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Meet the Bulldogs: Fullbacks

By Brady Keane BCC Contributor

Corey Jennings - FB, Senior
After the Bulldogs' incredible come from behind win over the Sam Houston Hurricanes to kick off the 2014 season last Friday night, one thing was clear: senior Corey Jennings had no trouble making the transition from offensive line to fullback. Jennings played a large part in the Bulldogs' success against the Hurricanes, and was able to punch in a two-yard touchdown run late in the fourth quarter to bring Bandera within two points.
"It felt awesome getting to carry the ball and see the play develop from a different point of view than the offensive line," Jennings said. "After crossing into the end zone I felt so blessed to score my first touchdown in my first game of senior year."
Jennings will undoubtedly be a significant factor in the Bulldog running game this year, as his blocking ability will help to free up star running backs Landon Ventura and Alex Willougby. However, we can also expect to see Jennings continue to get the ball himself, and opposing defenses are going to have a hard time slowing him down in short yardage situations.

Averie "Manchild" Mansfield - FB, Senior
In the base formation that the Bulldogs used against the Hurricanes, Jennings and the 6'2" 205 lb "Manchild" Averie Mansfield were in the backfield together at fullback. The dynamic duo is a frightening one, and has two of the Bulldogs' biggest athletes coming up the middle together.
"Averie and I are definitely going to be a tough duo for opposing teams to stop," Jennings said. "After 3 years of playing alongside him, I wouldn't want to line up with anyone else."
Mansfield picked up a key first down for the Bulldogs against the Hurricanes, coming out of the backfield to catch a screen pass. With the ability to make an impact in both the passing and rushing attacks, Mansfield is going to be a handful for defenses all season.
"It's exciting to be able to help the team in multiple ways," Mansfield said. "I'm going to do whatever it takes to help our team be successful."

Nick Andreas - FB, Senior
In addition to Mansfield and Jennings, the Bulldogs have another strong fullback in senior Nick Andreas. After two strong scrimmages, Andreas provides the Bulldogs with yet another powerful runner in short yardages situations.
"My favorite part about being in the backfield is hitting the hole and breaking into the end zone," Andreas said. "Your whole body feels like it's been shot with a bolt of electricity. It feels great to know that with scoring a touchdown or gaining yards, I help my team with achieving our overall goal of winning."
Andreas, like Mansfield and Jennings, also stars on the defensive side for the Bulldogs at middle linebacker. His speed and quickness, combined with a high level of strength and power, gives the Bulldogs one of the deepest backfields in the District.
"We have to condition hard every day," Andreas said. "In practice we give it our all. On defense, we swarm to the ball and on offense we never let up. We never take plays off, so when it comes to playing both ways on Friday night, we're used to the strain."