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Hawkins hangs Bulldogs' heads

By Ty Neff BCC Contributor

Last Friday, Jan. 13, the Bulldogs took on the Hawkins Wolfpack, but came up on the short end of it with a final score of 71-61.

The first quarter was full of exciting play as the Wolfpack jumped out to an early lead with a score of 19-18.

In the second quarter the Bulldogs let down on their defense and the Wolfpack scored 25, but the Dogs dropped in 12 of their own, making it a halftime score of 44-30.

The Bulldogs came out of the locker room willing to fight back.

Determined play put them within seven points going into the fourth. The Bulldogs continued to fight back in the beginning of the fourth, bringing themselves within five points.

"I was proud of our fighting back from behind," Head Coach Brett Morris said. But the last couple of minutes the Bulldogs fell back and lost by 10 with a final score of 71-61.

The Bulldogs were led by senior Kyle Monroe with 12 points, senior Ryan Walker (11), senior Wes Overley (10), junior Aaron Shackelford (8), junior Cullen McGuire (7), freshman Ty Neff (7), and junior Blake Keller (6).

"We will continue working on the things that will make us better," Morris said.

The Bulldogs fell to an overall record of 9-12 and are 1-3 in district play.

The Bulldogs traveled to Wimberley to take on the Texans on Tuesday, and play Fredericksburg at home on Friday night.

Pictured: Photo by Chris Darus
Bandera's Ryan Walker (2) splits the Ingram Tom Moore defense on his way to the basket. Bandera's Varsity lost the non-conference game 61-55.