An apology should cover up the PR debacle

The sporting goods manufacturer Adidas pays its rents after harsh public criticism and apologizes for its advance. “The decision to require the landlords of our stores to defer the rent for April was considered by many to be unsolidary,” says an open letter that Adidas published on Wednesday. “Your opinion is important to us, and your opinion is clear: You are disappointed with adidas.”

Adidas had announced in the course of the Corona crisis that the rent for the closed stores in Europe would not be from April to pay more. One is in talks with the landlords. As a result, there had been harsh criticism from all parts of society – from landlord organizations to political parties and private individuals. There were boycott calls against the company on the Internet. The fashion chain H&M and the shoe retailer Deichmann had also stated that they wanted to stop paying the rent. The move became one of the biggest PR debacles of the year.

Business collapsed in the corona crisis

“We made a mistake and a lot with it Confidence wasted. It will take time to regain your trust. But we will do everything we can, “the letter, which is to appear on Thursday as an advertisement in selected media, affirmed.

” We would therefore like to apologize to you in full. We paid our landlord the rent for April. Fairness and team spirit have always been closely linked to Adidas and should remain so, ”the letter continues.

Adidas' business had slumped in the Corona crisis. “There is no normal business almost anywhere in the world. The shops are closed. Even a healthy company like adidas can not stand that for long, ”the letter continues. The company had 2019 according to CEO Kasper Rorsted a record year. With sales of 23, 6 billion euros, Adidas made a profit of almost two billion euros.

Fight for jobs

Adidas had to make hard cuts, also to secure the 60. 000 jobs of the company, it said continue. Short-time working was agreed with the works councils, executives temporarily waived their wages, a program to buy back shares was stopped.

At the same time, the company tried to help others even in the crisis. This would support the Solidarity Response Fund of the World Health Organization (WHO) and aid organizations in Germany. In China, Adidas made medical goods available to medical and nursing staff. Adidas partners produced face shields and masks for healthcare at Adidas' expense. (dpa)