All fires in New South Wales “under control” after heavy rain

The bushfires that have raged for months in the Australian state of New South Wales are all under control, according to official information. The fire department said on Twitter that it was a “very traumatic and exhausting” fire season. In the southeastern state, which was hardest hit by the fires, millions of hectares of land have been burned since September. 25 People died, more than 2400 houses were destroyed by the flames.

In early February heavy rain started and flooded entire areas. The emergency services benefited from the storms: “The fire department worked very hard, but it would not have been possible without the rain,” said fire department spokesman James Morris of the German Press Agency.

There is currently a fire in New South Wales therefore still 24 fire. Most of them, however, are small and “very likely” will not spread, Morris said. However, the emergency services are still deployed to monitor the affected areas. “The fire season is not over,” said Morris. The fight against a bush fire continued in the capital region of Canberra.

The bush and forest fire season in Australia started particularly early this time after months of drought and due to record temperatures. The fires destroyed more than ten million hectares of land and more than 2500 houses in the east and south of the country. 33 Humans and an estimated more than a billion animals were killed.

The heavy rain of the past few days also triggered fear of flooding. In New South Wales, authorities said several dams reached their capacity limits and overflowed on Thursday. Hundreds of people had to be rescued from flood areas in the past few days. The body of a man was discovered on Thursday in a river overflowing in the north-eastern Australian state of Queensland, the police said. The circumstances under which he died were initially unclear. (dpa, AFP)