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Little League season gets under way

By Brady Keane BCC Contributor

Photos courtesy Stacey Wheeler
Coaches join their team for the break out before taking the field.

Right: Dylan Gherman and Randon Wheeler play at short stop and second base, awaiting the pitch.
Players in these pictures play for the Bandits on a Coach Pitch team.

The Bandera Little League baseball season began last weekend with a fun day for players, coaches, and fans. This year the Little League boasts a turnout of 189 players across several divisions from tee ball to juniors, and in a jam-packed day, games were played from 9am to 10:30 pm.
"Our opening day is a great way for the community of Bandera to come together to support these kids for the entire season, and is a great kickoff for the next three months," Bandera Little League President Ron Gherman said.
The community certainly showed their support during the auction of each team's basket. For the last few years, every team has put together a basket full of a wide range of items to go on auction, and this year was a very successful fundraiser. The highest basket, receiving a bid of $650, was put together by the minor league Red Sox and coach Chris Valdez.
"100% of the money from last weekend's fundraisers will go into equipment and field maintenance for this season," Gherman said. Shannon Bailey cooked up 5 briskets as well for lunch at the eventful Opening Day ceremony, and the parents of Little Leaguers participated in a Softball game in the evening.
The league features teams from Leakey, Medina, Lakehills, and Utopia. This year's season will continue through Memorial Day for all of the divisions, and it promises to be a successful season.
"This is a fantastic three months for all of these players as well as their families who get to spend time with their teammates and friends playing baseball and softball," Gherman said. "It provides the kids with structure on team participation and the ability to accomplish goals in a team setting."