Lost a good friend ; Coy Quinn "Sonny" Merritt

I lost a good friend and a fine Bandera barber by the name of Coy Quinn "Sonny" Merritt. He passed away April 21, at the age of 71. I don't know how I missed his obituary in the paper, but I did. I must say something about my good friend, Sonny Merritt. He had been in the barber profession over 50 years.
He used to love my stories about the Chicken Car, and he made my fresh hair cut look so good that I needed to be careful because somebody might offer me a job! Even the Walmart greeter asked me if I would like a job application when he noticed how sharp my hair cut was thanks to good old Sonny!
I remember making him and a customer laugh, when I noticed an old anvil and hammer on display in his Barber shop. I would tap the hammer lightly on the anvil that would make a very cool sound and ask: "Would any of you fellows like some new shoes for your vehicle out side there or for your horse."
After my hair cut, I would ask Sonny to sweep some of the hair on the floor near me from a previous customer to make it look like I had more hair that was cut. He would say in his soft mellow voice, "Why Sure, Doug, I can do that if it would make your day better."
I remember one day, I went by and he was closing the shop getting ready to go to lunch. I said, "I"ll be back later." He replied, "No you are already here, I might as well cut your hair." What a guy he was.
I also remember he had a lady Barber by the name of Christy Dennison that worked with him back in 2013. She cut my hair on several occasions and as we were talking about Airplanes she mentioned her husband was a test pilot for Emivest Aerospace out of San Antonio.
I took a shot in the dark and mentioned that I use to work with a very fine person by the name of Frank Parsons. He and I worked on Gulf Stream 2's at the international airport at Associated Page. We installed O2 lines and would test them out to make sure 100% of the 02 masks would drop from the valances.
I said, "I lost contact with Frank after I joined the USAF in 1972!" She said, that she and her husband knew Frank and before I knew it she called him up on the phone and handed it to me. Wow! what a surprise for both Frank and myself to be talking after all those years! The world became very small at that instant because of Sonny having Christy in his shop assisting him.
I am saddened that I did not write about Sonny sooner, but it is never too late to acknowledge him!