Dr. Green

As many of you know, I had a bad day well, actually, a bad one second, on my new hover board. I had 30 seconds of fun prior to my accident. Results were a broken wrist followed by hand surgery with a steel plate inserted along with a couple of screws they found loose in my head.
Actually, the real story here is my hand surgeon, Dr. David Green. He is a native Texan from El Paso. Gee, that's where Roger Roberts and I took basic training in the Army way back in 1968. Anyhow Dr. Green went to New York City for his orthopedic and hand surgery training.
In 1978, he became the first surgeon in San Antonio to devote his practice entirely to hand and upper extremity surgery.
Dr. Green, as it turns out, has a special interest and extensive experience in treating athletic injuries of the hand and wrist. He was team physician for the Clark High School football team, and continues to treat high school and college athletes from San Antonio and surrounding communities.
Get this, he is the hand surgery consultant for the San Antonio Spurs.
He has treated numerous professional athletes, including members of the Dallas Cowboys, major league baseball players, world class gymnasts, elite polo players, professional rodeo cowboys, and golfers on the PGA tour. Wow! what a resume, and somehow he had time to assist this hover board test dummy!
I am indeed very fortunate to have had this very knowledgeable renowned hand surgeon put my broken wrist back together.
I recall when I first met Dr. Green, and he advised me that I would require a steel plate or risk breaking that wrist again. Well, you can bet your life I went for the steel.
My accident was unfortunate; however, having Dr. Green as my hand surgeon was a blessing in disguise.
I will always be grateful for his help.