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Waiting for divine retribution

Letters to the Editor

(Editor's note: In the State of Texas, tended feral cat colonies are protected under the law. It is a criminal act to poison a feral cat colony. Additionally, since nature abhors a vacuum, other cats will likely take the place of those that were killed. Perhaps the next time, the cat killers will not be able to remain anonymous.)

This letter is directed to the sick sadistic, scumbag(s) who destroyed a colony of feral cats off Park Road 37 and FM 1283 in Lakehills. You know who you are!
Those cats had been spayed and neutered and were doing nothing to bother you. They were living in the wild, eating handouts from kind people who were not cat killers. The colony also kept the rodent population down around the stores, and, believe me, there are plenty of mice running through the stores. I have seen them!
If anything, you should have welcomed the cats for helping keep disease down by doing away with the mice and rats. Remember that the next time you pick up a soda or snacks. What else may have touched what you are about to eat?
A dying orange neutered male cat was found gasping for breath on the evening of Saturday, Jan. 18. He would try to stand up, but instead would just fall over. He tried standing twice, but couldn't make it. All I could do was pet him and cry for him as he took his last breath!
A deputy from the sheriff's office was nearby. I called him over and he contacted animal control. Deputies are apparently not allowed to pick up dead animals.
Before I left the area, I put out some food for any cats that were left, but I doubt they would risk eating it!!!
Hwwever, I saw only one lone cat left from the colony. I left crying and very angry at the SCUM who did this. They are less than human. It has been well documented that only VERY, VERY SICK INDIVIDUALS harm animals.
They are cowards of the lowest kind - sadistic, low-life TRASH, who need to be taken out of the gene pool.
Let it be known: you may have gotten away with this reprehensible act this time, but a time will come when you will have to answer for your abusive actions. You may suffer yourself or have something very important to you taken away.
You took the lives of innocent animals for no good reason. You will pay for that one way or another - God willing and the sooner the better. May God protect the feral cats and dogs that are dumped, thrown out and abused by sick, sadistic people.
From an animal lover who helps when I can ...

Delores Plamondon