Loss of a great rabbit

Back in October 2013, I was at Whataburger in Kerrville enjoying my order code named "One & One." Translation: one pancake and one egg over easy or sunny side up, or even scrambled at times. It's just enough of a meal to keep me going.
Anyhow, a couple of my friends, Chuck and Jan, showed up and had a question for me. You see, they had a friend who could not care for a couple of rabbits.
The friend had named the rabbits Benjamin and Franklin.
I agreed to take the two rabbits and give them a home in Pipe Creek.
They were both bucks and got along swell. I put them in a sheltered large cage. They really liked their new home and loved it when I would hand feed them carrots and lettuce. I would pet them while feeding them and their fur coats were so soft. I don't recall ever having a more gentle pair of rabbits in my life!
Little did I know that the beautiful gray and white rabbit would pass away on April 9. The day before when I fed them they were full of life and playing chasing each other around the cage.
Then on that morning, I noticed that Benjamin was not very active and could hardly move. He gave a small yelp and that was it. He passed away right before my eyes. I was in total shock at just how fast he passed away. One second he was alive, then gone.
I sure hated to lose that beautiful rabbit. I found a nice spot to bury him.
The surviving rabbit Franklin seems okay, however, when I took some food out to him this evening he didn't seem interested.
I sure hope that trend does not continue.
Anyhow, isn't it amazing how attached you can get to different animals? I have really enjoyed these two very special rabbits.
Now it will be a wait and see if Franklin will survive without his ol' friend, Benjamin.