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Remembering Lanelle


I am a high school dropout who, at age 14, tried turning his mom onto pot in ’71, was jailed, and hitchhiked through America in the early to mid ’70s. When I finally came to my senses, I earned a GED, associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degrees and recently a Ph.D., due to the constant encouragement and late-night phone calls from my beloved sister, Lanelle Lancette, owner of Spoiled Rotten Salon, who died suddenly on Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2017. In numerous phone calls from her home in Pipe Creek to San Antonio where I lived, she told me how proud she was of me, and made me feel smart and special. Many times she told her customers about her “little brother.” This made me feel that what I was doing, earning a Ph.D., had value — because it meant something to her. Although she “graduated” to a better place, she will be crossing the stage at UTSA with me this Dec. 17.
However, even though my precious sister, Lanelle, was my chief blesser, I was not the only one who mattered to her. Her other family members such as her son, Chris, his wife, Kim and her grandson, Aden; her sister, Sharon, and brother Ricky, were also sources of pride, as were many other family members and friends.
In addition to her family, she was also impressed by her many beloved customers such as Barbara Mazurek, a hard-working rancher (and baker), mother and grandmother. She loved Barbara’s example and the way she kept the ranching tradition alive.
In addition to her family and customers, she also loved and deeply respected her fellow workers, especially those like Robin Bonner, who greeted Bandera citizens with enthusiasm and who treated customers with first-class comfort and care.
My beloved sister, Lanelle, knew how to uplift and encourage people. Whether they had lost a murdered love one like Mari Gomez, or were just having a bad day, Lanelle made each person feel on top of the world, that the future was bright, and there were better days ahead. She always gave credit to her parents, Wendell and Neva Porter, and to her family and friends.

Thomas Porter, Ph.D.