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Thanks for the Democrat

Sarita Buckley, Boerne

It was a real pleasure to see a Democrat on the front page of The Courier last week. Generally I have come to terms with the fact that in almost every issue I will have a selection of self-serving press releases from our Republican Triad of Cornyn, Hutchison and Smith to read (or, not).
Ms. Pannebaker somehow managed to turn even a salute to the Democrat into a puff piece for Cornyn and Smith.
Apparently, for a Democrat to get any coverage in The Courier, he or she must be dead for some time.
However, if you had to pick one Democrat, Barbara Jordan was an excellent choice.
I was lucky enough to hear her speak when I attended the American Legion's Girls State many years ago, just as she was beginning her career.
That resonant voice and her stirring style of public speaking has never faded from my memory.