Update on Little Bit

Wow, some great news came from the person that runs the animal shelter in Boerne. That person is the none other than JJ. She has assisted me with many a stray cat. And when a friend named Tina took my Little Bit to JJ for a check up she came back with some surprising news.
It turns out that Little Bit, now at approx two years old, is a Persian Dwarf tom cat. He was an instant hit at the animal clinic. Lots of folks there took photos of him.
JJ helped with cutting some of the feline's matted hair, that I could not cut without hurting my little buddy. She took care of the problem and asked if I would be willing to give up that special cat. My reply was, "No way."
I remember just like it was yesterday that I saw that special kitty asleep underneath a 1962 Chevy. I carefully reached under the car and retrieved the kitten. Gee, that was such a beautiful sight to see.
The little fellow stayed asleep and I was worried that he might not make it.
Well, he survived and is still very active along with his siblings, Axel and Friskie.
Axel is one fine cat with beautiful deep blue eyes, and Friskie is just an affectionate male cat.
They are all great cats. I have been blessed to have them. I keep Little Bit inside, so there's no chance of a stray dog taking him out.