Already more than 10,000 dead in the United States

Over 10. 000 confirmed deaths in the US

In the USA meanwhile more than 10. 000 People died after infection with the novel coronavirus. The number of known infections rose to around by Monday afternoon (local time) . 000 , significantly more than in any other country in the world. This comes from data from the American University of Johns Hopkins .

The top health official in the US, Jerome Adams, had already attuned the Americans to an increase in the death toll. “This will be the hardest and saddest week in most Americans' lives,” Adams told Fox News on Sunday.

This will be our Pearl Harbor moment, our 9 / 11 – Just a moment – it will not happen in individual places, but will happen all over the country.

Jerome Adams, U.S. Chief Health Officer

Adams thus referred to events from the past of the USA: on December 7th 1941 Japan had destroyed most of the U.S. Pacific fleet in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii – the United States had more than 2400 To mourn the dead. At the 11. September 2001 were in terrorist attacks in the United States – including the World Trade Center in New York – almost total 3000 People died.

Coronavirus COVID – 19 Global Cases by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU)

Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center

The USA, a country with 330 million inhabitants, are measured on the absolute number of infected people on Most severely affected by the coronavirus crisis. However, the number of cases in individual countries can only be compared to a limited extent due to the different test rates and the expected high number of unreported cases.

Voller Einsatz: Die medizinischen Kräfte werden zurzeit besonders in New York stark beansprucht.
Full commitment: The medical forces are currently under heavy strain, especially in New York. Image: Mary Altaffer / dpa

Among the most affected by the lung disease Covid – 19 affected countries, the university registered the highest proportion of coronavirus deaths relative to the population in Spain and Italy so far. In both countries, approximately 27 people per 100 000 residents after an infection. In in the USA there were 2.9 deaths per 100 000 residents, in Germany 1.9. The university's website is updated regularly and therefore shows a higher level of confirmed infections than the official figures of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the US health authority CDC. (dpa)

Bulgaria closes borders for foreigners

Bulgaria has closed its borders to foreigners in the fight against the corona virus. Regardless of their nationality, foreigners who come from Italy, Spain, France, Great Britain, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, for example, are now not allowed to enter Bulgaria. The health minister Kiril Ananiew ordered on Monday evening. The ban also applies to travelers from other EU and Schengen countries “with high Covid – 19 – Proliferation risk. ” The order has numerous exceptions, which in addition to Bulgarians also affect citizens of EU states and Balkan states who are traveling through the country want to return to their countries.

Sicherheit geht vor: In Parlamentssitzungen der bulgarischen Nationalversammlung in Sofia trugen einige Abgeordnete bereits Schutzanzüge.
Safety comes first: in parliamentary meetings of the Bulgarian National Assembly in Sofia already had some MPs wearing protective suits. Image: Vesselin Borishev / dpa

In Bulgaria with a population of almost seven million people, so far 549 Coronavirus cases detected – 22 Dead people included. The protective measures under a to 13. May prolonged state of emergency aim to contain expansion as far as possible. This should not overload the underfunded health system. (dpa)

Scholz: Budget can help billions cope

The billion-dollar aid programs for the economy in the coronavirus crisis bring the words Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz did not put the federal budget into distress. In the ZDF “Today Journal”, the SPD politician answered on Monday evening the question of whether everything was still controllable. The federal government is considering all this very carefully, because it wants to keep control of what is going on, stabilize the economy and at the same time want to achieve it that there is still a well-financed state after the crisis. It is good that the federal government has been doing solid business in recent years.

After the last financial crisis, the federal government had a government debt ratio of 80 percent shown, emphasized Scholz. The debt level is laboriously below 60 Percent of gross domestic product lowered. All measures now underway would be about 75 percent debt ratio. “In this respect, we have made good provision for an equally difficult situation,” said the Vice Chancellor.

How do you cope with the change from federal savings commissioner to distributor of unimaginable sums? If this can be checked at all, @ClausKleber asks Federal Finance Minister Olaf #Scholz: #economy #Coronakrise

– ZDF today journal on Twitter (@heutejournal)

Scholz renewed his rejection of corona bonds at the European level, to tackle the crisis. There are three “very strong signals of solidarity” with the European Investment Bank, the ESM euro rescue fund and European short-time work regulations. In addition, a European reconstruction program could come so that the economy in Europe grew again. The finance ministers of the Eurogroup and the other EU countries are advising on Tuesday about further financial aid in the Coronavirus economic crisis. (dpa)

It's not like a thunderstorm that just passes by.

Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) on the ARD about the coronavirus pandemic

The questions of the day

With our Questions of the day you will get an overview of the most important news and developments of the day – today Coronavirus pandemic and beyond:

Also: Markus Söder calls for tax cuts and Luxembourg wants Get refugee children from Lesbos. The news overview and tips for the Corona period.

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Poland: President should be elected by postal vote

The Polish parliament has approved the proposal of the national conservative governing party PiS to the presidential election on 10. May be held as a pure postal vote. The majority of deputies voted in favor of a corresponding bill on Monday.

Favorit bei der Präsidentschaftswahl: Amtsinhaber Andrzej Duda soll nach Willen der Regierungspartei PiS wiedergewählt werden.
Favorite in the presidential election: incumbent Andrzej Duda is to be re-elected at the will of the governing party PiS. Image: Alessandro Della Valle / dpa

Given the severe restrictions on public life due to the coronavirus epidemic, the opposition is calling for the election to be rescheduled. The PiS still adheres to the planned date – its candidate, incumbent Andrzej Duda, leads in all surveys. In order to save the date, she is now resorting to the postal vote, which has so far hardly been used in Poland. The draft law now goes first to the Senate, the second chamber of Parliament. However, this only has an advisory function. (dpa)

Decency is one for you Foreign word. They want to get to their destination via dead bodies.

Borys Budka, member of the largest opposition coalition coalition (KO)

We now have to work with the instruments that we have and that also a lot act faster instead of arguing about new instruments for which we have the European contracts would have to adapt, which can not be done quickly.

Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) gives the so-called corona bonds a rejection of the “world”

Danish Roskilde Festival canceled

Music fans have been asking for a while: What will happen to the festival summer 2020 ? A decision has now been made in Denmark that could follow for many other festivals. The Roskilde in the Danish town of the same name was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Follow the orders of the authorities, it said in a message on Monday's Facebook page of the festival. Larger events remain prohibited in Denmark until August.

The risk of infection with the virus is too high, it said in the message. “As a result, there will be no Roskilde Festival this summer.” Tickets that have already been bought will therefore remain valid for the coming year. Refunds are also possible. (with dpa)

Das Roskilde-Festival hätte dieses Jahr zum 50. Mal stattgefunden - aufgetreten wäre unter anderen Taylor Swift.
The Roskilde Festival this year would have been 50. Times took place – Taylor Swift would have performed. Image: Reuters

Israel takes massive measures

In the fight against the spread of the Corona virus, Israel continues to massively restrict the freedom of movement for the coming Passover. From Tuesday to Friday, people are allowed to move to their neighborhoods and villages did not leave, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Monday evening. On Wednesday evening, the beginning of the Jewish Passover festival, there will be a complete curfew. Citizens are not allowed to leave their house until Thursday morning.

At the start of the Passover festival, families traditionally come together for a big dinner in Israel. The Passover festival lasts one week and commemorates the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt and the liberation from slavery.

So wird es gemacht: Eine elektronische Anzeigetafel an einem Gebäude zeigt den israelischen Ministerpräsidenten Benjamin Netanjahu (von links nach rechts) und die beiden Parteivorsitzenden Avigdor Lieberman und Benny Gantz mit Mundschutz.
How it is done: An electronic scoreboard on a building shows the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (left to right) and the two party leaders Avigdor Lieberman and Benny Gantz with face masks. Image: Sebastian Scheiner / dpa

According to media reports, the government fears an uncontrolled spread of Sars-CoV-2 in the densely populated religious areas and cities in the country where many large families live. According to the Israeli Democratic Institute, about twelve percent of the approximately nine million inhabitants are strictly religious Jews.

According to the Ministry of Health, the pathogen is Sars-CoV -2 meanwhile at 8611 persons proven in Israel , 585 have recovered. 51 According to the information, people died after a coronavirus infection. (dpa)

The one to Covid – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson fell ill ) has been transferred to the intensive care unit of a London clinic. That said a government spokesman in London.

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curfews in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia imposed one due to the epidemic in several cities – hourly curfew. This includes Riyadh and Jeddah, reports the state television. (Reuters)

Attention, Cat Content!

A tiger with the corona virus was caught in a New York zoo. What does that mean for the common domestic cat? Read more here:

Cats – probably also tigers – can catch corona viruses. But do they also get sick and become carriers?

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Safety first

There are professions in which social distancing is practically impossible. This Indonesian hairdresser has therefore completely wrapped up in protective clothing so that it can continue to shave the hair of its customers.

Gut eingepackt: Friseur Herman Maulana aus dem indonesischen Bogor bei der Arbeit.
Well packaged: hairdresser Herman Maulana from Bogor in Indonesia at work. Image: Muhmmad Zaenuddin / dpa

Denmark wants to withdraw first restrictions

After Austria and the Czech Republic, Denmark has also announced the first relaxation of its measures taken in the coronavirus crisis. In a first step, crèches, kindergartens and the lower six grades of schools at the 15. April reopening, Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said on Monday evening at a press conference in Copenhagen. It was “the first careful phase of opening”, she said. However, the Danes should be prepared for the fact that they will have to live with restrictions for months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This is supposed to be in one after Easter another German neighboring country the slow way back towards normality began. Denmark was already one of the first countries in the first half of March Europe is reacting to the spread of the new Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus with strict measures. Among other things, since 14. March the borders of the neighboring German country were closed to foreigners without a valid reason for entry. Schools, kindergartens, restaurants, cafes, theaters and other leisure facilities such as fitness and tanning salons were also closed. There is a public ban on meetings for more than ten people.

Ihre Worte: Die dänische Ministerpräsidentin Mette Frederiksen hat eine erste Lockerung der Maßnahmen angekündigt.
Your words: The Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen has announced a first relaxation of the measures. Image: Ida Guldbaek Arentsen / dpa

Frederiksen had extended all of this up to and including Easter two weeks ago. Last Monday, however, she had promised for the first time that Denmark could slowly and gradually reopen, if that positive developments in the country continued.

According to the authorities shortly until Monday 4700 Infections in Denmark confirmed, added almost 200 Evidence of cases in the Faroe Islands and Greenland, which belong to the Danish kingdom. However, the Danes assume a significantly higher number of unreported cases. So far, 187 People with Covid – 19 – Disease died in the country. (dpa)

Alsatian mayor passed away

The Mayor of the Alsatian city of Saint-Louis, Jean-Marie Zoellé, died as a result of an infection with the corona virus. The city confirmed on Monday on Twitter. The newspaper “Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace” (DNA) reported citing the Zoellés family, the 75 – year-old died in a clinic in Bonn. The mayor was brought to Germany for treatment at the end of March from a hospital in Mulhouse (Mulhouse) in the Haut-Rhin department.

HOMMAGE 🙏 Jean-Marie Zoellé, maire de Saint-Louis, est décédé ce jour. Il avait été hospitalisé en raison d'une insuffisance respiratoire liée au covid – 19. Pour prendre contact avec ses proches: #villesaintlouis #rip

– Ville de Saint-Louis on Twitter (@saint_louis_fr)

Zoellé was in the first round of local elections in France on 15. March again to the mayor of the city with around 21 000 Residents on the border with Baden-Württemberg and Switzerland have been elected. At the time, Zoellé criticized that the election took place despite the health risk from the corona virus, as reported by “DNA”. Alsace and the entire Haut-Rhin department is considered to be a focal point of the coronavirus pandemic in France. (dpa)

More deaths in France

After several days of decline, the death toll in France increases again. In hospitals and old people's homes are taken together 8911 dead was recorded, reports Health Minister Olivier Veran. This is a increase of about ten percent. The data from the old people's homes are incomplete. Total be 98. 0 10 infections known. (Reuters)

Wuhan removes last restrictions

More than two and a half months after the closure of the Chinese metropolis Wuhan in the fight against the new coronavirus the last restrictions on freedom of movement for the eleven million residents are lifted. In the severely affected metropolis, where the pandemic had started in December, local time will start from midnight (Tuesday 1800 CEST) the traffic normalized.

Air traffic will also resume on Wednesday. Cars are allowed to leave the city again and people can travel by train – provided they are healthy and have had no contact recently Infected. The opening of the city is an important signal for China to have overcome the worst.

Bitte recht freundlich: In Wuhan soll das Leben zurückkehren.
Kindly, please: Life should return in Wuhan. Image: Shen Bohan / dpa

Of the more than 80 000 officially reported infections in China were 50 000 alone in Wuhan. Similarly, of the nationwide were more than 3300 listed dead more than 2500 alone in the metropolis . However, observers assume that by no means all cases have been counted. (dpa)

Music stars want to collect donations with TV concert

In battle against the coronavirus pandemic want world stars like Elton John, Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, Lang Lang and Alanis Morissette on a TV – Promote Solidarity Concert and raise money for a World Health Organization (WHO) fund.

⭕️ We're excited to announce One World: #TogetherAtHome, a global broadcast on April 18, curated in collaboration with @LadyGaga and featuring your favorite artists and comedians – all in support of the @WHO and healthcare workers on the frontlines of the COVID – 19 crisis. (1/7)

– Global Citizen on Twitter (@glblctzn)

The event under the motto “One World together at home” will take place on 18. April April, announced the US singer Lady Gaga as a co-organizer on Monday. She was a guest at one of the WHO press conferences. It is about a huge thank you to the helpers in health care in many countries, often without sufficient protection against infection worked. More money is urgently needed for protective equipment and tests, it said. (dpa)

New York State “at its peak”

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo sees light at the end of the tunnel for the particularly hard hit by the coronavirus. Although the number of people who died in the pandemic in New York compared to the previous day was 599 on 4758), this was because however, in the area of ​​the previous day, Cuomo said on Monday at its daily press conference. In addition, the number of newly admitted to hospitals has decreased significantly , as has the number of intubated patients. The number of positive for Covid – 19 tested now is more than 130. 000 .

Provisorische Behandlungszimmer im New Yorker Stadtteil Manhattan.
Temporary treatment room in the New York City borough of Manhattan. Image: Reuters

Cuomo warned the New Yorkers against becoming negligent and underestimating the virus. “It's not the time to play Frisbee with your friend in the park.” The closure of all non-“vital” shops and schools had Cuomo extended until the end of April. He emphasized that the health system is “at its capacity limit” , this will remain so in the coming days. It could also be that the numbers will rise again. (dpa)

The executive determines what to do in the corona crisis. That's okay – but excessive actions should be corrected, says the FDP vice. A guest contribution by Wolfgang Kubicki.

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daughter of British politician bursts into TV interview

At home office with children it is known that not everything always works round. British politician Anneliese Dodds, who belongs to the shadow cabinet of the new Labor leader Keir Starmer, now knows this too. She is giving a TV interview when suddenly her three-year-old daughter Isabella walks in. The financial expert takes it easy and the Sky News presenter laughs at the breakdown.