Before I get started on this week's story, I want to convey my condolences to Duna and Brett Morris on the recent loss of Duna's sister Cindy Gray. Also Pam & Ed Quest on the recent loss of Pam's mother, Betty Studstill and Ed's father. God Bless.
Attention all baby boomers, Mattel teams up with Google to update the View-Master. Yep, the same one that was introduced at the 1939 Worlds Fair in New York. Most of us owned one sometime during our childhood in the 50s. I know I had one that showed zoo animals, mountain scenes etc. It was very cool seeing things in 3D. It worked with reels that were placed into the viewer device and you clicked through to view.
Now the new generation of the View-Master will be available to purchase this fall for $29.99. It will come with a sample experience reel that will include a gallery of classic View-Master images including a journey into space with a tour inside a space shuttle.
Additional reels will sell for $14.99. Each pack will feature four themes such as native, adventure, destinations and science.
Cool that Mattel is bringing it's View-Masters into the digital age. So keep an eye out and enjoy.
You might want to do a search on Amazon to see what they say about it if you are interested. The one in the photo here is of the old generation.