After Vapiano, steak house chain Maredo files for bankruptcy

In the Corona crisis there is the next big bankruptcy in gastronomy: This time it hits the steak house chain Maredo. It was reported that major companies in the Maredo Group had filed a “precautionary” application for bankruptcy at the Düsseldorf District Court. It seems that the current exit bans and limited opening hours in the wake of the corona pandemic have brought down another ailing restaurant group. On Friday, the pasta chain Vapiano declared bankrupt.

In the 35 Maredo restaurants in Germany and Austria there are around 1000 people employed, including 950 in Germany. Because of the closure of all restaurants, the company was currently unable to generate any income. At the same time, rents and salaries would still have to be paid. The management is currently examining whether the chain can receive state aid.

If Maredo meets the requirements, the procedure initiated could be withdrawn. The company expects corresponding information from the responsible government agencies and banks later this week.

However, the chain's turnover has already plummeted in recent years. Similar to Vapiano. According to industry insiders, Maredo was considered a restructuring case. Maredo was founded 47 years ago by Manfred Holl, Karl-Heinz Reinheimer and Udo Schlote. The letters from their names form the Maredo brand. They opened their first restaurant on Kurfürstendamm. Tsp

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