Major life decision

Well, they say the best day of owning a boat is the day you purchase it and the day you sell it. Since I am now a year older and a bit more wiser, I have made a major decision in my life! I am selling my Harley Sportster 1200.
Parting with it is not as painful as I once thought it would be. I was offered a fair price and as my Dad told me you take care of your stuff good things will happen, Doug. Thanks Dad! I have always wanted to own a Harley and now I can say in past tense I have!
Way back in 1971 when I was leaving the Army from Korea to Ft Lewis WA, I almost ordered one through the PX, "TAX" free. A 1971 Harley sportster 1200 for $1,500.00; not bad, huh? Anyhow, I backed out of the deal because I was afraid that the shipment would be delayed for one reason or another. I was not going to stay in the Army a minute longer than necessary! I just knew that when I signed for my next meal in the Chow hall at Ft. Lewis while waiting for that Harley to arrive prior to my ETS that the First Sergeant would slip a re-enlistment contract with a carbon paper under neath the meal form. Then grin and say surprise SP/5 White you are ours for another 6 years, have a nice day!
Back to my 2002 Harley sportster XL 1200 Custom. Ever since that movie came out "Wild Hogs" nobody wants me to ride with them because I remind them of that character in the movie named "Doug." Seriously, I don't regret owning or selling the motorcycle, it has been in a word FUN. I don't want to risk having to deal with a broken wrist again if I don't have to. That hover board accident taught me a valuable lesson. I sure found out that my bones don't heal as fast as they used to. I don't care who you are and how wonderful a rider you are on that Harley, you will put it down someday. Well, take care - ride to live!