A non-arrested member of the alleged terrorist group was an informant who testified to the police in October

According to a media report, the police had an informant in the group when they investigated the alleged right-wing terrorist cell that was broken last week. The man had already given extensive information in October, but did not warn the others, reported the Südwestrundfunk (SWR) and the ARD capital studio on Monday. It is said to be a group member who was not arrested in the raid on Friday.

Last week, the contact with the man was broken, reported SWR and ARD capital studio, citing investigative circles , The leading state criminal police office in Baden-Württemberg feared for the safety of the informant on the one hand and worried about spontaneous acts on the other. The searches on Friday were therefore organized at very short notice.

After the alleged right-wing terrorist cell was broken up, twelve suspects were taken into custody on the weekend. There were four alleged members and eight alleged supporters. According to the federal prosecutor, the group intended to bring about “civil war-like conditions” by attacking politicians, asylum seekers and Muslims. In addition to the police, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution was also involved in the clarification of the group's activities, which the investigators called “Group S.” and was closely monitored.

Further details on the planning are on Monday the alleged right-wing terrorist cell. The group around Werner S. is said to have planned attacks on six mosques in smaller cities.

In security circles, their plans are considered a “particularly serious case”. This is also because the men who, according to dpa information, met in a telegram chat group and had met only twice, were quick to act.

Protection of the constitution goes from 12. 700 violent right-wing extremists from

One of the men is said to have been commissioned to procure weapons. According to information from security circles, the weapons found in the raids last Friday include axes, swords and firearms.

After the raids in six federal states, the investigating judge at the Federal Court of Justice had issued arrest warrants against twelve men , Four alleged members of the group and eight alleged supporters are in custody. The group around the 32 year old Werner S. from the Augsburg area is said to have envisaged attacks on politicians, asylum seekers and Muslims in order to trigger “civil war-like conditions” and thus to shake the social order

The arrests clearly showed the acute danger of right-wing motivated attacks, said FDP domestic politician Benjamin Strasser. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to “standardize the protection standards for endangered objects such as religious institutions throughout Germany.”

The protection of the constitution goes beyond 32. 000 Right-wing extremists. 12. 700 of which are classified as violent right-wing extremists. The police classify 53 rights as a threat nationwide. In the area of ​​politically motivated crime, the police describe people as “endangered” who they trust to carry out serious acts of violence up to terrorist attacks.

The plans of “Group S.” show similarities to the plans of the group ” Revolution Chemnitz ”. Its members were arrested in October 2018. (Tsp, AFP, dpa)