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8th Grade teams lose to F'Burg

By Jesse Zimmel BCC Contributor

The Bandera Middle School 8th Grade Boys Basketball B team succumbed to the Fredericksburg Billies with a final score of 25-29 in their game at home last Monday, Jan. 7.
Power forward Walker Hicks played a phenomenal game on both sides of the ball, leading the Bulldogs in both offense and defense, putting up 4 points with a shooting average of 40 percent and 5 rebounds on offense, as well as 5 rebounds and a steal on defense.
Bulldog shooting guard Aaron Givens helped lead the team in offense with 8 points, a shooting average of 100 percent and 2 offensive rebounds. The Bulldogs defense was led in part by point guard Nathaniel Janell with 4 steals.
Coach Mike Lenz said "Hicks did great on the boards and I'm proud of the team for their hard work."
The Bandera Middle School 8th Grade A Team lost a close game to Fredericksburg at home last Monday, Jan. 07, with the Billies taking the victory, 31-35.
Abram Mata led the Bulldogs offense in re-bounding with 4 offensive rebounds, 6 points and a 60 percent shooting percentage. Mata scored 4 points in the 4th quarter to keep the Bulldogs in the game.
Shooting guard Connor Chesshir and small forward Jacob Kimbrel also scored 6 points, Chesshir shooting 50 percent and 3 offensive rebounds while Kimbrel shot 38 percent.
On defense, Mata and small forward Dylan Bess led the team.