Kerrville homecoming

Man, you talk about team spirit, there was plenty of it in Kerrville on Thursday, 23 Oct 14. We had the Chicken Car in this very special parade. Everything went great.
Mr. Lee Pool was the man with the clipboard and the title: Homecoming Parade Coordinator. He was super organized and for anyone with a question about the parade or the location of their float in the parade he had the answer in seconds.
Church's Chicken was #28 in the line up and it was so easy to get in the right position thanks to Mr. Pool and his assistant.
I was not able to get a photo of this very special lady in the parade. Her name is Clarabelle Snodgrass and she was a graduate from the Tivy Class of 1930. Her age is 101 years young. What an honor to see her in this high spirited parade!
She is a valuable resource to the historical folks, giving them input about the history of Kerrville Schools. Which is really super, since she lived it! I wish I could have gotten a photo of her as she passed by the Chicken Car. She had a big beautiful smile and was ringing a hand held bell, just like they used in the early days - like the one used by Ms. Crabtree of the Little Rascals!
I did, however, get a photo of the Tivy Cheerleaders. I wish I could put more photos of parade participants in my article. We have limited room and have to go with the best photo at the time.
I want to thank all the Kerrvillle Homecoming Parade coordinatiors and helper that made this parade a complete success. Thank you for the invitation.