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Kneupper's emails

Letters to the Editor

Regarding the question of the propriety of my email communications to BCRAGD Board members and others:

The source of the question is the BCRAGD Board's occult and obscure Executive Committee. The Committee is a standing committee of the BCRAGD Board and consists of four directors; Don Sloan, Jerry Sides, Karen Ripley, and Don Kruckemeyer. These are the same directors who wiped out BCRAGD financial reserves by spending $330,000 of taxpayer money on the new BCRAGD offices and who steadfastly spend over $400,000 of taxpayer money each year for BCRAGD activities which do virtually nothing to address the fundamental mission of BCRAGD, the conservation and protection of Bandera County's very vulnerable and highly threatened groundwater supply.

The BCRAGD Board Bylaws specify that the Executive Committee has no authority except as specifically delegated to it by the BCRAGD Board of Directors. The Board has never delegated any authority for anything to the Committee. Yet, as in this instance, the Committee meets and acts. Its meetings are unannounced, are closed to the public and other Board members, and go unrecorded and unreported, either to the public or even to the Board itself. In cases where the Committee's actions have resulted in written communications, the written communications are neither distributed to other Board directors nor to the public. I wonder if the deliberations and actions of the Committee, particularily where the Committee acts as if it were the BCRAGD Board itself, are legal. I think they are at least improper.

And by the way; the answer to the question is that my emails are not improper. My emails and other communications are intended to communicate and report on the issues and to generate discussion in the public arena, things that are not much promoted by the BCRAGD Board acting as a whole. There is also a pattern at work; if certain BCRAGD Directors don't like what they hear, then it must be illegal.

It's happened before.

Lee Kneupper