“After your career, that's something you can look back on”

Gentner cracked the Sunday 400

Christian Gentner is currently at 399 Bundesliga games and should be the 400 crack on Sunday against Wolfsburg, i.e. against the club with which he 2009 to the became champion for the second time. He does not attach great importance to the anniversary, even if, of course, he does not get around the topic in numerous interview appointments. On Sunday we have a big article about Gentner.

For the moment it is not so much in my head, but after the career it is something to look back on – and 400 is already his proud number.

Christian Gentner

Christian Gentner
Christian Gentner Image: JG

Dreaming allowed!

Once again, the Berliners prove that they have made enormous progress in this Bundesliga season. The fans can dream. A comment.

Daily mirror | David Joram

Tenth place really doesn't interest me. I am interested in the place after the 34. Gameday.

Urs Fischer (via dpa)

The game report

At the end of a very successful evening from a Union perspective, here is the game report for the 2-1 victory in Frankfurt. Tomorrow we continue with the review and other voices. Until then, we wish you a good night.

It is a nice feeling to have finally met again. I hope they also credit me with the second goal, but I think Not.

Union striker Sebastian Andersson on “Dazn”

In the end we had some luck, but about 90 minutes that was a deserved victory. We scored the goals at the right time and were defensive better than against Leverkusen. This is an important threesome for us, which gives us air on the relegation places.

Unions Marius Bülter at “Dazn”

Kevin Trapp dissatisfied

The keeper of Eintracht on “Dazn”: “If you play like we partially played today, it is difficult against every opponent. We only woke up after 0: 2. “

Timothy Chandler on the game

The defender on the microphone of “Dazn “:” Union didn't have to do much. We didn't manage to act properly. The goals were obviously too easy. We did well and then had our chances, but it wasn't enough. “


Union wins 2-1 at Eintracht Frankfurt and moves past the hosts in the table to tenth place. Union wins two guest appearances in a row in the Bundesliga for the first time.

Kroos checks Trapp again

… with a robust long-range shot. Trapp clears to the corner again.

Union keeps Frankfurt away from the gate

And the seconds pass little by little. Two more minutes to play.

90 minutes immediately at

The injury time begins right away – there are five minutes on top. The game is now extremely exciting.

And now almost the 2: 2

Frankfurt awards within seconds several good options on balancing. Abraham fails with volley, Pacienca with head. Gikiewicz throws himself resolutely on the ball from a few meters after the third conclusion.

Almost 1: 3

Grischa Prömel has the decision on his feet, Kevin Trapp but just scratches his deflected shot from the angle.

Again Silva

This time by head. The conclusion clearly goes past the gate, but Frankfurt is now pushing more.

About ten minutes to play

Is it enough for Union to win away? Frankfurt is now showing a different body language.

The connection!

At the end of an almost failed attack Andre Silva comes from four meters on the ball and pushes it past Gikiewicz into the goal. The shot was slightly deflected.

Chandler with all anger

Frankfurt's Timothy Chandler moves out 16 meters from the edge of the penalty area – and shoots clearly next to the goal of Union.

What else comes from Eintracht?

Frankfurt could have used the connection goal well. Union is now deep and massive in its own half again.

Big chance for Frankfurt

In return, Goncalo Pacienca shows up for Gikiewicz who makes the great chance of a direct connection through foot defense a niece. Strong hold.

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