Two Veterans Day parades

It is an honor for this veteran to be a participant in our local Veterans Day parades.
The first parade was Bandera Honors Veterans. It was Saturday, 8 November 2014. Everything went perfectly well. The crowd was super and all the participants in this parade were fired up and ready to go.
There was plenty of patriotic music. I chose to play music in the Chicken Car that I had actually marched to while I was a Military Training Instructor at Lackland AFB during the 70s. It was a piece called "National Emblem" from the American Salute USAF Heritage of America Band.
It is such a great feeling playing that music and seeing all the smiles and cheers, and last but by no means least, the super salutes I encountered during the parade route. And yes, I returned each and every one of them.
There was this super lady by the name of Renee dressed up like Uncle Sam. She posed with the Chicken Car and it's own Uncle Sam top hat which was made by my wife Beth a few years ago. It still looks great on the Chicken. The wind picked up so I had to remove the top hat during the parade.
Thank-you, Renee, for making our day even more special.
The second parade was in Kerrville at the VA Hospital. The parade started at 2 pm and it was a fun parade, too.
Passing the review stand, which had veterans from all branches of the service, was a super feeling.
There were a lot of salutes and I especially recall a WWII Marine rendering a salute and giving me a thumbs up afterwords! He had a great smile ,too!
This wonderful parade was followed by a car show.
It was a fun day for parade entries, veterans and parade watchers, too.