Leonie Charlotte von Hase – the oldest candidate becomes “Miss Germany”

Leonie Charlotte von Hase is on stage with the winning pose when she is declared the winner. Hands stretched in the air and clenched into fists. Surrounded by the other women who had hoped for victory. “It's the night of the strong women,” says the 35 year old before wearing the crown. The online entrepreneur from Kiel is the new “Miss Germany. It was chosen in the night of Sunday in Europa-Park in Rust near Freiburg.

Elected “Miss Germany” without a round of introductions in a bikini

” Miss Germany “is the oldest and most important beauty contest in Germany, according to the organizer, it has been around since 1927. The election takes place annually. This year the organizer implemented his new concept for the first time. The classic beauty contest of the past years should become a modern personality show, like organizer Max Klemmer (24) says: “We want to be a model contest for the digital age.” We are looking for the contemporary woman who stands for something, deals with social media and is a role model.

The competition is no longer restricted to itself on the appearance of the applicants, says Klemmer. Now the personality, the character and the life story of the women would be the focus. Presentation rounds in bikini or other swimwear no longer exist. The women present themselves in evening dresses and casual fashion. High-heeled shoes are sometimes replaced by flat casual shoes.

In the end, the winner is determined, who should correspond to the new image of women and understanding of roles. Von Hase is, according to Klemmer, the oldest “Miss Germany” in the history of the competition that has been going on for 93 years. She is also the first mother to hold the title. She says she has a three-year-old son. In Kiel, where she lives with her son and partner, she runs an internet shop for vintage clothing as an independent entrepreneur. The police officer Nadine Berneis from Stuttgart, who was “Miss Germany” 2019 replaces von Hase.

“Character comes with life experience,” says the woman with blonde hair and green eyes when asked about her vita. She was born and grew up in Namibia. The parents and their three sisters still live there today. The parents and two of the sisters from Namibia traveled to the “Miss Germany” election.

New “Miss Germany” wants to go for the modern woman 30 stand

After graduating from high school, von Hase, who is a German citizen, studied marketing strategy and toured around the globe. “I needed to get to know the whole world.” She lived in Athens, London, Milan, Cape Town and Berlin. And worked as a copywriter, marketing expert, stylist and purchaser for a design start-up. In Kiel, where the family has its roots and grandfather lived, she has been settled for five years.

Die drei ersten Plätze gingen an Michelle Anastasia Masalis (2), Lara Runarsson (3.) und Leonie Charlotte von Hase.

The first three places went to Michelle Anastasia Masalis (2), Lara Runarsson (3rd) and Leonie Charlotte von Hase. Photo: imago images / Eibner press photo

As “Miss Germany”, Rabbit, who replaces police officer Nadine Berneis from Stuttgart, wants “Miss Germany” 2019 was, for the modern woman from 30, she says. “I will not be a mannequin for a year.” She wanted to promote that women could be independent and confident. Also regarding the outfit: “Femininity is not defined by clothing.” She prefers to wear pantsuits herself: “I don't need a dress to express my femininity.”

Jury when choosing “Miss Germany” for the first time consisted only of women

Her life's dream could not be fulfilled so far: “I always wanted to be a theater actress. That is what I want to do in my heart. “It has not worked so far.

As” Miss Germany “expect from Hase in her one-year term more than 200 Appearances and dates, says Klemmer. The woman from Kiel does not have to do the job of the beauty queen alone. At her side are two vice queens: the students Lara Rúnarsson (22) from Waldbüttelbrunn near Würzburg in Bavaria and Michelle-Anastasia Masalis (23) from Hamburg.

Female support had all of the 16 finalists in the competition Age from 18 to 35 years: For the first time, the jury that selects “Miss Germany” consisted entirely of women. “It was nice to see women in all their diversity and with their whole history,” says RTL presenter Frauke Ludowig (56) who sat on the jury. Germany can be proud of its women. “I have experienced a lot in my life,” says von Hase at the beginning of the event in the introductory round. “But I have the feeling that it is only really starting now.” At the end of the evening, with the title and crown, she leaves the stage as the winner. (AP)