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Future's bright for Medina clay target novice shooters

By Jeff Lewis 4H Coach

Medina Clay Target novice shooters Nicholas Gibson, Coleton Trenkelbach, Carson Todd, Ben Gross, Dakota Utterback, Marshall Todd, and Coach Jeff Lewis.

Every year the Medina Clay Target team is joined by a group of raw recruits. They start in November with an intensive gun safety course which is followed by rudimentary shooting skills practices. Most of these kids are brand new to shooting and honestly most struggle for months just trying to find the targets. But sooner or later the magic happens and they start that contagiously fun act of hitting clay pigeons and there's no looking back.
This year's group of novice shooters recently got their first chance to prove their new found abilities at the Comal County Novice Invitational Shoot in Spring Branch on April 11. The competition consisted of 50 skeet birds, 50 trap birds, and 50 whizbang birds.
In the junior division Nicholas Gibson really started strong, shooting a best ever 32 in skeet. Coleton Trenkelbach shot first place scores in all three disciplines and collected the High Over All trophy, beating the second place junior shooter by 31 shots!
For the intermediates, Dakota Utterback has really found the birds lately and shot his best scores in all three disciplines. Ben Gross has joined the team and has really brought a promising future with him. Ben won the intermediate High Over All trophy, shooting high scores all around also.
For the seniors, the brothers Marshall and Carson Todd have really come into form this season. The youngest of the two is Carson and with his great scores managed to win third place in skeet. This time he was out shot by his older brother Marshall who managed a second in skeet and a third in trap.
The team practices at the Bandera Gun Club. The proprietor, JM Clements, has been a longtime supporter of these young people, providing a safe and clean environment for them to work in and always being there with that big smile to encourage each and every one. He is a true asset for our community.
The future is indeed bright for the Medina Clay Target team when we are able to bring in so many talented new shooter to the sport. The lessons in safety, sportsmanship, self-respect, and manners these young people learn through this activity also help insure our whole community will be that much better, too.