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Recycling backup

Letters to the Editor

Over the past weeks, I have fielded numerous calls and emails about recycling - specifically regarding recycling at the Pipe Creek Station, which is in my precinct.
Over the same number of weeks, the machine that we use countywide to crush and bale cardboard, plastics and cans has been inoperable. Unfortunately, when the only baler we have in the county breaks down - and it is some 20 years old - recyclable materials back up in all of the trash collection stations.
Pipe Creek has been no exception, and because of the backup, we decided to stop taking recyclables until the baler was fixed. I fully understand that this has been a hardship on some.
The baler located at the Lakehills Station is now back in operation, but again, the backlog of recyclables has been substantial. However, we're catching up.
And, as some of you know, Bandera County recently received a grant from LCRA-BEC to purchase a new second baler that will be located at the Bandera Station. Work is in process to acquire this new unit, and get it installed.
Credit goes to Commissioners Jody Rutherford and Andy Wilkerson in this effort. The new baler, once installed, will increase our baling capacity by 100 percent and hopefully ensure that we will not have a situation in the future where we are unable to take recyclables.

Bob Grimes
Precinct 1