My third chicken coop

I am about to build my third chicken coop that will host four birds. Even though my current chicken coops hold six birds, I decided to get a third house kit just to give them a little more room.
They are just about ready to lay eggs in the month of August. They are wonderful chickens and even with the recent heavy rains, they are happy chickens.
Their chicken coop in the roost area did a super job of keeping them dry. I had a total of eight inches in the two day rain event. The rain was very heavy at times and just constant with very little wind.
Then, near the end the winds hit pretty strongly. I was worried that my chickens would get wet, however, they came out of their roost the afternoon after the rains with no problems.
My sister sent me a very nice metal rooster for my birthday and he looks so cool. I wonder if my chicken hens might start laying eggs early with this fellow standing near their chicken coop? Could be very interesting.