Veterans Day parades

WOW! what a special day it was on Saturday, Nov. 14. The Church's Chicken car participated in two very special parades. The first one was in Bandera, the crowd was wonderful and it was so much fun to be a part of the parade. The announcer gave us some very special kudos and we loved every minute of it. I had my childhood friend with me, Joe Heisler, and we had a great time.
Unfortunately, he could not go with me to the VA Hospital Veterans day parade and car show in Kerrville. After the Bandera parade, we were waved by a Deputy to head toward Kerrville for the next parade. After I dropped Joe off at the Church's Chicken place in Bandera, I pressed on. The car ran great and everything was working like clockwork.
I arrived in plenty of time to find my line up number 26 and had time to visit with some of the participants. I met one fellow that was a Huey pilot in Vietnam and he said his class was one of the last ones to fly the OH13T and to learn to fly the UH-1 helicopter. As you might recall I use to crew the OH-13T at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, GA. It was a special time and a fine trainer helicopter.
After the VA Veterans Day parade I looked at some of the cool looking cars on display. I found this one that just blew my mind. It was a beautiful 1962 silver blue Chevy Impala identical to the one my parents had.
The seats and headliner were just perfect and the car looked like it just came off the assembly line. I was in disbelief that the seats and headliner were the same pattern as our 1962 Impala. The only difference was that ours was a six cylinder 235. The one here at the car show was a 327 V8 engine.
As with Bandera, the VA Hospital put on a super parade to honor the veterans. I want to thank Marshall Considine, Bandera Honors Veterans Committee Chairman and Patti Morin, coordinator of the VA Hospital Veterans Day parade. Thank you so much for the invites to participate in the parades.