Apple tilts its sales forecast due to corona virus

Apple abandons sales target due to corona epidemic

Apple will miss the sales forecast for the current quarter, which was only a few weeks old, due to the corona virus outbreak in China. There are delivery bottlenecks for iPhones because production in China is ramping up more slowly than planned, the group said on Monday. In addition, the sales of Apple devices in China had recently been subdued , as many stores – and also the company's stores – were temporarily closed remained and had been visited poorly.

For these reasons, Apple will only make the Miss sales forecast for this quarter , it said. At that time, Apple already had an unusually wide range of 16 to 67 Billion dollars (58,1 to 62, EUR 8 billion). There was no new forecast now. The restrictions for the business are only temporary , the group emphasized. In the previous quarter Apple 58 Billions of dollars in sales.

The factories of Apple manufacturers such as Foxconn and Pegatron as well as the most important suppliers are outside who especially of the new lung disease Covid – 19 affected province of Hubei. But elsewhere in China, the traditional Chinese New Year holidays were extended to avoid spreading. All production plants were running again. But: “The iPhone supply bottlenecks will temporarily affect sales worldwide.”

The situation is in flux – and more information about the effects the Apple business should only come with the figures for the current quarter in April. The health of employees is a priority, Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote in an email to the workforce, which was published by the financial service Bloomberg.

It is the second time within a year that Apple has to withdraw a sales forecast – most recently it was for the Christmas quarter 2018. Back then, Apple blamed the slowdown in the Chinese economy for weaker-than-expected iPhone sales.

Apple is not the only electronics provider that is affected by coronavirus episodes. Nintendo already warned of bottlenecks in its Switch game console at the beginning of February because some components from China were scarce.

Apple suffered from impairments in January spoken for production. Some suppliers are located in the particularly affected region around the city of Wuhan. But there are alternative sources for their products, said CEO Tim Cook at the time. At the same time, he also admitted that development in other parts of the production chain is difficult to predict.

Investors took Apple's warning calmly: The The share was hardly changed in the after-hours trading in the US on Monday.

Up to Monday in China were around 1770 People at Covid – 19 died. Experts assume that the number of cases is high. (AP)

Mitarbeiter im Apple-Store in Peking
Employees in the Apple store in Beijing Image: dpa / AP / Mark Schiefelbein

Hospital director in Wuhan dies of coronavirus

In the Chinese metropolis of Wuhan, the director is one Hospital died of infection with the novel coronavirus. All Efforts to save the life of Liu Zhiming , the head of the Wuchang hospitals were in vain, the state reported TV station CCTV on Tuesday. It is the first known case of one Hospital director who is suffering from the consequences of the infection with the virus died.

Overall, according to official Chinese information at least seven medical staff of the country through the Epidemic died from Wuhan. Further 1716 Doctors and other medical staff got infected.

Especially The death of the young ophthalmologist Li Wenliang , the beginning, caused a sensation of the month of the infection. Li was one of the first before Virus warned. However, according to his description, the police tried to silence him close. His death caused great dismay in Chinese online networks out, in many cases the call for freedom of expression was loud.

The death of the Hospital director was out of Chinese early Tuesday morning Media and bloggers have been reported. The reports were then deleted and replaced by reports that the doctors were still trying to live Liu rescue.

Liu's death also caused great sadness in the online networks. Many users of the Weibo online service compared his case to that of Ophthalmologist Li. Li's death was also from the Chinese state media reported, then denied and finally confirmed.

Many Doctors in Wuhan don't have enough face masks and protective suits, like AFP medical officials said. Many wear accordingly unsuitable protective clothing and continue to work due to lack of staff if they already suffer from respiratory problems.

In mainland China are following official information now almost 1900 people at the consequences of the infection died more than 72. 000 people have each other infected. (AFP)

Epidemic should not stabilize until the end of April

Die Epidemic with the new lung disease in China may turn out to be according to a leading Chinese expert stabilize only at the end of April . “This is a very rough estimate,” said Professor Zhong Nanshan, head of the Chinese government's expert group, in a video of a switch with medical practitioners from southern Guangdong Province about the newspaper “Nanfang Dushibao” (Southern Metropolis Daily) on Tuesday

A peak of the outbreak throughout the country is expected to be expected by the end of February. “Reaching the highest level does not mean the turning point,” the renowned medical doctor cautioned. However, he said that the radical measures in China to curb the new corona virus worked .

Due to the now returning wave of migrant workers after the extended vacation due to the virus to the Chinese New Year, he “may not expect a big increase”. Very strict measures have been taken to control the flow of travel, said Zhong Nanshan in the video of the conference call the day before released on the Internet on Tuesday.

Within a day, the number of newly detected infections climbed again by Tuesday 1886. The total number of infections reached 72. 436, how the health commission in Beijing reported. Also were more 98 to mourn the dead. An der Covid – 19) are new types of lung disease in mainland China 1868 patient died. Most cases are counted in central China in the severely affected Hubei province. (AP)

“Westerdam” passengers waiting for test results

The round stranded on the cruise ship “Westerdam” in Cambodia People, including German passengers, still have to exercise patience. The corona virus test results weren't available for everyone on Tuesday. It will probably take a few days until everything is cleared, the shipping company Holland America Line announced on Monday.

At the weekend, a passenger on the trip home surprisingly had a positive test for the corona virus. Many had already left the ship. Now according to the shipping company there still have to be 255 passengers and 747 Crew members are waiting for clarification.

A 83) year-old American had been tested and taken to the hospital while traveling in Malaysia. According to the shipping company, their condition was stable. It is unclear where she got infected. She had got on in Hong Kong. According to the Ministry of Health in Malaysia, she has not been to mainland China recently.

According to the shipping company, “Westerdam” travelers were 57 Germans. According to information from the German Press Agency, some are still on board the ship in the port of Sihanoukville, while others have already traveled home.

Also Several hundred vacationers in a hotel in the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh were tested. As the shipping company explained, in the first available 406 results, no case of the virus Sars-CoV-2 was found. These guests were allowed to continue traveling. Passengers are well taken care of at both locations, said Holland America Line.

Several Asian countries had the cruise ship out of fear of possible introduction of the virus is prohibited. Only Cambodia finally agreed to this. (AP)

The number of new infections is declining according to the WHO, but all scenarios are still conceivable

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of new infections with the new coronavirus in China is likely to decrease. That indicated data to 44. 000 cases that China has made available to WHO, said WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in Geneva on Monday. “It is too early to say that this decline will continue. All scenarios are still possible. “ In addition, the data showed that Covid – 19 is probably not as deadly as comparable diseases like Sars or Mers.

Die WHO reiterated that the novel virus affects only a very small proportion of people outside of China. The UN agency rejected calls for more drastic measures such as general travel bans. “All measures must be appropriate to the situation,” said Tedros. WHO expert Michael Ryan added: “There is no zero risk in the world – for nothing.” (Dpa)

Cruises to Asia are canceled

The Covid – 19 – Epidemic in China is now affecting cruises from various providers in Asia. Ports in China are no longer approached, ships were rerouted accordingly . Aida Cruises prematurely ended the season in the region after the “Aida Vita” was banned in a port in Vietnam .

The cruise ship “Norwegian Spirit” of the shipping company Norwegian Cruise Line was supposed to be sailing in Asian waters in summer – now it will be used instead in the Mediterranean.

The shipping company announced that because of the new corona virus from 15. April to December 7th all Asia trips are canceled . The guests get their money back. Instead the ship undertakes 19. April several seven-day trips from Piraeus, Greece. Destinations in Greece, Turkey, Cyprus and Israel are approached. (dpa / tmn)

Report: Passengers from “Diamond Princess” should be able to go to Germany

According to information from “Spiegel”, German passengers should be on the cruise ship “Diamond Princess” quickly to Germany .

Discussions are currently underway with the Italian government, which plans to pick up its citizens by plane from Japan. The Germans could possibly be taken to Europe. (Tsp)

New recordings of the corona virus from the USA

Diese rasterelektronenmikroskopische Aufnahme zeigt eine Ansammlung von Exemplaren des neuartigen Coronavirus in einer Zellkultur in den USA. Das von einemPatienten in den USA isoliete Virus (orange) tritt aus der Oberfläche von im Labor kultivierten Zellen (grün). Der Erreger trägt die wissenschaftlichen Namen SARS-CoV-2 oder auch 2019-nCoV.
This scanning electron micrograph shows a collection of specimens of the novel corona virus in a cell culture in the USA. That from one Patients in the United States isolated virus (orange) emerges from the surface of laboratory-grown cells (green). The exciter bears the scientific names SARS-CoV-2 or 2019 – Ncov. Image: Photo: NIAID-RML / AP / dpa

Woman should be forcibly instructed after fleeing quarantine in Russia

A court in St. Petersburg has ordered compulsory admission of a woman who previously had a coronavirus -Quarantine station had fled . Alla Iljina must be returned to the Botkin hospital in the Russian metropolis immediately, the judges ruled on Monday. The 33) year-olds had her escape from the clinic in the online service Instagram, among other things with “inedible” food and the lack of hygiene products on the Isolation station justified.

On Russian television you could see how bailiffs the 33 – year olds led to an ambulance after the verdict was pronounced. Her lawyer announced that Iljina would appeal the verdict.

With the verdict, the judges upheld a lawsuit brought by the boss of the Botkin hospital after Ilyina's flight against the patient. According to the verdict, the woman must at least 19. Stay in hospital in February . Before her discharge, two laboratory tests for the coronavirus must be negative.

Iljina was on the 1st of February by plane came back from the Chinese holiday island of Hainan. A little later she suffered from mild fever and sore throat . She was examined several times and finally quarantined on February 6 with the diagnosis of “viral disease”, where she should stay for two weeks.

The diagnosis has not ruled out that it could be the new type of corona virus, the health authority explained. Iljina, on the other hand, said the doctors had told her that her tests had shown no signs of the coronavirus. In an Instagram video, Iljina complained about poor food. In addition, there is no ventilation in her room.

Against another woman who also had escaped from the isolation ward of the Botkin hospital , the clinic also filed a lawsuit on Monday. According to reports, two other patients have escaped from the hospital, but returned voluntarily. (AFP)

7 of the 14 Coronavirus patients discharged in Bavaria

Of those registered in Bavaria 14 Coronavirus patients have now been able to leave half of the hospital. There were four patients from the hospital in Trosterg and three patients from the clinic in Munich -Schwabing was released home, the Bavarian Ministry of Health announced on Monday in Munich. The basis for the layoffs were the criteria of the Robert Koch Institute.

As the Bavarian Ministry further announced, there were no new confirmed corona virus cases until Monday noon in Bavaria. The Bavarian cases were employees or relatives of employees of the automotive supplier Webasto who had contracted a colleague from China. (AP)

Das Klinikum München-Schwabing.
The Munich-Schwabing Clinic. Image: Sven Hoppe / dpa

Family cured from Trostberger Klinik discharged

A family from the Traunstein district in Bavaria is now healthy from the hospital after being infected with the coronavirus been released in Trostberg. All members of the family were cured and no longer contagious, the management of the clinics in Southeast Bavaria announced on Monday. The parents with their children had left the hospital on Friday. The quarantine was particularly psychologically stressful for the children. Three other patients have since been discharged from the Munich Clinic Schwabing. So now seven of the total 14 infected people back home in Bavaria.

In the Trostberg patients, the father who worked for the Bavarian automotive supplier Webasto was first identified. All 14 Coronavirus cases in the Free State were related to the company. A Chinese colleague had unknowingly introduced the pathogen during a business trip. A first employee of the company was able to leave the clinic in Schwabing on Wednesday, two more followed on the weekend.

“Who officially released us will be able to return to everyday life without being blocked, ”said Clemens Wendtner, chief physician of the clinic for infectious diseases in Schwabing. Most of his patients would have in the course of the disease of Covid – 19 – so the Scientific name – only mild flu-like symptoms shown.

The prerequisites for discharge include several negative tests for the virus. The criteria were determined by the Robert Koch Institute. (AP)

Authorities are looking for “Westerdam” passengers

Because at a Passenger of the US cruise ship “Westerdam” subsequently the new corona virus was found, the authorities are now desperately looking for other occupants of the ship. The ship operator Holland America says it is in close contact with the authorities of Asian countries as well as the World Health Organization WHO and the US health regulator to find possible contact persons for the woman .

After days of wandering the “Westerdam” had entered the Cambodian port Sihanoukville on Thursday – meanwhile the inmates have flown to countless countries .

“We expected breakdowns, but not to that extent,” said William Schaffner, an infectious disease expert at the University of Vanderbilt, the New York Times. The fact that so many passengers on the ship are already on their way home makes it even more difficult to limit the coronavirus epidemic to China. “This could be a turning point” , Schaffner told the newspaper.

The doctor Peter Rabinowitz from the University of Washington also warned. “It is really disheartening to have to control a situation like this because now so many people have spread all over the world “, he told the New York Times.

83 – year-old was infected

According to the authorities, a ship's occupant was stopped on Saturday when landing in Malaysia, because at her high fever was measured. Tests later showed that the 83 – year-old US citizen infected with the novel corona virus is. With the woman were more than 130 Passengers of the “Westerdam” on board the plane to Malaysia. Almost without exception you have now flown to other countries with scheduled aircraft.

The “Westerdam” was on February 1st in Hong Kong with 2257 passengers and crew on board to a 14 – day East Asia cruise set to sea. But Japan, Guam, the Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand rejected the ship out of fear of the new corona virus. Finally, Cambodia declared itself ready to run in the “Westerdam”. No case of the virus had been detected on board at that time. Most of the passengers have left the ship since then.

However, on Monday there were still 233 Passengers and 747 crew members on board the “Westerdam”. You should actually leave the ship little by little. However, inmates of the AFP news agency reported on Monday that they should not be allowed to leave the ship for the time being. The Cambodian authorities said that only when all tests for the virus had been negative were the remaining inmates allowed to leave. (AFP, Tsp)

At this time, no other guests or crew, either on board or on their way home, have reported symptoms of the illness. Guests who have returned home will be contacted by their local health department and be provided further info. (3/3) Full statement: HyoQQ

– Holland America Line on Twitter (@halcruises)

Passagiere gehen in Kambodscha von Bord der „Westerdam“
Passengers disembark the “Westerdam” in Cambodia Image: AFP / Tang Chhin Sothy

Tests, vaccines and therapies: where is the research carried out?

Research is carried out in three major areas: fast and reliable Tests to detect the virus , vaccines and tailored therapies against Covid – 19. The major institutes involved include the National Institutes of Health (NIH) of the USA, the Paris Pasteur Institute or the University of Melbourne in Australia.

The Institute of Virology at the Philipps University in Marburg, Hesse announced at the end of January that it was participating in the worldwide search for a vaccine against the novel coronavirus. According to its own information, it has “one of the few high security laboratories for research on dangerous viruses in Germany”.

Also biotech companies like the US – Companies Moderna Therapeutics and Inovio Pharma as well as the Tübingen company CureVac are looking for a vaccine. They are supported by the international vaccine alliance Cepi, which has brought together state and private sector actors.

The US company Gilead is investigating with the Chinese authorities whether Remdesivir, which was developed against Ebola , can help against the new coronavirus.

Pharmaceutical giants have offered their cooperation in different areas. For example, the British group GlaxoSmithKline wants to contribute its know-how with additives that can increase the immune response when using vaccines.

In In the United States, Johnson & Johnson plans to work with government agencies on vaccine development. (AFP)

Get Germans from cruise ships?

The federal government is considering taking German passengers from cruise ships The Foreign Office's crisis team dealt with the cases on Monday of the “Diamond Princess” off Japan and “Westerdam” off Cambodia, a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry said.

It is also about a return of Germans who wish that. One is in contact with the European partners. Two Germans from the “Diamond Princess” are infected. There are no other cases among the Germans there. (Reuters)

Passagiere auf den Balkonen der „DiamondPrincess“.
Passengers on the balconies of the “Diamond Princess”. Image: Kyodo / dpa

Casinos in Macao are allowed to reopen

After a two-week break due to the corona virus, the casinos in Macao, the gambling paradise, will soon be able to reopen. As announced by the government of the Chinese special administrative region on Monday, the casinos will be allowed to gradually start operating again on Thursday. With the closure of the casinos, the city temporarily lost its main source of income. Revenues from the gaming industry in the former Portuguese enclave are larger than in Las Vegas. Many Chinese in particular travel across the border to Macau to play there. Portugal gave Macau 1999 returned to China. Since then, the territory, like Hong Kong, has been governed autonomously within its own borders under the sovereignty of one country, two systems, under Chinese sovereignty. (AP)

Tokyo marathon for elite runners only

The outbreak of the corona virus also affects the Tokyo marathon, which starts on March 1st. The race will not be a mass run with 40. 000 participants. The organizers announced on Monday that only elite runners and wheelchair users, but no amateurs, were allowed to start. So the field will be limited to a few hundred participants.

Apologize to those affected, “but these restrictions are necessary,” said Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike. Japan, where more than 510 Cases of the new pathogen are confirmed, of which 454 on a quarantined cruise ship in neighboring Yokohama, half a year before Olympia tries to prevent it from spreading.

The Tokyo Marathon is also a qualification competition for the 24. Games scheduled July to August 9. The field of top athletes includes 176 runners and 30 Wheelchair athletes. Despite the spread of the novel corona virus, Japan plans to host the games as planned. The head of the Japanese Olympic Committee, Yoshiro Mori, recently confirmed at a meeting with the International Olympic Committee in Tokyo that planning for the games was not due to the new lung disease Covid – 19 will be affected. “I would like to clarify once again that a cancellation or postponement of the Tokyo games was not considered” (Tsp, dpa)

The Tokyo Marathon 2020 will be held only for the marathon elites and the wheelchair elites. For registered runners of Tokyo Marathon 2020, please access the link below for more information. KOhWfS

– Tokyo Marathon Foundation on Twitter (@tokyomarathon_e)

Bundesbank: Virus likely to dampen exports

The Bundesbank sees the coronavirus epidemic as a new threat to the already weakening German economy.

Economic risks exist with regard to the coronavirus outbreak in the People's Republic of China”, warns she in her monthly report published on Monday. “A temporary decline in overall economic demand there should dampen German export activity .”

In addition, global Value chains are adversely affected by the security measures. “ Delivery bottlenecks in individual sectors in Germany would be the consequence,” emphasized the Bundesbank.

“The growth losses could be noticeably higher than during the SARS epidemic of 2002 / 2003, in which the number of infected was significantly smaller and the authorities had reacted less rigorously, “wrote the Bundesbank. “Nevertheless, it should also apply to the current wave of diseases that economic activity will normalize again quickly after it has been contained.” The financial markets are currently “concerned about the possible consequences of the corona virus”. (Reuters)

Eine Außenaufnahme der Bundesbank.
An exterior shot of the Bundesbank. Image: Silas Stein / dpa

China's head of state knew early about the outbreak of the corona virus

China's propaganda has been trying since the outbreak of the corona virus, Head of State Xi Jinping as a tireless fighter against lung disease and to portray concerned leaders for the well-being of his people.

Criticism of the reaction of the authorities The outbreak of the corona virus, insufficient information or the slow start of aid measures has so far been passed on to decision-makers far below the top government. The mayor of Wuhan , the city of the first outbreak, publicly admitted that the warnings of the virus were not enough. “On the one hand, we did not publish important information in good time and, on the other hand, we did not use the available information sufficiently to improve our work,” Zhou Xianwang was self-critical on state television. Officials from the health authorities had to vacate their posts.

Xi Jinping himself remained untouched, the government in Beijing was able to image the prudent leader who has everything under control. At the 20. In January, Xi officially spoke for the first time about the coronavirus and gave instructions on how to contain the epidemic . Later, Xi also appeared in public.

But at the weekend the Chinese Communist Party's magazine, Qiushi, published a speech by Xi Jinping before the Politburo Standing Committee , China's center of power, where he gave instructions on how to fight the corona virus. The speech is from February 3. But a date that Xi mentions in his speech is interesting. There he says that he gave instructions for combating the coronavirus on January 7th .

The question now is: What is in the 13 days between the 7th and the 20. Happened in January? If Xi knew about the coronavirus outbreak so early, why didn't the central government react more resolutely? Wasn't it rather the government in Beijing that hesitated to fight the disease – and not the lower authorities at provincial or city level who later had to admit mistakes in a self-critical manner? Or has Xi lost track of what really happened in the country?

In an interview with the South China Morning Post, political commentator Wu Qiang referred to the Speeches Xi Jinpings analyzed, the publication of the manuscript “rare and interesting”.

“It sounds like he is defending himself and declaring that he has done everything in his power to lead the fight against the epidemic, ”Wu told the newspaper.

That Xi's internal speech from the beginning of February has now been published acts as a attempt to justify . However, the publication could have the opposite effect: Because it exposes Xi to criticism, knowing about the virus early on, but then not acting decisively enough, or even losing track and control in the fight against the epidemic. The last allegation in particular would weigh heavily on a Chinese leader who has as much power as state founder Mao Zedong . (Tsp)

Chinas mächtiger Mann Xi Jinping
China's powerful man Xi Jinping Image: dpa / Xinhua / Xie Huanchi

Panic buying: thieves steal toilet paper worth 120 Euro

Toilet paper has been in short supply in the Chinese special administrative region of Hong Kong for around ten days.

Rumors on the Internet had triggered panicked hamster purchases given the spread of the corona virus. Supermarket shelves were often swept empty shortly after the store opened. In addition to toilet paper, there was also a rush for basic foodstuffs such as rice and noodles as well as disinfectants and other cleaning products.

In the midst of these hamster purchases, armed thieves have stolen hundreds of toilet paper rolls. “A truck driver was attacked by three men who threatened him with knives and toilet paper worth over a thousand Hong Kong dollars (around 120)), “said a police spokesman.

Police circles reported that the stolen toilet paper was found after a search and two suspects were arrested. A third is still on the run.

The Hong Kongers reacted to the incident with a mixture of amazement and amusement. “I would steal respirators, but not toilet paper” , a visibly amused passer-by told Hong Kong television station iCable News. (AFP)

First plane with cruise passengers landed

A first flight with US citizens of the cruise ship “Diamond Princess”, which was quarantined in Japan, is in the USA landed.

The machine, which started in Japan's capital Tokyo, came late Sunday evening (local time) at the military base Travis in Fairfield, California, northeast of San Francisco, as the local broadcaster CBS SF reported.

were on board also 14 Passengers who have been in the past two to three days The U.S. Department of State and Department of Health had previously issued a joint statement that the coronavirus had tested positive. They were therefore isolated from the other passengers on the plane. (AP)

China Postpones Meeting of People's Congress

Once a year the National People's Congress meets in China to approve the decisions of the state leadership, round 3000 Delegates come to the capital Beijing. However, apparently because of the corona epidemic in the country, this year's parliamentary meeting is being postponed, various Chinese media report. The meeting of the Consultative Conference of the Chinese People, which usually takes place almost simultaneously with the People's Congress, is also affected.

The standing committee of the People's Congress will discuss the relocation of this year's meeting, the reports said. According to the South China Morning Post, this is clear evidence that the meeting is being postponed.

The risk of infection for thousands of delegates and the employees in the Great Hall of the People is too great, the newspaper quotes one with the matter familiar, but not named source of the reason for the relocation. The People's Congress was supposed to begin on March 5.

The leadership of the Standing Committee considered the postponement of the People's Congress to an appropriate time as “necessary.” “Reported the official Xinhua news agency. The committee should formally decide on it next Monday.

The “Global Times”, the mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party, writes that many of the 3000 expected delegates in their home provinces were fighting front line against the corona virus. Therefore, the postponement of the People's Congress was necessary. (Tsp)

Now is a critical moment to contain the #COVID 19 outbreak. There are some 3, 000 NPC deputies, including provincial and city officials, and many of them are fighting on the frontline of epidemic controls. It's therefore necessary to delay the NPC meeting: Xinhua report

– Global Times on Twitter (@globaltimesnews)

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