Parades day & night

Wow, what a special time of the year. The parade schedule has been great. And the last two parades were very special and fun, too. The first parade was on Friday 5 December in Fredericksburg. It was a night parade and I was told there were 80 floats in the parade.
The weather was not bad and the crowd was super. Usually the temperature reading of the Chicken Car's engine sets at 212 degrees, but during the whole parade the temperature reading held steady at 106 degrees. The car ran very smoothly and you could not hear the engine running. I could tell that the engine was happy! This would be our last night Christmas parade.
I am very pleased that we were able to participate in this wonderful Christmas spirited parade.
The next Christmas parade was a day parade in Bandera. There were lots of colorful costumes. The Chicken Car at times was surrounded by Santas, many of them on horseback.
I gave out a bunch of Church's wooden nickels that were good for a complimentary drink, small fry, or mac & cheese.
It was nice to finish our holiday parade schedule with a day time parade. I don't know how many entries there were in the Bandera Christmas parade, but I do know it seems to get a bit larger every year.
I want to thank all the hard working parade organizers and support staff that made both the Fredericksburg and Bandera Christmas parades go very smoothly.