Amazon to the rescue

There I was having a wonderful morning and noticed that we didn’t have any water. I went out to check the watering hoses and found no problem there.
They were all off, so checked the the water pump breaker. When it tripped, the breaker there was no power to the water pump.
There was only one thing left to do and that was to switch out the controller. I had a spare that my good friend Joe Heisler gave me several years ago.
After I installed that controller, the pump started working like a champ. I went online to Amazon and found the identical replacement part and after reviewing that it might be be a bad compositor, my wife Beth and I decided to take that chance and order the part instead of the whole controller.
Since we had primer membership the two day delivery time came into play. The new compositor arrived and I switched out the old compositor for the new one.
This took approximately five minutes. After I turned on the power to the pump house, a very pleasant sound was present. The pump was working again just like old times!
I tell you that Amazon is really a great place to shop. All you need to do is make sure you enter the correct pat number to their website.
Also, please note that you don't have to use your credit card. Just get an Amazon gift card and you are set to go. A piece of cake to get the deal done.
I also, just for the heck of it, checked out their submergible pumps and they had it all--the storage tank and the square D pump pressure switch.
I tell you, I cannot say enough good things about that Amazon site. Well, we all have our bad days when the water well pump may stop functioning, so just make a note of your water pump parts and try the Amazon folks out to assist you with your problem.
Just another side note, my wonderful Escalade with 163K miles had a fuel injection problem. The number three cylinder just kept miss firing and after ordering a new spider fuel injector system from guess who? Yep, the Amazon folks.
The part arrived and I handed the installation mission to my old school mate/mechanic Joe Heisler and he installed the darn thing. Now it runs like a brand new Escalade and even the gas milage is better. Pretty good stuff huh? I hope that my information about Amazon helps you out.