The house that great-grandpaw built

About July of this year I was notified by my neighbor Sandra Carolyn, that the home that my great-grandfather built in the mid-1870's was going to be torn down. I got in contact with the agent who confirmed that the home was scheduled to be demolished in just a few days. I informed him of the history of the old original part of the house that has stood the course of time. I sent him information that told the story of it being the oldest structure in Pipe Creek, and that my great-grandfather built the house.
He said he was very sorry, but that the old home was in bad shape and a demo was already scheduled. He said that if I wanted to get some of the original stonework from the house and fireplace and take photos that it would be fine with him. And that is just what I did. I was able to get a cedar pier from the foundation that had a square head nail in it. That alone would signify the age of the structure.
It was sad to see the old Wilburn White home built in the 1870's go down. On my last trip to see the old home that had been partly demolished, I noticed that some of the load-bearing beams were in very bad shape. In other words, it was on its last leg anyhow. There was no time to get the historical society involved.
I am sure that somewhere in the history of Bandera County there are photos of the home back in the 1800's. It is possible that I might find some photos of the place from the many photos I have from my dad, Earl White, Sr. Anyhow, the structure might be gone, but the memories will live on.