Lufthansa suspends all flights to China

Lufthansa cancels its flights to and from China

Europe's largest airline with its daughters follows in view of the novel corona virus, its competitor British Airways and other airlines, as the company confirmed on Wednesday in Frankfurt. The “Bild-Zeitung” had previously reported.

Corona suspected case in Lufthansa aircraft

An There was a suspected Corona case on board a Lufthansa aircraft. On the flight LH that landed in Nanjing on Wednesday morning 780 from Frankfurt had also participated a man who was classified as a risk case by the Chinese authorities , the company confirmed in Frankfurt. The Chinese are said to have coughed and were in Wuhan City two weeks earlier, where the novel corona virus was first noticed. It was initially unclear whether he was actually infected. Previously, the website had reported “Aerotelegraph”.

The passengers, who were three rows in front and behind the man, had been examined by the Chinese authorities as well as the crew of Airbus A 340 , said the Lufthansa spokesman. Flight attendants and pilots then immediately switched to the next plane to Frankfurt. The return flight LH 781 should land in Frankfurt on Wednesday evening. The German authorities have been informed of the procedure, the airline said. (AP)

600 EU citizens want to leave Wuhan

At least 600 According to the EU Commission, EU citizens want to leave the Chinese metropolis Wuhan affected by the new coronavirus. 14 EU countries, including Germany, have so far informed the Commission of the number of nationals willing to leave, EU Civil Protection Commissioner Janez Lenarcic said on Wednesday. The Brussels authorities are now trying to coordinate coordinated return campaigns for which they 75 percent can assume the costs.

In a first European organized return campaign on Wednesday 250 French Citizens are flown out of China. According to Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) about a hundred Germans will follow in the next few days. Japan and the USA were the first countries to fly their own citizens out of the million-dollar city of Wuhan, which was largely sealed off from the outside world. (AFP)

EU-Katastrophenschutz-Kommissar Janez Lenarcic.
EU Civil Protection Commissioner Janez Lenarcic. Image: Aris Oikonomou / AFP

Coronavirus first detected in foreigners in China

For the first time in China Coronavirus infection in foreigners has been confirmed. There are two Australians, one Pakistani and two Hong Kong , the deputy chief of the health department of the south China's Guangdong province, Chen Zhusheng, reported on Wednesday, according to the news portal “Zhongguo Xinwenwang”. According to Pakistani figures, four Pakistanis are affected. Several other foreigners, including four Germans, have already fallen ill earlier. However, the infection was not diagnosed in China.

The two Australians came back from a trip to the severely affected metropolis of Wuhan in central China. The sick Pakistani was a student who had studied in Wuhan. His condition is stable. One of the two Hong Kongers worked in Wuhan for a long time. The other was in the Hubei province around Wuhan and fell ill after his return. His condition is stable. (AP)

The four patients in Bavaria are without symptoms

According to the Bavarian Ministry of Health, the four coronavirus patients in Germany are in clinically good condition. “According to chief physician Professor Clemens Wendtner from the Clinic for Infectious Diseases at the Munich Clinic Schwabing, everyone is symptom-free,” a spokesman said on Wednesday .

It was about three men and one woman. All of them are employees of the Webasto company from Gauting in Upper Bavaria. On 33 – The year-old had been infected last week by a colleague from China. The Ministry confirmed the infection of the three other people on Tuesday evening.

In the late Wednesday afternoon the house wants to inform about the current status. Test results of two other people were negative on Wednesday. Further investigations were ongoing. (AP)

Die Zentrale der Firma in Stockdorf nahe München.
The company's headquarters in Stockdorf near Munich. Image: Michael Dalder / Reuters

Coronavirus threatens economic growth in China

The spread of the Coronavirus could the economy in China from the perspective of an economist in a government-oriented think tank significantly. It is possible that the growth of the world's second largest economy after the USA in the decline to five percent or even lower in the first quarter , Zhang Ming of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences – an important think tank for the government – predicted in an article published on Wednesday in the magazine “Caijing”.

According to the economist, the outbreak of the viral disease could slow the growth of Gross domestic product (GDP) depressed by around one percentage point in the first quarter. Chinese GDP rose by 6.1 percent last year.

In his forecasts, the economist assumes that the onset of the disease will peak in early to mid-February and then come to a halt by the end of March. In his view, the Chinese government could support the economy even more, the central bank could cut interest rates and cut back reserve requirements for banks. (Reuters)

VW sends Beijing employees in home quarantine

Volkswagen sends employees in Beijing home for two weeks after the New Year holidays. There they should wait during the incubation period to see whether they have contracted the coronavirus. In Beijing work around 3500 Employees for the group. (Reuters)

Ikea closes half of its homes in China

The Swedish furniture group Ikea closes temporarily around half of its department stores in China due to the novel corona virus. The Ikea parent company Ingka announced on Wednesday at the request of the German press agency that the company had made this decision after extensive consideration of the situation. The health and safety of customers and employees is always a top priority for Ikea. The employees concerned were asked to stay at home until further notice.

The Ingka group operates 30 Ikea furniture stores in China, where scarce 14. 00 0 M employees are employed. According to Swedish media reports, the Ikea in the city of Wuhan was closed almost a week ago. Since then, Ikea has banned business trips to and from China. (AP)

Auch Ikea ergreift Vorsichtsmaßnahmen.
Ikea also takes precautionary measures. Image: Diego Azubel / dpa

China vacationers get their money back

Many tour operators have canceled package tours to China because of the corona virus that is rife there. Holidaymakers will then be reimbursed for the travel price paid. “There are exceptional circumstances,” explains travel law expert Sabine Fischer-Volk from the Karimi law firm in Berlin.

“Travelers get their money back, but no compensation for lost vacation pleasure,” says the lawyer , “Compensation will only be given if the organizer is at fault, and that is not the case here.” For holidaymakers, the new lung disease poses a serious health hazard.

Not everyone wants to do without their giant, for example because the days off at work cannot be postponed. In this case, Fischer-Volk advises the organizer to request a free transfer to another travel destination on equivalent terms. Some organizers offer this option on their own initiative. But there is no right to that. This means that the organizer can simply cancel the trip to China without replacement. (AP)

Germans should soon be flown out of Hubei

The federal government wants the Germans Fly out quickly in Wuhan. Minister of Health Jens Spahn expect that an agreement could be reached in the next few hours. “We want to fly the Germans out of Wuhan and the Hubei province as quickly as possible,” said Spahn. He was in contact with the Hessian authorities to regulate the arrival at Frankfurt / Main.

A spokesman for the Federal Foreign Office said “in the next few days” a special flight of the German Air Force will bring Germans back from Wuhan. A consular team from the embassy recorded all those willing to leave on site and clarified their transport to the airport.

The Germans flown out of China because of the corona virus are said to be after their Arrive in Germany to be quarantined. Anyone with the flight would arrive in Frankfurt, would in the next 14 days centrally so be cared for and prepared “that nobody has to worry,” said Anne Janz, State Secretary of the Hessian Ministry for Social Affairs and Integration.

There are currently about the exact quarantine conditions intensive discussions with the Federal Ministry of Health, the Federal Government and the state government of Hesse. It had to be ensured that none People at risk of infection across Germany or abroad could travel. (Reuters)

China's authorities warn of hamster purchases

Perseverance slogans and provisions in Shanghai

According to the China Daily, citizens bring food in Shanghai to Ruijin Hospital to empower medical professionals to fight coronavirus. There are encouragements like “Stay strong, Shanghai!”

Food and beverages have been donated to staff at Shanghai's Ruijin Hospital, one of the hospitals designated to treat the novel #coronavirus. Some senders wrote “Stay strong Shanghai! #Pneumonia is doomed to be defeated!” on the packages.

– China Daily on Twitter (@chinadaily)

14 days quarantine for British returnees from Wuhan

British returning from Wuhan are said to be in quarantine for two weeks due to the coronavirus, according to a media report. The BBC reports citing Health Minister Matt Hancock. Accordingly, 200 British citizens are flown out of Wuhan. Hancock had instructed the authorities to quarantine them, possibly in British military facilities. People returning from other parts of China are advised to sign up for 14 days to isolate yourself.

Der britische Gesundheitsminister Matt Hancock.
British Health Minister Matt Hancock. Image: Tolga Akmen

Charité Tropeninstitut has a separate entrance for suspected coronavirus cases

For people in Berlin who fear a coronavirus infection, this is a contact point the tropical institute of the Charité in Berlin-Wedding. On a sign there, people who have been to China and have suspicious symptoms are asked not to enter the normal waiting area. Rather, there is a separate entrance for them – they should register in advance by phone.

However, even infected people can be contagious even before they have symptoms demonstrate. This is shown, for example, by the case in Bavaria: a Chinese woman who was visiting Germany only had complaints on the return flight. At home in China, she was diagnosed with a coronavirus infection. However, she had infected at least four people when she was visiting Germany.

Now the Charité is discussing whether the sign at the entrance to the Tropical Institute should be changed. The institute meets with the other Charité institutions every day at lunchtime in order to adapt the processes to the current situation. The sign, vaccinators say, will change them and ask all travelers from China / Wuhan not to go to the general waiting area but to call in advance. (Ingrid Müller)

Asians complain of racist exclusion

The outbreak of the novel corona virus in China also brings discriminatory tones in some countries. The hashtag #JeNeSuisPasUnVirus is in circulation in French-speaking countries – meaning “I am not a virus”. As a result, Asian-looking people are defending themselves against racist exclusion. You suffer increasing everyday racism with the pretext of protection against coronavirus infections.

In Malaysia, an anti-Chinese online petition collected more than 400. 00 0 supporters. It calls for an entry ban for Chinese. This contains racist stereotypes: The virus spread through the world through an “unsanitary lifestyle”, the petition says with regard to the Chinese population. There are seven confirmed cases in Malaysia, according to the Straits Times newspaper (Singapore).

Hundreds of thousands of South Koreans closed on the Internet because of the a new petition for the temporary ban on visitors from China. The comparatively neutral petition was posted on the website of the Presidential Office in Seoul last week. Up to Wednesday there were more than 578. 00 0 approvals. So far, four cases of infection have been reported in South Korea.

It is suspected that the virus may have started on a market in the Central Chinese region of eleven million Metropolis Wuhan had where wild animals were sold for consumption. According to experts, the lung disease appears to be mild in most cases, sometimes without symptoms. (Tsp, dpa)

Spahn warns of fake news for the coronavirus

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) has warned against conspiracy theories about the spread of the new coronavirus. “Especially in social media there are many with their own interests that want to unsettle citizens,” said Spahn on Wednesday on the RTL and n-tv television channels. He had the impression that from outside or inside they “wanted to disintegrate us in our debate, in society”.

Spahn said that for this reason he was strongly committed to transparency. It is always difficult to understand which circulating video is real. He could therefore only encourage citizens to get more information on the official website beyond social media.

In Germany, users disseminate anonymously fictitious reports on illnesses. A video generated larger user numbers that allegedly show people in China who are infected with the corona virus and simply fall over. This user also published his video anonymously, without proof of the origin of his pictures. (AFP)

University of Hamburg decides measures for coronavirus

The University of Hamburg has taken measures for the corona virus Epidemic decided in China. University employees should no longer undertake business trips to the People's Republic. Students and doctoral students planning a stay in China should be advised “with regard to the possible implications of the situation for their studies”. Meetings and congresses are also being postponed, in which people residing in China should participate. (Tsp)

“Significant breakthrough” in Australia?

Australian scientists are after I have managed to reproduce the corona virus in the laboratory. The virus was taken from an infected patient and successfully reproduced – for the first time outside of China, the Doherty Institute in Melbourne said on Wednesday. Laboratory manager Julian Druce spoke of a “major breakthrough”.

Now scientists could develop an antibody test that can be used to detect the virus in patients before they show symptoms, deputy director Mike Catton said. In this way, a “more precise picture of the distribution g of the virus and thus the actual mortality rate “.

Breeding is also helpful for the development of a vaccine, added Catton. Governments, universities, and pharmaceutical companies around the world are researching an antidote to the new virus, but it could take months. (AFP)

Peak in China only in seven to ten days

According to a leading Chinese lung expert, the outbreak of the new lung disease in China will only be in seven reach its peak by ten days. As the head of the national team of experts in the fight against the virus, Zhong Nanshan, said in an interview published by the official Chinese news agency Xinhua on Wednesday, “early detection and early isolation” are crucial to get the virus under control.

“It is very difficult to definitely predict when the outbreak will peak,” said the renowned scientist. “But I think the maximum will be reached in a week or ten days – and after that there will be no major increases.” The expert does not see a vaccination so quickly. The development would take three to four months or even longer.

The novel pathogen is similar in origin to a virus that 2017 was discovered in bats. The 2019 – New virus called nCov is believed to have an intermediate host in a wild animal, said Zhong Nanshan. It is believed that the virus originated in a market in the central Chinese city of Metropolis, where wild animals were also sold for consumption.

He doesn't think the outbreak will last as long as the Sars pandemic before 17 years, which lasted six months. Sars stands for “Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome”. It was initially covered up, so it took months to get the full picture. Round 8000 people fell ill, 800 died.

China got drastic Measures have been taken, especially for early detection and early quarantine, said Zhong Nanshan. “We are sufficiently confident that we can prevent a major outbreak or return as long as these two measures are taken.” However, much research still needs to be done. (AP)

Olympic tests of ski racers in China canceled

Alpine skiing in Yanqing, China, has been canceled due to the outbreak of the corona virus. The world association FIS announced on Wednesday. Because of the uncertain situation in the host country for the Olympic Winter Games 2022 this “difficult decision” was made together with the local organizers and the Chinese Ski Association, said FIS President Gian Franco Kasper in one Message. In Yanqing near Beijing were on 15. and 16. February a men's downhill and a Super-G are planned as Olympic tests. Where the races will be relocated to was not disclosed. Saalbach-Hinterglemm in Austria is considered a candidate. (AP)

Warning notice at the Charité in Berlin-Wedding

At the Charité Tropical Institute in Berlin-Wedding there are special tips for people with respiratory problems from China. You should not enter the clinic, but wait and call outside. This is apparently to prevent potentially infected people from coming into contact with other patients.

Hinweis am Tropenmedizin-Institut der Charité (Campus Wirchow in Berlin-Wedding)
Information at the Tropical Medicine Institute of the Charité (Wirchow campus in Berlin-Wedding) Image: Ingrid Müller

Toyota first stops production in China

The Japanese car company Toyota has its plants in the neighboring country due to the spread of the corona virus in China set for the next few days. A spokeswoman for the company said in Tokyo based on factors such as the guidelines of the Chinese authorities and the current situation with the supply of parts that the factories have been suspended until February 9th. You will observe the situation and decide how from 10. February will continue. (AP)

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