Barcelona bans the most polluting vehicles

Owners of foreign cars must request authorization from the town hall to travel, under penalty of a fine of at least 100 euros

Barcelona, ​​the second city of Spain, bans from this Thursday the most polluting vehicles in the whole of the municipality, a measure intended to reduce excessively high emissions.

Vehicles diesel registered in Spain before 2005 or 2006 and petrol before 2000, can no longer travel, barring exceptions, Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 20 hours throughout the municipality of 1.6 million inhabitants. The owners of these most polluting cars can however request ten days of authorization per year. “Fine of at least 100 euros”, warns the city.

Reduce by 15% the nitrogen emissions

From 2021, the most polluting vans, trucks and buses will be housed under the same banner. According to the town hall, the ban will concern 50 000 Vehicles per day and will reduce nitrogen dioxide emissions by 15%.

Madrid has restricted for its part for a year, traffic in its historic center to residents and non-polluting cars (hybrid, electric) of non-residents. This system is much more restrictive than that of Barcelona, ​​but the area concerned is much smaller. Barcelona mayor Ada Colau (left) also mentioned in July the possibility of an urban toll at the entrance to the city, as other European cities such as London, Stockholm and Milan are already doing.

The second city of Spain has since exceeded 2002 the level of fine particles established by the WHO and that of carbon dioxide fixed by Brussels according to the last report of the municipality on the subject in 2017. According to the latter, pollution caused on average 424 premature deaths per year in Barcelona between and 2017.

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