National Fudge Day

Wow! What a great day June 16, turned out to be after hearing that it was National Fudge Day. That brought back a wonderful childhood memory from when my dear sister, Betty Jean Merritt would make fudge for no special occasion, just for the fun of it.
When she was at the stage of needing to stir it, she would really get with it and when she finished the fudge was as smooth as it could be. It looked just like dark brown ice.
It was the best fudge on the planet. Then many years later, when Beth and I went to Virginia Beach, VA., to visit, she only needed a sly hint from me and the fudge factory was open.
Man, it was just like going back in time, the best fudge ever!
Now, on National Fudge Day, my wife dug up an original Hershey's Cocoa metal can that we have had for, believe it or not, 43 years. Of course, the can is empty, but the magic is the Cocoa Fudge Recipe on the back of the Hershey's Cocoa can.
She made some on this special day and it was great! How many laps will I have to run around the house to work off the extra weight I am going to gain?
Here are some of the most familiar fudge flavors: Chocolate, chocolate nut, peanut butters, maple and last but not least, maple nut.
I hope that I made you hungry for Fudge!