Bundesliga game in Düsseldorf not affected by corona virus

Coronavirus: Hertha game not affected

Fortuna Düsseldorf takes over because of new corona virus before the home game against Hertha BSC on Friday (20. 30 / Dazn) no special measures. On request, a club spokesman said that they would follow the guidelines of the German Football League. “We as a club will not be active or check anything,” said the spokesman.

The DFL is in close contact with the clubs. The association announced on Wednesday that there were no indications that the Bundesliga and 2nd division matches would not be played as planned at the weekend. The DFL is also in contact with the Federal Ministry of Health. Should the situation change, local health authorities will decide on the possible consequences. (AP)

Windhorst is silent

Investor Lars Windhorst does not want to comment on the heavy attacks by Jürgen Klinsmann against Hertha BSC. The process will not be commented on publicly, said Windhorst's spokesman Andreas Fritzenkötter on Thursday. (AP)

Preetz not the reason for Rangnick's cancellation

Ralf Rangnick has confirmed that Jürgen Klinsmann wanted to bring him to Hertha BSC as a coach. Club manager Michael Preetz was not the reason why Rangnick did not switch to the Berlin Bundesliga club, said his advisor Marc Kosicke of the “Bild” newspaper. Rangnick referred to his current contract with RB Leipzig. “In no way did Ralf say that he is excluding an engagement because Michael Preetz is the managing director of sports there and would therefore be his superior,” said Kosicke.

After making contact last year, Klinsmann was became head coach of Hertha himself, but had given up his resignation after only eleven weeks. The former Bundesliga coach Rangnick has been Head of Sport and Development Soccer in the Red Bull football network since July 1. (AP)

As you all noticed, our former trainer is with his closest Environment went under the authors.

Hertha's press spokesman Max Jung for the opening of the PK

Comment on the Klinsmann protocol

Jürgen Klinsmann tries to retain the authority to interpret Hertha. The way does not work at all – and looks deep, comments Katrin Schulze.

Daily mirror | Katrin Schulze

Klinsmann's criticism in the fact check

Jürgen Klinsmann criticized the club management of Hertha and other departments of the association sharp in a log. Which accusations are true and which are not? My colleague Stefan Hermanns took a close look at the log.

Daily mirror | Stefan Hermanns

Jürgen K. against Hertha BSC, the 97.

The “Sportbild” publishes an alleged internal protocol by Jürgen Klinsmann about his time at Hertha. The area around the towered trainer claims that it has been leaked. The excerpts at least confirm Klinsmann's now well-known worldview: Of course, he, the great innovator, is not to blame for the whole mess, because otherwise only amateurs work at Hertha.

“Statements are absolutely unacceptable”

trivialized on an online platform a member of the State Sports Association's racist insults against Jordan Torunarigha. The Hertha professional is stunned, the LSB distances himself.

Kalou and Esswein are training again

The professionals Salomon Kalou and Alexander Esswein retired from short-term trainer Jürgen Klinsmann are with Hertha BSC returned to team training. On Tuesday, the offensive players were back at the first session of the week. The decision comes as a surprise: In the end it had become clear that the former top player Kalou could switch from the Berliners to the American Major League Soccer.

As the “picture” reported, had the team council at Nouri used a pardon for the players, since both are important figures for the mood in the team. According to the newspaper, they are allowed to participate in training again, but they still have no chance of getting involved. (AP)

Hertha lacks leadership and attitude

Hertha celebrates through the season, the club swims, the club whistles – and Michael Preetz goes away without saying a word. His predecessor would have answered the questions, the criticism. Whenever Hertha had to suffer heavy or embarrassing defeats that put the big picture into question, Dieter Hoeneß was in top form. The full length commentary by Michael Rosentritt >>>>

Cool down

The trainers leave the stage. Probably everyone has to cool down a bit after this game – some at the carnival, the others maybe more quiet activities. And we? Will not be revealed. In any case, we stay on the ball.

Due to the good training week, the result is inexplicable for me.

Alexander Nouri

We have to apologize to the viewers and look ahead.

Alexander Nouri

We wanted to set a signal, we didn't succeed. We missed all the virtues that distinguished us last week. Now we have to be critical of each other.

Hertha trainer Alexander Nouri

My team did a lot right. I am pleased that the entire team worked well.

Cologne coach Markus Gisdol

Here we go

The press conference begins.

The big wait

Still no coach in sight.

Black on white

The numbers for 0: 5.

Die Übersicht.
The overview. Image: Tsp

The game report

Everything to read again, directly from the Olympic Stadium. Here:

After a bad performance, the Berliners lost 0: 5 against Cologne. The team of coach Alexander Nouri is missing all corners and ends.

Daily mirror | Michael Rosentritt

That was a shitty day. We didn’t manage it in a playful way and long balls also have nothing brought. After the early goal we didn't have our swine dog can overcome.

Niklas Stark