Two special parades

Wow! Two very special parades. The first one was in Hondo, on Sept. 20, 2014. It was a very large parade and the fans of the parade were wall to wall. I seem to be hanging around Jack Bennies number of 39! That was my line number in this parade, too!
Everything went very smoothly and as the Chicken Car cruised past other parade floats to find our position, the cheers were so special it made me grin from ear to ear! One of the parade participants was a lady named Deb riding a beautiful horse named "BB." You could see the respect from the horse "BB" to Deb and vice a versa. She said "BB" is a nine-year-old Missouri Fox Trotter.
We were lined up near the railroad tracks and yep, a train was coming prior to the start of the parade. I could see the concern in Deb's eyes that "BB" might not like that train as it approached.
Well, guess what, the train engineer slowed the train down to a very low speed, and tried his best to not spook the horses. And it worked, the horses just went about their business. I was very impressed that the train engineer showed so much courtesy to the horses. What a pleasant surprise!
I want to thank Keith Howard , Parade Chairman of the Medina County Fair Association. And Jamie George, parade coordinator and the lady with the clip board. That is always an indicator of the person in charge! Thank-you for the invite and a wonderful parade!
The next parade was BHS Homecoming Parade 24 Sept. 2014. It seems to get larger every year. The Bandera community came out in full support. The parade went off without any problems that I could see.
It is always a pleasure to be a part of the BHS Homecoming parade.