Hertha BSC is catching up again

After just under eight minutes, the east curve made a tempting offer for Werder Bremen fans. The fans of Hertha BSC wanted to start an alternate song against the currently not particularly well-liked German Football Association, but their “Scheiß DFB!” Initially remained unanswered by the guests. The Bremen people were not in the mood for insults. They finally wanted to be happy and carefree.

Doesn't happen that often this season. In this respect, the guests were probably unable to believe their luck when they were in front of 58. 028 spectators in the Berlin Olympic Stadium against Hertha BSC after just over five minutes with 2 : 0 led. For Werder, however, it was not enough for the important victory in the relegation battle. Because, like a week ago, Hertha did not show up and there was another catch up. It was 2: 2 (1: 2) in the end. And at least one thing that Berliners cannot be accused of: that their games are boring.

It is increasingly becoming an unsightly tradition that Hertha falls behind early, which the team then has to chase after. “Maybe next time before the game we should say that we are 2-2 behind,” said Hertha center-back Niklas Stark. “I think it'll work.”

Nouri changed his starting line-up to five positions this time

After seven changes a week ago, coach Alexander Nouri left it this time at five. Nevertheless, the team started thrown together against the penultimate of the Bundesliga. “I don't know if one or the other is afraid,” Marius Wolf puzzled. “It sometimes happens to me.”

Jordan Torunarigha prevented a possible deficit after just a minute with a brave tackle. But it was only postponed. After a ball loss in midfield, the Bremen switched quickly, Joshua Sargent was not attacked and pulled from 18 meters. The ball rushed past goalkeeper Thomas Kraft into the goal.

Hertha looked helpless and overwhelmed in this phase, exemplary to watch the second goal of the guests. Milot Rashica was able to cross relatively undisturbed from the left, the incoming Davy Klaassen headed the ball past force to 2-0 in the goal. Hertha's goalkeeper looked unhappy, but was only the last link in a chain of errors.

Hertha became more imperative in the first half

The Bremen team did it well, played easily and directly. “In our situation, this is anything but a matter of course,” said Werders coach Florian Kohfeldt. Hertha wandered about the square disoriented. The bilious Matheus Cunha alone developed something like a spirit of resistance. “He was outstanding as an individualist,” said Kohfeldt.

It was also the Brazilian who forced Werder's substitute goalkeeper Stefanos Kapino to intervene for the first time in his fourth Bundesliga game. Cunha's first shot from a distance did not pose any problems for him, the second had to stretch a lot.

Perhaps Herthas field player Schiss had the strength before another hearty half-time speech by her goalkeeper. From the middle of the first half, their appearance became more imperative. The action now increasingly took place in Werder's half, Bremen counterattacks were defused in the beginning. “After the first ten minutes we played a decent game,” said Stark, who shortly before the break after a free kick from Marvin Plattenhardt headed the valuable connection goal for the Berliners.

Nouri praised the “great morale” of his team

Hertha had last won a game against Werder more than six years ago. After all, the team resisted another loss. What she lacked in playfulness made up for with zeal. And even if the Berliners struggled to get clear chances at the beginning of the second half, they increased the stress level for the Bremen team.

In the first quarter of an hour of the second half Werder was able to withstand the pressure, then Kapino deflected a shot from Mittelstädt at Matheus Cunha's feet. The Brazilian scored from twelve meters to equalize.

Alexander Nouri, who had taken the chase a week ago in Düsseldorf almost motionless, sprinted like a wisp onto the field after the goal. Hertha's coach praised his team's “great morale,” but would have liked to have had more than one point. But that and his team were denied – also because referee Guido Winkmann withdrew an already imposed penalty for Hertha ten minutes before the end, according to the TV pictures.