one Polar Bear opponents. Perhaps that's why, from a Berlin perspective, it wouldn't be so bad to avoid Düsseldorf in the quarter-finals. A win on Friday would be very helpful, because it could keep the chances for third place alive and DEG also runs the risk of still being swallowed from behind. If a polar bear is defeated, a quarter-final duel between Berlin and Düsseldorf is very likely. It would then only be possible to play the home advantage in the remaining games.

Thriller in Cologne! We're going to WOB!

Is there today the 18. Defeat in a row, or does Uwe manage the curve? More from 19. 30 clock on Magenta Sports. From a Berlin perspective, the game – apart from the big Uwe – is not entirely unimportant. Because: Cologne continues like this, then Wolfsburg 76 points and comes 5th and closer to the quarterfinals against the polar bears and the Wolfsburg players will play again on Thursday – then in Schwenningen and then they could play DEG, Friday Losers in Berlin, almost catching up.

In the office they are already singing with us: “We're going to Wolfsburg! Jupeidi, jupeida.” And the “When the ICE stops” joke is already making the rounds. I brake my colleagues and say: people, first of all the Uwe is in front of it.

And this is coming:

Kölner Haie – Grizzlys Wolfsburg today 19 . 30

Schwenninger Wild Wings – Grizzlys Wolfsburg Do. 19. 30

1. EHC Red Bull Munich 48 34 14 + 46 163: 117 103

. 2 Straubing Tigers 48 33 15 + 45 166: 121 95

. 3 Adler Mannheim 48 30 18 + 39 165: 126 91

. 4 Eisbären Berlin 47 29 18 + 22 154: 132 85

. 5 Düsseldorfer EG 48 28 20 + 15 122: 107 80

. 6 Penguins Bremerhaven 48 24 24 +4 143: 139 75

. 7 ERC Ingolstadt 48 27 21 +3 151: 148 75

8th. Grizzlys Wolfsburg 47 26 21 +8 139: 131 73

. 9 Nuremberg Ice Tigers 48 24 24 – 11 139: 150 70

10. Augsburg Panther 48 20 28 – 11 131: 142 65

11. Cologne Sharks 47 16 31 – 37 106: 143 53

12. Krefeld penguins 48 15 33 – 28 128: 156 51

13. Iserlohn Roosters 48 16 32 – 43 108: 151 48

14. Schwenninger Wild Wings 47 12 35 – 52 106: 158 38

With a certain distance, the matter is ticked off. Now I'm trying again to tear something with the Cologne sharks. ”

Uwe Krupp on his departure in Cologne in the year 2014

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