Hole-in-one welcomes Martinot

A game where you grab a stick and knock a ball into a hole should have simple rules, but reading the rules of golf is like reading a contract full of legalese and small print. In fact, the rules are so complex that there is a separate book that covers rulings on the rules. It’s enough to make a golfer give up and resort to homemade rules and a full cooler of beer.
But there is one unwritten rule that all golfers ignore at their peril: If someone arrives at the first tee complaining that they haven’t played for several months, hold on to your wallet.
Bill Martinot lives in the frozen north country of Flin Flon, Manitoba, but in the winter Bill and his wife, Gladys, can be found in Bandera. It’s a tad too cold for golf when the snow blows in Flin Flon, so the Martinots take advantage of our warmer weather to indulge their addiction to the game. It’s a rare winter day that they are not out on the Flying L course.
The Martinots arrived a week or so ago and Bill complained that he had not played golf all summer at home in Flin Flon. It seems the weather was unusually cold this year and Bill spent his time fishing instead of golfing. So what happened when this out of practice Canadian golfer played one of his first rounds at the Flying L this year? Bill aced the 7th hole with a beautiful iron shot.
The Good Old Boys were playing on the same day that Bill made his ace, and San Antonio’s Chris Finger turned in a good round of his own. Finger took first place with an impressive 7 points from a round of 90 and won the closest to the pin prize on number 12. Bandera’s Max Konz was second with a 4-point round of 78, and Hondo’s Byron Watts was third with an 86 that earned 3 points.
Three Bandera residents tied for fourth with 1 point each. Buddy Antwine shot 79, Bob Bashaw shot 90, and Peter Lovett shot 83 and was closest to the pin on number 2. Don Bateman, also of Bandera, was medalist with a 76.
The Flying L Ladies Golf Association competed in a back-9 tournament on Tuesday, November 14. K. C. Campbell won the low gross prize with a score of 44, aided by a chip-in on the 18th hole. Penny Bateman took second with 46, Janet Hooten was third with 47, and Lisa Tanner was fourth with 48.
JoAnn Hill won the low net race with a score of 34 and won the prize for the fewest putts with 31. Larue Bashaw and Liz McRae both shot 35. Bashaw won a scorecard playoff to take second place. Liz Koeninger was fourth with 36. Koeninger also won the closest to the pin prize on number 7 and capped the hole off by making the birdie putt.
The next big event at the Flying L will be the Flying L Winter Cup matches on December 2. This will be a 2-team match play event and 56 eager players have already signed up.