Klöckner: Children's foods now contain less sugar

Less sugar, fat, salt and calories in the ready meal: Federal Food Minister Julia Klöckner (CDU) sees her strategy in the fight against obesity and malnutrition confirmed. On Wednesday, Klöckner presented a report by the state-owned Max Rubner Institute, which examines yoghurts, curd cheese dishes, breakfast cereals, soft drinks and frozen pizzas and with the nutritional values ​​from the year 2016 had compared.

Dialog mit der Lebensmittelindustrie: Bundesernährungsministerin Julia Klöckner sieht ihre Strategie bestätigt.

Dialogue with the food industry: Federal Food Minister Julia Klöckner sees her strategy confirmed. Photo: imago images / photothek

After that, the sugar content is mainly in children's foods sunk. Quark foods for children now contain 18 percent less sugar and ten percent fewer calories, Soft drinks even 35 percent less sugar. In children's yoghurts, manufacturers have reduced the amount of sugar added by seven percent. However, the minister is not satisfied with it. “The sugar content in children's yogurts is still higher than in non-children's yogurts,” criticized Klöckner, demanding improvements from the food industry. The same applies to energy drinks and lemonades for adults. In the soft drinks, the sugar content has only been reduced by 0.2 grams per 100 milliliter.

Klöckner relies on the manufacturers' commitments

In the fight against fattening foods the minister on food producers' commitments. In November 2018 she had presented the first agreements. Thereafter, the sugar content for children's breakfast cereals should be at least 2025 by at least 20 percent decrease, the average salinity in frozen pizzas to 1, 25 grams per 100 grams will be reduced . Lemonades are said to be 2025 15 Contain less percent sugar, the manufacturers have promised.

The Ministry has already concluded nine such reduction agreements with industry, and more are to follow. Klöckner still considers her approach to be the right way. “The results show that things are going in the right direction,” emphasized the Minister. Klöckner hopes for further success when the Nutri Score hits the stores. The new nutrition label measures sugar, fats, salt, sugar, but also healthy ingredients such as fiber in convenience foods and evaluates the products. This should make it easier for consumers to find their way around.

Zu viel Fett, zu viel Salz: Auch für Tiefkühlpizza soll es bis 2025 gesündere Rezepturen geben.

Too much fat, too much salt: Even for frozen pizza it should be up to 2025 give healthier recipes. Photo: dpa

The food association is satisfied with the monitoring results. “We must not forget that we have April 2020 and that the target agreements should not be fully implemented until five years from now,” said CEO Christoph Minhoff.

On the other hand, the consumer protection organization Foodwatch Klöckner considers the strategy to have “crashed”. “99 percent of breakfast cereals for children contain too much sugar, yoghurts for children contain 40 percent more sugar than recommended by the World Health Organization, ”criticized campaign manager Oliver Huizinga. Foodwatch therefore demands from Klöckner binding, legislative measures such as advertising bans or a soda tax instead of continuing to rely on voluntary commitments.