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Boys and Girls Club ends basketball season

By Sandy Jennings BCC Contributor

When you open the door at Bulldog gymnasium on a Saturday morning, you are immediately immersed in a very happy, very energetic sea of children. From kindergarten to sixth grade, twenty-six teams form the Bandera Boys and Girls Club basketball league, headed up by CPO Greg Parker.
The league is officially sponsored by Coach Pop and the Spurs. The fees incurred by the players cover insurance and uniforms.
"I love the sense of community that this basketball league creates in Bandera," Parker said. "At this age, we're able to create a nurturing culture where coaches really want to help. It's not all about winning--it's about helping kids grow and develop."
For this group of athletes it's also about having fun.
"I love playing basketball," BearKat team member Trinity Butler said. "It's fun scoring baskets and everyone's nice to me."
April 1, will mark the one year anniversary of Parkers' leadership role in the Club. When asked to describe his experience over the past year, he summed it up with one word - 'transformation.'
"I have enjoyed every minute (at Bandera Boys and Girls club)," Parker said. "I brought a lot to the table, made many changes, and feel like we are successfully moving towards our vision."
This next week, March 24-28, is National Boys and Girls Club week. Visit the website ( to find out more.