Love my new used truck

Well, it is hard to believe how much we love our vehicles. I purchased my first pick-up truck, a 1982 GMC High Sierra, from my commander at the time, Lt. Col. James Darnell. He knew I was going to head back to Texas after retiring from the USAF.
We were assigned to the USAF Survival School, Fairchild AFB WA. Darnell was a fine officer and his demeanor was like the actor Jimmy Stewart who as you might know was not only a movie star, but a full colonel in the USAF!
Anyhow, I will never forget when Lt. Col. Darnell, said, "Sergeant White, you can't go back to Texas driving an 1964 Chrysler, you need a pick-up truck."
I replied, "Oh, yes Sir, that 64 Chrysler will get me back to Texas okay, because it will be going down hill from here."
We had a good laugh and to make a long story short, I ended up buying his 1982 pick-up truck. I have owned that vehicle for 26 years now! It's been a super truck, but it has some maintenance issues that I really don't want to deal with.
Besides, it's fun to shop for your second truck. I have seen many a deal out there and some were very tempting, however, I just didn't find anything that struck my fancy. I was in the market for a nice used kick around pick-up truck - not a new one!
Then one evening my wife Beth showed me several truck deals on the internet. There was a Dodge truck at Toyota in Boerne so we decided to go the to dealership to check out the used Dodge.
When we arrived at the Toyota dealership in Boerne, a nice young man named Nate assisted us to find that Dodge we saw on the internet. Well, as it turned out the Dodge was sold before we got to see it.
We were about to leave when Nate, asked the magic question. "Could I interest you in another used vehicle?" Well, it sure didn't hurt to look before we headed back home. Then I saw the truck that I wanted to replace that good ole 82 GMC. It turned out to be an 2004 Chevrolet Silverado V-6 with the towing package! A very nice one-owner truck with an average of 8K per year on it! The fabric seats were very nice with no sign of wear on 'em at all!
The engine ran smooth and the engine compartment was very clean. I was impressed that the truck also had new 16" tires on it, too. I hoped that the test drive would go as well, as everything else did!
Well, the test drive went great and that truck was about to become a part of our family! I believe we shocked the salesman after we closed the deal so fast. We decided to pick up the truck the next day and were surprised that they had detailed it, given it a courtesy oil change and filled it up with fuel to boot! What a super deal.
Oh, by the way, the A/C will just about freeze you out of the vehicle! I have a temp gage attached to one of the A/C vents and it got down to 38 degrees!
Hopefully we'll enjoy this truck as long as we've enjoyed the GMC.