Berlin's heart center gets a climate-neutral new building

The new University Heart Center Berlin is to become a “model clinic” for the Charité – and also architecturally.

This is how the new building is to be built in a climate-neutral manner, with the construction at the Virchow Clinic in Wedding the campus could be opened to the banks of the Spree, a planned bicycle expressway could also be included. Volkmar Falk, director of the German Heart Center, explained this in the science committee of the House of Representatives. The cardiology of the Charité will be linked to the German Heart Center in the new university heart center.

As reported, the federal government will contribute 100 million euros to the total 390 million euro new building. The federal guarantee included a “sporting” schedule for the planning of the center, said Heyo Kroemer, CEO of the Charité.

Mitte 2020 should “exact ideas” be presented how the building could look like. This should be completed “in finite time.”

The University Heart Center should be based on the BIG

In the first quarter of this year, after years of debate, it should also finally, how the merged heart center is organized. Kroemer said that they are still in the middle of the discussion process.

Apparently the originally planned foundation of a GmbH is off the table, under the roof of which the German Heart Center, previously organized as a foundation, and the Charité departments should be united , Other Charité subjects had opposed the solution, and the Faculty Council also declined, as Kroemer reported. “If we could just have gotten the GmbH, it would have been implemented.”

Instead, the structure of the Berlin Institute for Health Research (BIG) is now being used. The BIG will be integrated into the Charité as a “third pillar” alongside the medical faculty and health care, keeping its own business plan.

With the Charité “at eye level”

Kroemer emphasized that the Charité and the German Heart Center are “two partners at eye level”. In any case, it is essential to “take” all of the employees on the way to the new construction. Volkmar Falk pointed out the high level of satisfaction among the colleagues at the German Heart Center: “We must not gamble away this capital.”

The Governing Mayor and Senator for Science Michael Müller (SPD) said in recent months be “big steps forward” at the new university heart center. “Our aim is to complete the content process by summer break.”