Hondo Christmas Night Parade

We participated in our first night parade which took place in Hondo on November 19. We were honored with a line up number of six. The weather was not bad at all and lots of folks came out for Christmas In God's Country parade. The parade was well organized by the Hondo Area Chamber of Commerce with lots of colorful floats and some of the participants actually wore lights on their attire.
During the start of the Christmas parade by coincidence, a huge train passed near by the parade line up area and the engineer cut loose with the air horns on that locomotive. It was his way of participating in the parade. The sound of the rolling stock going by made it's own kind of music! It was great timing and very cool too.
One of the floats in the Christmas parade, brought back a memory. After I left the Army back in 1971, I got a job with Gary Aircraft in Hondo. In fact, I was working there when Beth and I were newlyweds. I worked with some fine folks, one of which was Mr. Casanova, an aircraft rigger.
We worked deep in the belly of some of those C-54's. You had to have a flash light with you because it was pitch black. I had to hold that light on a aircraft cable tension meter for Mr. Casanova on many occasions. He was an expert in his field and a joy to work with. We had a plane come in from Soeul, Korea and when the crew found out that I served there while in the U.S. Army, they gave me some ramen noodle soup, which had not yet been introduced into America and Beth and I invited them to our home for dinner for what else, but southern fried chicken!
I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving holiday.