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Let's get rid of council - redux

Letters to the Editor

I am writing to your newspaper to thank many of its readers who have contacted me recently after highlighting the poor performance of the city administration. I have always believed that I was not the only one, but I am pleasantly surprised how many citizens have offered their support and to say that they share my concerns.
I am also delighted to advise you that my only public detractor - to date at least - recently paid me a wonderful "backhanded complement" by wheeling out that old threadbare retort " ... that if I didn't like the way things are in Bandera, I should go back to where I came from!"
Given that it puts me in the same league of the early settlers in Bandera, who also rejected the advice of the Native Indians, it's a compliment indeed!
Over the next weeks and months, I shall continue in a number of ways to keep highlighting these concerns and, where I can, collaborate with all to offer constructive solutions to our problems.
If we love and cherish our wonderful city, wish to preserve its western character and overcome the difficult challenges ahead, then we must plan together and create a viable "vision" for the future. We, the citizens, must set priorities and lobby to ensure implementation.
Based on past experience and recent events, we cannot continue to allow the dysfunctional and "rudderless" Bandera City Council unfettered and unchallenged jurisdiction in these matters.

Steve Ball
City of Bandera