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Thanks for the high marks

Letters to the Editor

Just like anyone, we don't get it right 100 percent of the time. But when we do, and I hear about it, it means a lot. In fact, Bandera Electric employees know that the best days I have at the office are when a letter makes it to my desk from a member praising the hard work and dedication of our employees.

Last week, the results from our fourth quarter American Customer Satisfaction Index™ (ACSI) survey made their way to my desk. The ACSI™ measures customer satisfaction and provides us with feedback on what we can do as a cooperative to make service better for our members.

Our fourth quarter score was a 90 and our 2011 four-quarter average was an 89. This puts us well above the investor-owned utility 2011 average of 74 and the municipal utility 2011 average of 73.

We're honored, and I want to thank our members for giving us such high marks. Cooperatives are unique because we are not-for-profit, democratically controlled, member-owned enterprises. So even though the name of this survey indicates that it reflects customer satisfaction, in our case, it reflects owner satisfaction.

In any position, it's important to keep the boss happy. That's why our staff works hard to provide our member-owners with service that's second to none. They're dedicated to giving the best service possible, while providing reliable electricity at some of the lowest rates around.

It's nice to know that our 22,000-plus bosses have noticed our hard work and have given us these extremely high marks to confirm it.

We'll continue to work hard to provide you with reliable electricity at low rates, all while serving you with a smile for many years to come.

Thank you for letting us serve you.

Robert D. "Bobby" Waid
Bandera Electric Cooperative