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Thanks from an evacuee

Letters to the Editor

I want to thank you all for your Hurricane Harvey efforts. As Evacuees staying in Utopia, I have seen your efforts. They are much appreciated. I thought your town should know one of your own was highly affected by the hurricane though they are very proud people and would never tell you. Betty and Ricky Miller have owned property on Paradise Oaks in Utopia about 10 years and finally closed on the home they built there in Utopia about two weeks ago. The home they had for 30 years in Wadsworth, TX and recently put on the market received 22 inches of flood waters during Harvey. They had no flood insurance as they were not under the 100 year plan. Harvey did not care. Their home they intended to sell to pay for their retired life in your sweet little town has been put in ruin. Please help them if you guys can. I am going home to deal with my own flooded home but we have insurance so that will help. If you need more details, my mother in law Jimmie Page lives at 215 Paradise Oaks and her phone number is 979-240-3814. They will be returning home tomorrow. We have been borrowing their home for refuge while they were on vacation.

Thank you,
Sincerely, Jeannie White