22-year-old sentenced to life imprisonment for murder

After an illegal car race with a fatality in Moers in North Rhine-Westphalia, the regional court in Kleve convicted the 22 year-old driver of murder. He was sentenced to life imprisonment on Monday.

The man had a race in Moers near Duisburg with another defendant with his 600 horsepower car in a residential area. He collided with the small car of an uninvolved woman who had just turned onto the street.

The 43 year old was thrown out of her car and died after three days. According to the expert, the accident car should have accelerated up to 167 kilometers per hour during the race.

In the main hearing on Monday, the driver did not have the directly in the Accident involved cars giving forgiveness to the family of those killed. In a statement read by his lawyer, he said: “I am incredibly sorry for what happened there. I wish I could undo everything. ”The case is reminiscent of a deadly car race on Berlin's Kurfürstendamm beginning 2016. (dpa)