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Bandera Middle School 8th Grade Boys

By Jesse Zimmel BCC Contributor

The Bandera 8th Grade Boys Basketball B team gained a decisive victory over the Canyon Lake Hawks 30-15 in their basketball game at home Dec. 20.
Bulldog Point Guard Nathaniel Janell and Power Forward Rhett Brink led the offense in scoring with 6 points each.
Brink also led the Bulldogs in offensive rebounds with 6. The Bulldogs defense was led by power forward Walker Hicks and center Maverick Wilhelm, Hicks with 3 steals and 3 defensive rebounds and Wilhelm with 4 steals and 1 defensive rebound.
Before the game Coach Mike Lenz said "we're going to put pressure on them" and that is exactly what the Bulldogs did.
The Bandera 8th grade A team boys lost a close game to the Canyon Lake Hawks at home last Thursday, Dec. 20. The game was a hard-fought struggle until the final buzzer blew.
Small forward Trevor Leggett led the Bulldogs' offense with 9 points, 50 percent shooting percentage, and 3 offensive rebounds. Leggett shot and made three 3-point shots to keep the Bulldogs in the game in the third and fourth quarters with several assists from various players including Dylan Bess and Abram Mata. Point Guard Jacob Kimbrel scored 7 points, with a shooting percentage of 43 percent, and 2 assists.
The Bulldogs' defense was led by shooting guard Mata with 1 steal and 4 defensive rebounds and Small Forward Leggett with 2 steals and 8 defensive rebounds.