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Thanks for the help

Letters to the Editor

Thanks for the help

I would just like to thank the Courier for the wonderful write-up in the paper for the Bandera Theatre Pro.

It was a great article and really let people know what Theatre Pro is about. The kids earned $420.03 in tips and donations at El Jacalito for their fundraiser. They worked hard, waiting tables and providing entertainment.
This really helps in paying for the extra activities Mrs. Houghton (BHS Theatre director) likes to do with the kids, including paying for their retreat at Camp Sionito this weekend and a team-building picnic that will occur later this semester.
I know your write-up helped bring people in, so again thank you for all your help, not just for Theatre Pro but also for all of the community.

Theresa Espinosa, Treasurer
Bandera Theatre Booster Club