Fun with solar

Well, the summer vacation is coming to an end soon. We will be going back to school soon, and to tell you the truth, I am ready for the challenges of a new school year. When 2015 comes around that will be a remarkable milestone for me - my twenty-fifth year of driving for the Bandera ISD!
I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would drive a school bus for a quarter of a century! It is very possible that I will make a goal of 30 years! I will cross that bridge if it comes!
Now to the real story for this week.
I was enjoying a visit to one of my favorite stores, Big Lots, in Kerrville. Upon my return to Kerrville after the 4th of July parade in Fredericksburg, I stopped by the Big Lots store to purchase a cold drink. I ended up buying a Big Daddy Root Beer and on my way out of the store I saw these cute solar animals.
The one that struck my fancy was a hoot owl figure, the only one left. When the light hit the solar window it would actuate head movement of the cool looking owl.
I liked the way the head of the Wise Ol' Owl moved back and forth as if to say, "No."
I had some plans for this little fellow and my first test was at the Church's Chicken in Kerrville.
After I parked the Chicken Car in it's roosting spot, I decided to have some fun with the staff of the store. After I ordered my lunch, I pulled out the solar owl to show some of the staff.
I said, "This is not just a solar owl figure - it is a very wise owl. You ask it a question and it will give the answer to your question by movement of its head! Pretty cool, huh?"
Well, that got their attention and I asked the wise ol' owl this question: "Should I be a cook for Church's Chicken?"
The owl moved its head in the only direction it could, signifying a NO.
They all got a kick out of that response from the Wise Owl. I got a smile from everyone of the staff.
Then I told them like it was, if it were not for them there most likely would not be a Chicken Car and to keep up the good work!
By the way, that Kerrville store was the place that I put in an application to drive the Chicken Car 20 years ago!
Wow! Another milestone!
I hope you enjoyed this week's story.