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- My View - 'This kind of stuff baffles me'

By Stephen G. Harris Bandera County Resident

In an article printed in the San Antonio Express-News and published on Dec. 22, the quote in the title of this editorial is attributed to Bandera's newly elected Mayor John Hegemier.
The article was titled, "Bandera ropes title Stephensville claims." The gist of the article recounts the successful efforts of Elenora Dugosh Goodley to have the state legislature formally recognize Bandera as the "Cowboy Capital of the World." To that end, a Texas state historical marker citing the same was emplaced on Main Street in July 2013.
On Nov. 19, US Rep. Lamar Smith recounted the rich cowboy history of Bandera, which was included in the Congressional Record. The reference to "roping the title" is in context to the fact that Bandera has achieved the recognition of "Cowboy Capital of the World" on the state and national level. Yet, the mayor of Bandera is attributed as saying, "I'm not sure what it means."
It is disheartening and disconcerting to have the head of Bandera's city government not understand the significance, whether "(He) never had the desire to wrassle (sic) a steer." I assure you the business owners in the city and surrounding area understand the significance from an economic and marketing standpoint.
Tourism is fundamental to the economic well being of Bandera and Bandera County. To have a standing head of government not grasp the significance is incomprehensible.
I have no desire to denigrate Mayor Hegemier, but as the head of the city government and of a town rich in cowboy heritage, not to understand it, support it and promote it is unacceptable. He should not "be baffled" nor "not sure what it means" to have Bandera called "Cowboy Capital of the World." (You can be sure) the president and CEO of the Stephenville, Texas Chamber of Commerce does - and so does its mayor.
It is, as the article cites, a "coup" for Bandera to achieve this recognition on a state and national level. (This honor) should not be diminished or disdained by Bandera's sitting head of government, but embraced and promoted to the fullest extent.