At your Service

Silver Sage is the sole provider of Meals on Wheels in Bandera County. These words are more powerful than most know! A box of blankets was delivered to Silver Sage with a beautiful note from the children of parents who made Bandera County their home for their entire lives. After the children had left home and the father had passed away, the elderly mother received Meals on Wheels for several years. The letter expressed how much it meant to the family of 14 kids that their mother had nutritious food after she became unable to go to the store to buy food or to cook for herself. The note went on to say that she would eat part of the meal for lunch and the other part for supper. These children appreciated all that Silver Sage had done for their parents and they wanted to give something back for the kindness shown to their parents.
This is why Silver Sage does what it does: Enriching the lives of seniors in Bandera County. Touching the lives of seniors in need is not something that should be taken for granted. The Meals on Wheels clients are mothers, fathers, grandparents, and next-door neighbors who cannot take care of themselves. They have lived their lives helping others and now it is time for Bandera County to help them! Meals on Wheels clients are real people with real needs! Now is the time for Bandera residents to help them! Volunteer to become a Meals on Wheels driver, donate to the Meals on Wheels program, or purchase a Silver Ticket for a chance to win special prizes from Bandera County participating merchants.