According to Seehofer, the crisis has not yet reached its peak

close borders to France, Austria and Switzerland

The borders with France, Austria and Switzerland should with effect from Monday 8 a.m. . Chancellor Angela Merkel, Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder, Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer, Minister of Health Jens Spahn, Baden-Württemberg's Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann, Saarland's Prime Minister Tobias Hans and Rhineland-Palatinate's Prime Minister Malu Dreyer agreed in a telephone booth.

Officially, no decision has yet been made, but according to Tagesspiegel information from participants, the group has basically agreed. The decision should be made this evening at 19 o'clock will be announced. However, the free movement of goods should be secured, commuters should also be allowed to pass. One of the reasons for this is that there are many cases of coronavirus in the region near the border in France. (Tsp)

Die Bundesregierung plant weitere Schritte.
The federal government is planning further steps. Image: Imago Images / Mandoga Media

Peter Altmaier: CureVac will offer vaccine worldwide

Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier (CDU) has confirmed that the Tübingen pharmaceutical research company CureVac who is working on a possible vaccine against the corona virus will not get into US hands. It is “a great decision” by the company management. With her decision to offer a possible vaccine worldwide , she had spoken plainly how this would be sensible and appropriate in the face of such a crisis be. Altmaier in the ARD “Report from Berlin” literally: “Germany is not for sale”. (Reuters)

The small islands must lock themselves up

That something is brewing in the north and especially on Sylt , was already clear in the course of Saturday: Islanders sent calls for help via Twitter, because they felt overwhelmed by tourists who were apparently arriving in large numbers.

Call for help from Sylt 1 / x: Today (Saturday afternoon) thousands of tourists have already come to the island and the car trains that are in the 30 – minutes Cycle, are still packed. It's like the virus doesn't exist. #COVID 19Germany

– Sylterin on Twitter (@ sylterin1)

Now the Schleswig-Holstein state government has responded: After a telephone cabinet meeting on Sunday afternoon is practically a lockdown for the islands in the north – on the North Sea as well as on the Baltic Sea.

From 6 a.m. Monday morning, only people with their first place of residence on the island have access – and those who work there . Prime Minister Daniel Günther (CDU) asked tourists to leave. Compliance with the order is checked by the police, who also take care of the traffic regulations. Because since Denmark has closed its borders for Germans and the ferry List – Rømø only transports goods, there are for tourists and Locals only the way with the (car) train over the Hindenburgdamm.

Even more travel traffic than usual had also reported residents of other coastal towns, especially on the North Sea , on social networks at the weekend. The coronavirus is apparently to blame for everything: The population across Germany, asked to avoid events and prefer to stay at home instead, went to the coast instead. Whether Sankt-Peter-Ording, Cuxhaven-Duhnen or just Sylt: Many used the good weather (and maybe some also the forced free time) to get some fresh air in the healthy, stimulating climate.

And this idea is not entirely wrong per se: While the parks in Paris or Austria are closed, Germany's best-known virologist currently recommends Prof. Dr. Christian Drosten from the Charité definitely goes for a walk in the fresh air.

However, a microcosm like a small island in the Wadden Sea quickly reaches its limits: Sylt has one Hospital, but not nearly enough intensive care beds in the event that masses of tourists and locals on the island, in restaurants, hotels and bars, are infected with the corona virus.

In this respect, the step is to seal off the islands , only logical – even if it is currently still unclear how the arrangement should really be checked. Because especially in relation to the many Sylt commuters who live on the mainland due to the high island rents, but go to work on the island every day , it should be difficult for the police to closely monitor who is allowed to and who is not allowed on the island.

The Schleswig-Holstein state government has meanwhile taken another step to prevent the spread of the corona virus, and in turn has closed the border with Denmark. (Karolina Meyer-Schilf)

The renowned Italian architect and designer Vittorio Gregotti is after an infection with the corona virus at the age of 92 died in Milan years ago. This was announced by several official offices of the city of Milan on Sunday. The was known born Gregotti, especially for his works in Milan's Bicocca district, for the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona, the new opera house in Aix-en-Provence and the cultural center Belem in Portugal.

Daily mirror

G7 special summit on the pandemic as a video conference

The large industrialized countries united in the G7 group stop on Monday a special summit on the coronavirus pandemic from. According to the French Presidential Office, this should take place via video conference . French President Emmanuel Macron had therefore suggested the meeting to better coordinate the way the countries deal with the crisis.

It's about The Elysée Palace in Paris explained measures for the health of the citizens, for the economy and the financial markets as well as for questions of research. In addition to France, the G7 group also includes Germany, the USA, Great Britain and Italy as well as Japan and Canada. US President Donald Trump currently chairs the G7. (AFP)

Spahn: supermarkets, pharmacies, banks stay on

Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) has asked for understanding of drastic measures to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus “the shut down public life ”. In the ZDF program “Berlin Direkt” he said on Sunday evening about the closings of many facilities: “What I can't rule out – that we take further measures come. “Spahn also assured:” supermarkets, pharmacies, banks – they will definitely stay on , they ensure the basic supply. “

The Minister emphasized that the coronavirus pandemic was Germany still “relatively at the beginning of development” . In this country there will unfortunately be even more deaths from the lung disease Covid – 19 give. Regarding the planned border closings, Spahn emphasized that these are necessary in order to actually limit social contacts as much as possible. He added that it must also be prevented that people from Austria, because of their own restrictions, “now go shopping across the border”. (dpa)

Crisis team also advises on Monday about vaccine company

The federal government will deal with the case of the Tübingen vaccine company Deal with CureVac more intensively. The crisis team will discuss this on Monday , says Interior Minister Seehofer. The United States is also interested in CureVac as the company is working on a vaccine against the Sars-CoV-2 pathogen. The federal government also wants to secure the company for Germany and Europe. Previously, the newspaper

“Welt am Sonntag”, citing government circles, reported that Donald Trump was trying to Poach scientists with high financial donations and secure the drug exclusively for the USA . (Tsp, Reuters)

240 Federal police officers in quarantine

The federal police recorded four cases of Infected. This is the state of Saturday, says the chief of the federal police, Dieter Romann. 240 are precautionary as contact persons in quarantine. ( Reuters)

Federal government advises on return campaigns

The federal government's crisis team, headed by Chancellor Angela Merkel, is due to open on Consult Monday about return campaigns from Germans in neighboring countries. After that, a decision should be made, says Interior Minister Horst Seehofer with regard to the restricted flight and train connections. ( Reuters)

RKI reports further increase in infected people

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reports an increase in laboratory-confirmed infections in Germany. These are with 4838 specified. On Saturday there were still 3795. Of which 4195 COVID – 19 – Cases electronically transmitted to the RKI. The number of deaths was given as twelve. ( Reuters)

“Spread progresses aggressively”

Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) has tightened controls and entry bans on the borders to Switzerland, France, Austria, Denmark and also Luxembourg justified in more detail. “For travelers without a valid reason to travel, they can no longer enter,” said Seehofer on Sunday evening in Berlin.

“The spread of the corona virus is progressing rapidly and aggressively,” he said. “We have to assume that the peak of this development has not yet been reached,” said Seehofer. “Of course, German citizens have the right to return to their home country.” Goods and commuters are also excluded. ( dpa)

From Monday, 8 a.m., travel restrictions at several external borders in Germany

Tomorrow morning from 8 a.m., German border controls will come into force at several borders. Interior Minister Horst Seehofer announced this on Sunday evening at a press conference in Berlin. The reason for this is the rapid and aggressive spread of the corona virus. The borders with France, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark and Luxembourg are affected by the controls and travel restrictions.

It is not enough to just cancel events and social contacts to prevent. Travel movements would also have to be restricted.

The movement of goods and cross-border commuter traffic will continue to be possible. However, unnecessary trips are prohibited.

People at the borders as suspected cases Entry will not be identified, says Seehofer.

Innenminister Horst Seehofer während der Pressekonferenz am Sonntagabend in Berlin.
Interior Minister Horst Seehofer during the press conference on Sunday evening in Berlin. Image: Photo: Tobias Schwarz / AFP

Denmark wants to pay most of the salaries in a corona emergency

The Danish government wants employees whose jobs are threatened by the coronavirus crisis , helping financially. The state will temporarily under certain conditions 75 Pay percent of the salaries of employees in the private sector if they are otherwise threatened with dismissal. Denmark's Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen pleaded to the companies in her country in a press conference on Sunday, Not to dismiss employees. Previously, the government had negotiated with unions and employers' organizations.

The help is converted to monthly around 3000 Euro per employee limited and should be paid retrospectively from March 9th to June 9th announced the Ministry of Finance. Companies should undertake not to fire employees for economic reasons during the period mentioned. can apply for support accordingly Companies that are particularly hard hit by the corona crisis – that is, at least 30 percent of the workforce or more than 50 employees would have to be fired . The costs for the help were around 347 million euros estimated. (dpa)

Under the pressure of rapidly growing numbers of illnesses and the energetic measures taken by neighboring countries, the British government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson is changing its previously reserved approach to the corona epidemic.

Daily mirror | Sebastian Borger

Turkish authorities are now ordering quarantine for growing criticism Mecca returnees. On the night of Sunday there were student dormitories vacated to accommodate the pilgrims there.

Daily mirror | Susanne Güsten

Long traffic jams before the border with Poland

After the closure of Poland's borders with Germany and other EU neighbors due to the Corona crisis Long traffic jams formed there on Sunday night. “The rush is large because many Poles want to return to their home country in view of the new regulation “, said a spokeswoman for the Polish Border guards on Sunday at the German Press Agency in Warsaw.

Before the Jedrzychowice border crossing on the A4 near Görlitz there was a seven-hour waiting period in Swiecko due to the controls on the A 12 near Frankfurt / Oder, drivers had to five to wait six hours, as they said in the afternoon. According to the Polish border guards, the situation at the Olszyna crossing on the A was more relaxed with only slight delays. near Cottbus and Kolbaskowo on the A 11 near Pomellen.

In order to make the spreading of the coronavirus more difficult, Poland to 58 Border crossings to Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Lithuania controls reintroduced . International air and train connections have been suspended. Poles can return to their homeland, but have to 14 Quarantined days . Foreigners, however, are only allowed to enter the country in exceptional cases. These apply to people with permanent residence permits, to truck drivers and for diplomats . There are no restrictions on the movement of goods.

The government in Warsaw, together with the airline Lot, is organizing charter flights for Poland that want to return from abroad. On Sunday a first plane from London landed with 232 Passengers on board at the airport in Warsaw. Overall, according to the information 12. 00 0 Poland requests for these charter flights . Flights from Chicago, New York, Toronto and Sri Lanka are planned in the coming days. So far in Poland there are 119 confirmed coronavirus cases and three fatalities. (dpa)

ZahlreicheLKWs stehen auf der Autobahn 4 an der polnischeGrenzeimStau.Polenhatwegen der Coronavirus-Krise in der Nacht zur Sonntag seine Grenzen zuDeutschland und anderen EU-Nachbarländern für Ausländergeschlossen.
Numerous Trucks are on Highway 4 on the Polish border in Traffic jam. Poland has because of the coronavirus crisis on Sunday night its limits Germany and other neighboring EU countries for foreigners closed. Image: Photo: Sebastian Kahnert / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa

Boris Johnson does not want to extend Brexit transition phase under any circumstances

Despite the coronavirus pandemic , the British government refuses to extend the Brexit transition phase “under any circumstances” . A government spokeswoman said on request of the German Press Agency on Sunday.

Because of the worldwide Covid – 19 – Outbreak Great Britain and the European Union the planned second round of negotiations on their future relationships was canceled . This should have started in London on Wednesday. However, according to the British government, it is being examined to what extent negotiations could continue, for example, via video conference.

At the first round in Brussels, the negotiators had so far made little progress. But time is short. London and Brussels only have time until the end of December to get a Free trade agreement and the cooperation in other areas to agree before the Brexit transition phase ends. Otherwise, the economy is particularly threatened.

Great Britain was on 31. January from the international community, but is still subject to EU rules until the end of the year. The transition period can only be extended until the end of June. But the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson vehemently rejects an extension . He even wants to end the talks early if there is insufficient progress by summer. Critics warn that the coronavirus epidemic can then peak. (dpa)

Bavaria wants to take further steps

In view of the coronavirus crisis, Bavaria is planning further restrictions on public life. There are plans to largely close down meeting places such as bars and swimming pools, as well as restrictions in the catering trade and for shops , like the German Press agency learned from government circles. (dpa)

UN Secretary General calls for more international cooperation

The Secretary General of the United Nations, António Guterres, calls for increased international cooperation in the fight against the corona virus. “We have to declare war on this virus,” Guterres says in New York. The rapid spread of respiratory diseases represents the greatest health threat to humanity today.

No country can fight the disease Covid alone – 19 win, Guterres emphasizes. Governments would have to consistently implement an effective containment strategy. The test capacities and hospital reception capacities should be increased.

Every single person has a responsibility, the UN Secretary General notes. So all medical advice should be followed. Guterres makes it clear that this is the time for caution, science and facts. Panic, stigma and fear should have no place.

The former Prime Minister of Portugal also spreads hope. The spread would peak and then the economy would recover. According to the latest available figures from the World Health Organization (WHO) from Saturday ten o'clock in the morning in German time, was more than 142. 00 0 Covid – 19 – cases in 136 countries and territories have been confirmed, just under 5. 400 infected people died according to the information. (epd)

Generalsekretär der Vereinten Nationen: António Guterres.
Secretary General of the United Nations: António Guterres. Image: Imago IMages / Luiz Rampelotto

And while the people in Berlin are still happy stroll through the Treptower Park , in Paris is the Tuileries Garden now closed until further notice .

Le musée du #Louvre, le jardin des #Tuileries et la Cour Carrée sont fermés jusqu'à nouvel ordre. The visiteurs ayant acheté un billet en ligne pour le musée seront remboursés automatiquement. Nous vous remercions de votre compréhension.

– Musée du Louvre on Twitter (@museelouvre)

I guarantee the health of citizens, but also that of democratic ones Living in the country. We will master the crisis by dealing responsibly with one another

French President Emmanuel Macron criticizes the restrictions and the ongoing elections

 Emmanuel Macron bei der Stimmabgabe.
Emmanuel Macron voting. Image: Pascal Rossignol / Pool / Reuters

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