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Thanks for the memories

Letters to the Editor

A BIG thank you to the city of Bandera for rolling out the red carpet for our ladies. They felt welcomed everywhere and many shared stories of meeting locals and instantly falling in love with their warmth and hospitality. The cheering of locals during the parade was a highlight and our sisters speak about shedding a tear while riding with pride. We want to especially thank Mayor Suzanne Schaumann, Bandera Chamber President Jaki Perkins, and Marshal Will Dietrich for bending over backwards to accommodate every request we had. We will remember Bandera and its people fondly.
Despite the rain and many challenges we faced in adverse mud conditions, our vendors and women persevered. They came to Bandera to make memories and that’s what they took with them! We did not break the rally – in part due to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma and the rain in and around Bandera – but we are proud of the 732 ladies who rode in our Parade of Sisters. Our tagline for LGG2018? Go Big or Stay Home!
We have a very small committee of only 9 women who worked hard and around the clock to put together this event. These women have day jobs and put in hours of their free time. Their passion, commitment and love for motorcycling was evident in how they faced the challenges at Twin Elm (mud and rain).

Layne Neuenfeldt
Lace, Grace & Gears