First death from a new virus that triggers lung disease

For the first time, a patient has died from the mysterious new lung disease that has broken out in China. As the health commission of the central Chinese metropolis Wuhan reported on Saturday, seven patients are in critical condition. Overall, the novel coronavirus, which is considered to be the trigger, was found in 41 patients.

Two patients have already been discharged from the hospital. No new infections had been discovered for a week.

According to officially unconfirmed media reports in Hong Kong, the deceased patient is said to be one 61 year old Act man who also had cancer and chronic liver disease.

He died on Thursday evening. The man, like most other patients, was among the visitors to the market, which is considered the place of origin of the disease. In addition to fish, wild animals were also sold on the Huanan market, which has been closed since January 1.

Transmission from person to person unclear

One Infection among humans has not been proven so far. “No clear findings for a transmission from person to person have been found,” said the health commission of the 11 million-city Wuhan. Among the more than 700 people, including more than 400 medical workers who had had contact with the patients, no infections were found.

Chinese experts have identified a new type from the group of corona viruses as pathogens. The gene sequence is also to be handed over to the World Health Organization (WHO) in order to take precautions to protect against the pathogen worldwide, as the national health commission in Beijing announced on Sunday.

Coronaviruses often cause harmless diseases such as colds , however, pathogens of dangerous respiratory diseases such as Sars and Mers are also included. The virus occurs in humans and in the animal world. Skipping the highly variable viruses between animal species or from animals to humans is not uncommon. But every new virus gives cause for concern.

Travel wave to the Chinese New Year could help virus to spread

At the beginning of the big wave of travel to the Chinese New Year on 25. January, the health commission pointed out that during this time infectious diseases spread easily. People should always ventilate well, avoid crowded places and wear face masks if necessary. Those suffering from fever or respiratory diseases should go to the doctor immediately, it said.

Other Asian countries have increased precautionary measures for the entry of travelers from Wuhan in particular and introduced fever controls to avoid a feared spread , There are already suspected cases in South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong. The US embassy in Beijing issued a warning to travelers to Wuhan.

The patient's condition and spread of the disease are currently “controllable,” said Wang Guangfa, member of the Wuhan National Expert Team, according to the official Xinhua news agency. The proportion of severe cases is also comparable to ordinary cases of pneumonia. ( dpa )

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