Bluebonnet History

Wow, I was looking around the old home place and noticed some fresh bluebonnets in full bloom. Now they are going to seed and I sure hope they multiply next year. Then I noticed a cool report on KENS5 talking about the State Flower. Here is some information on how the Texas Bluebonnet became the state flower.
The year was 1901 and legislature was in session and the selection of a state flower was on the agenda. There was west Texas behind the prickly pair cactus, Central Texas with the Bluebonnet and East Texas calling for the cotton boll. The cry from the chamber was "What the devil is a bluebonnet?"
No one had a clear answer, except for the women known as the Colonel Dames of America in Texas! They took matters in their own hands and went to a local artist named Walker and asked her for one of her paintings of bluebonnets. After they picked up the painting, it was displayed on the floor of the legislature of the State Capital and they went one step further and had a jar with a bluebonnets placed on each of the politicians' desks. The bold move by the Dames of America in Texas it is said caused the floor of the legislature to grow silent. Then there was thunderous applause that filled the room. The bluebonnet would become the State Flower!
Ain't that cool? I was surprised that the Texas chili pepper was not in the running. One year I planted some chili piquin with blue bonnets and the colors were red, white and blue. Pretty awesome sight.